Wrong Things, Right Things

Summary: When assassins are sent to dispose of the Kazekage’s heir, Shikadai Nara, his parents devise a plan to keep him safe. Said plan may or may not involve a permanent move to Suna. Shikadai has never yet been to Suna. Naturally, complications arise.


So this is a 15,000 word fic meant to: (1) examine at what a fascinating intersection poor little Shikadai is situated (2) dismantle the notion that hypermasculinity is necessarily part of the shinobi way (3) EXPLAIN WHY TF FUCKING SHIKADAI NARA SHOULD BE THE STAR OF A NEXT GEN SERIES. I took a number of liberties in making up some Suna politics and also with the next gen in general (i.e. I use Sakura’s family name for Sarada bc of Personal Preference+Headcanons). Title from No One Is Alone from Into the Woods bc Fuck Me.


          Naruto held the printed page in his hand. Frowning, he asked, “When did you get this?”

          “A half hour ago,” answered Shikamaru, standing in the Hokage’s office. The usual lazy grimace on his face was replaced with something tight and serious, his expression pulled taut. “It was disguised as a personal communication from her brother, which is why it didn’t come to you first. Just in case.”

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