Just a Moment
  • Just a Moment
  • NaS feat. Quan
  • Street's Disciple

Day 26 – Favorite song with a lost NaS protegé.

So, who remember’s Quan? No? Bueller? Me either. This is a good song though. Shoutout to all them other niggas that didn’t quite make it either (Nashawn, Nature, Cormega, Millenium Thug, AZ - still blown on that, and the rack of other ones I forgot/got too lazy to name)!!!!

Black Girl Lost (Feat. Jo-Jo Hailey)
  • Black Girl Lost (Feat. Jo-Jo Hailey)
  • Nas
  • It Was Written

Day 15 – A NaS song for when you’re depressed/really sad.

I picked this song because I’m always doing used to always be doing some ho shit and when I would get down on myself for my whorrible attitude and activities I would put this shit on repeat. It still cuts too. You should be ashamed of yourself, the way you carry yourself… The way you hang out all night long doin silly things, that is wrong. Black girl lost…