The Exploding Human

I just finished watching the latest Naruto Shippuden episode, and gosh! I can’t get enough of it! When is the next episode coming out? I can’t wait for next week. Ugh!

And because I was overjoyed, I decided to do a review about the episode. Well, just writing about what I liked about it. And some screen shots, of course.

First of all, I love that everyone is on their The Last appearance.

And I love seeing Kakashi as a working Hokage. I hope to see more of him in this state. Way to go, Lord Sixth!

And then, everyone appears, and they’re all grown up! Yay! It just made me so happy.

And not only that. I also get to see Kurama, whom I really missed a lot. Haha!

I also loved the fact that Hinata seems to be more confident around Naruto. Way to go, Girl!

I just don’t get it when she suddenly fainted after doing the Gentle Fist. Is it really that chakra-draining technique? Good thing, Naruto is there to… catch her whenever she falls. Hihi!

And what’s amazing is that everyone seems to like it. Another ‘Hihi!’ for that one.

And this scene!

Wahhhh! I so love Kakashi!

So, this story is all about Sasuke, huh? Is that why he’s so good looking on this episode?

I didn’t read the novel so I don’t know what will happen. And it just makes me more excited! Will Sasuke come back to the Hidden Leaf? Will he see Sakura and how she had become more beautiful now? Ugh! I really can’t wait. I think I’ll have a lot of Naruto daydreams until the next episode comes.