NashCon 2012

"Jared expressed surprise at how fast the pregnancy had moved along, and he was regretful that he and Gen had not photodocumented it, so they had their wedding photographer take some pictures on the spur of the moment around Christmas. He also said both of them, at someone’s suggestion, had written letters to the baby. He wanted to write, “I just want you to be happy…and a Dallas Cowboys quarterback and be happy."


People are always like ‘Misha, why do you talk about your baby so much? nobody wants to hear it’ but I’ve been away from him for 24 hours and I miss him terribly. So, [we’ve been teaching him] all these signs. The first sign was dog, and his next sign was moon. And he has kind of a very thick accent with signing (makes hand gesture of moon touching his forehead and West’s versions of them) A lot of his signs kind of bleed together. There’s a lot of confusion He knows all of these words. But he doesn’t know Mom or Dad yet. So I was in the bath with him, and was like this is the sign for Mom (gestures with thumb moving away from chin) This is mom. And he was looking at me, really paying attention, studying. He got it. Mom comes in the bathroom and I go 'West, what’s the sign for Mom?“ and he just sticks four fingers down his throat and triggers his gag reflex, and his eyes just widen with delight and he just goes further and full on throws up all over the bathroom, like a mini bout of baby bulimia. Which I thought was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen…whereas his mother….Anyway…
—  Misha Collins, Nashcon 2012