NashCon 2012


Gabriel Tigerman about Jared and Jensen pranks (NashCon 2012). Gabe was only in season 2 so I’m guessing this was before they decided pranking each other was dangerous. And his last episode was All Hell Breaks Loose, part 1 where Sam actually dies at the end and it was really hard on Jensen. I can totally see Jared pulling pranks to distract him. 


JIBcon 2011:

- “Let me ask you a question, Mish.”
- “What’s up?”
- “Do you put notes in your script? Obviously you don’t.”


Nashcon 2012:

Jensen: “You know, he’s not here, I know he’s not here, he’s got on a plane this morning. But it’s very refreshing. You know. he’s more than family, so you know whenever you -”

Jared: [interrupts] “We missed him as much as y’all have.”

Jensen: “Yeah whenever we get the band back together it’s always, it’s always fun. Hopefully we get more of the- In fact I was telling Bob, I was like: ‘So, season 8: Benedict, Speight, Mish, Beaver.’ I’m like ‘Do I need to continue?’ He’s like ‘I got the picture.“

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JIBcon 2014

Jensen: ”Ah, this reminds me of a story about Misha. I’m gonna tell you a little story of what happened recently.“

Misha: ”This one of my favorite stories to not tell.“

Jensen: ”Yeah. So uhm. Hey Mish, while I’m telling the story will you go ahead and make up one of your prized airplanes?“