Louie, Papillon (4 y/o), Domaine Chandon Winery, Napa, CA • “He tried to protect our house and save us from two raccoons. He was brave, but unwisely brave. He almost didn’t survive the attack.”


Poppy, Border Collie, Saintsbury Winery, Napa, CA • “Poppy just does Poppy things. She’s very elusive – she could be 8 acres away at any time. She’s the winemaker’s dog; they usually have dogs because they spend a lot of time by themselves.”

los angeles, CA✔️
new york, NY
las vegas, NV
cusco & lima, peru
illinois, chicago
napa valley, CA
san francisco, CA
new orleans, LA
… and many more to plan🛫

// 2017 I’m ready for you⭐️

Sadie & Jet, Border Collies (4 y/o), Saintsbury Winery, Napa, CA • “They work here full time as guest greeters. They have ‘Border Collie disorder’; they’ll play any game that involves a ball. Sadie will get the ball 99% of the time, but halfway back she’ll give Jet the ball so he can feel like he’s doing something.”