Bouchon Bakery, Yountville by ExarchIzain

Dewey’s Spamano fic rec list

I got into the hetalia fandom super late and haven’t been into spamano for days BUT the fics realy messed me uppp. I made some for my other top ships so whynotmakethisonetooooo??

1. Bésame Mucho By: George deValier -   An unfinished and never will be finished classic HAHA btw go read the Gerita Auf Weidersehen, Sweetheart one firstt 

2. Tesoro Mio by hushedtones, spinyfruit - this fic made me go visit Napa in CA ok thats how freaking good it was 

3.  What We’d Do Without Gravity By: Mushrooms Of Gold I followed this story’s weekly updates throughout the summer prior to and the first semester of my high school senior year. Shit hella changed me. I want to ride in a hot air balloon!!!! T-T