Rock Lee’s biggest support

In Rock Lee no Seishun Full Power Ninden, there’s a chapter in which our hot-blooded hero goes through an intensive training, designed by TenTen, in order to carry an umbrella properly (please, don’t ask XD).

I loved the idea of TenTen leading and forcing Lee to not give up, do you?

Posted with permission of the artist: Kirla212

I’ve literally spent the entire last week day and night, when I didn’t have to be at work that is, reading SasuSaku fanfiction. With a little NaruHina and NejiTen thrown in for good measure. And the occasional Stydia fic. 

But holy shit guys

I’ve never, never been this obsessed with fanfiction or fandom before… Okay, well, we’ll skip over my crazy (i do mean crazy *shivers*) Twilight fangirl days… But like I mean it. I’m obsessed.

Maybe because we have like three? episodes until Naruto Shippuden has wrapped up the last manga arc and I just want to cry.

I made an AO3 account just so I could keep track of good fics and subscribe to ongoing ones. Which, by the way, if you need some good SasuSaku fic recs, I’m you’re girl. I literally went through 40-some pages of fics reading any that had a semi-decent description. And I finished that two days ago, which is why I’m now on FFN doing the same damn thing.

OMG what’s wrong with me

And after all this I felt inspired, finally, to write that Stydia fic I’ve been talking about, which I posted on AO3… So if you want a link to that, just message me. It’s a small one-shot.

Okay. So there’s my update with what I’ve been doing.

OH! Also, I started rewatching my very first anime, Inuyasha! (I feel like I should mention there are very few Miroku/Sango fics out there and that’s a shame… I may write some!)

I’m very nostalgic.