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Not Even a Choice

you were never a choice for your best friend, taehyung, but when he finally realizes his mistake… will it have been too late?

Skinny Love {collab with @pancakpop}

jin eats and cooks for a semi-living, you take the most pleasing photos and you both just so happen to be in this weird and awkward skinny love cliche

 Forbidden Love

you and hoseok are in a basic “hidden love” cliche

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 Surprises (KNJ)

Let me love you (JJK)

➺  Softball Player (BTS)

➺  Sex Before Marriage (PJM)

➺  That Girl (MYG)

 Marriage Isn’t Everything (KTH)

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➺  Summer x Yoongi

➺  Prince Jimin

➺  Pink x Hoseok

➺  Purple x Namjoon *namjoon day special*

➺  Brown x Jin

  Red Neon x Jungkook

Late nights x Taehyung

Dancing x Jimin

 Black/White x Jimin *jimin day special*

 Pink x Jungkook

 Grunge Yoongi

 Black/Mint x Yoongi

 Nap time with Yoongi

Drug Addict Agust D

➺ Water x Jimin

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 Hoseok as a boyfriend

 Single dad!Jungkook

 Jin as a boyfriend

 Jungkook as a boyfriend

Taehyung as a boyfriend

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➺  BTS reaction to you being a hardcore gamer and anime fan

BTS reaction to their s/o writing a song

BTS reaction to you being silly and clingy when sleepy

➺  BTS reaction to their s/o having a hoarse voice when sick

BTS reaction to another member being close to their pregnant wife

 BTS reaction to finding out you are rich

BTS reaction to finding their s/o’s blog/youtube channel

BTS reaction to you being jealous of their makeup stylist

BTS reaction to you accidentally turning them on

BTS reaction to you back-hugging them sleepily

BTS reaction to finding their pregnant wife dancing

➺ BTS reaction to you never going out

BTS reaction to their s/o having a big port wine stain

BTS reaction to another MC saying something bad about their s/o

BTS reaction to their s/o being embarrassed to receive skinship

BTS reaction to meeting your parents for the first time

BTS reaction to their s/o fainting on stage

BTS reaction to doing a kiss scene

BTS reaction to their s/o being physically disabled

BTS reaction to finding your ideal type

BTS reaction to you singing one of their songs

BTS reaction to their s/o’s acceptance speech

➺  BTS reaction to you attempting suicide

BTS reaction to finding out you’re bisexual

BTS reaction to you buying a goat

BTS reaction to a song written about their past relationship

➺ BTS reaction to becoming parents as a teenager

BTS reaction to you being a cuddly drunk

BTS reaction to their little sister doing scandalous things on sc

BTS reaction to finding a fanfiction of another member

BTS reaction to you coming out as asexual

BTS reaction to believing in aliens

BTS reaction to their s/o being a translator

➺  BTS reaction to their s/o pranking them

BTS reaction to a big age gap

BTS reaction to you writing a sentimental song

BTS reaction to a reality show with their child

BTS reaction to overhearing their crush crying

BTS reaction to their younger brother disrespecting them

BTS reaction to you finding them making pancakes in their boxers

BTS reaction to their s/o being a great choreographer

BTS reaction to an asthma attack

BTS reaction to fans not liking you because you act like Tae

BTS reaction to their s/o wanting to shave their stubble

BTS reaction to their s/o asking them to take their virginity

BTS reaction to their s/o’s comeback towards haters

BTS reaction to ‘50 shades of black’

BTS reaction to you being a backup dancer for another group

 BTS reaction to seeing you cry for the first time

 BTS reaction to you having menstrual pain

 BTS reaction to their little sister being in an idol group

  BTS reaction to finding you asleep while waiting for them

 BTS reaction to their s/o eating a king crab really fast

 BTS reaction to working with their one night stand

 BTS reaction to their sibling getting hurt

 BTS reaction to their S/O getting hurt when they’re on tour

 BTS reaction to you having a watercolor tattoo

 BTS reaction to you having a nightmare about them dying

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➺ Jimin comments on your Father’s Day post

 ➺  Hoseok, Namjoon, and Jungkook fight for your attention and find out you’re dating Yoongi

➺  The boys comfort you after finding out your boyfriend cheated

Finally meeting their foreign friend

➺  Confronting you about drinking and doing drugs

➺  Them being cute to make you happy after rejection

➺  Finding out you’re a top supermodel

➺  Worrying about their younger sister

➺  Collabing with BTS

➺  Bad puns

➺  They get jealous of you being a fan of INFINITE

➺  Poly relationship with Yoonmin

➺  They come to you about their insecurities

➺  They worry about you when you’re stressed and miss them

➺  You want cuddles and kisses

➺  You’re being followed so you text them

➺  Them finding out you’re pregnant from the hospital

➺  Poly relationship with Taekook

➺  The boys talk you out of suicide

➺  They find out you’ve been sneaking out to the studio to make music

➺  Your parents find out you’re in a poly relationship with Yoonseok

Asking Yoongi and Hoseok to be in a poly relationship

➺  Yoongi and Jimin confess to you 

➺  The boys wonder why you don’t audition for a company

➺  You break your leg and the boys worry about you

 Vkook gets jealous (poly relationship)

  They find your chibi drawings of Yoongi

They ask about you speaking Patois

 Confronting them about the ‘DNA’ teasers


 You want attention

 Sibling!Jimin & You Are Tired of Bangtan’s Shit

 Poly!Vkook & You Deal With JK’s Scandal || 2

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➺  Goodnight snapchats

➺  They miss you while on tour

 Study breaks

 College badboy!Hoseok

 Bf!Namjoon just wants to see you (smile) again

 College au! with Namjoon

 Snaps with bf!Yoongi

 Bangtan Encourages You In Your Studies

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➺  Anxiety attacks [Maknae Line] [Hyung Line]

➺  Making them feel better about their looks [Hyung Line]

➺  You’re insecure about your weight [Hyung Line]

➺  Mental breakdown over your scars *Hyung Line* [Jung Hoseok/Kim Namjoon] [Min Yoongi/Kim Seokjin]

➺  Pregnant from a rape that happened while they were on tour *Hyung Line* [Jung Hoseok/Min Yoongi] [KIm Seokjin/Kim Namjoon]

➺  You get into a fight with them [Hyung Line] [Maknae Line] | Part Two [Hyung Line] [Maknae Line]

➺  You’re on your period and you ask them to get you things [Hyung Line] [Maknae Line]

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➺  Morning texts

➺  Taking your bra on tour

➺  Confesses to stop you from going on blind date

➺  Taehyung is dating a black girl and she rants about anti-blackness in the kpop community

➺  The boys try to get you and Taehyung together

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➺  Morning texts

➺  Jealous over Namjoon’s Tinashe lock screen

➺  Protective older brother

➺  Fluffy texts with Namjoon

➺  The boys try and get you and Namjoon together

➺  Best friend Namjoon confesses

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➺  Cupcake and chicken thieves

➺  Daily best friend texts

➺  Older brother Jin doesn’t approve of your relationship

➺  His way of implying it

➺  Jin gets jealous of Yoongi

 Comforting Jin

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➺  Outfit opinions

➺  Awkward Situations

➺  Fuckboy Jimin

“I’m sorry…”

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 “Happy Birthday Loser” *jimin day special*

 Jimin’s Just Really Disappointed *jimin day special*

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➺  Morning texts

➺  “Are you calling me a liar?”

➺  You getting a puppy instead of a bunny

➺  He makes you feel better when you are on your period

Hoseok Gets Made At You || 2 (ft. Jungkook)

❀ Min Yoongi ❀

➺  Morning texts

➺  “I sent those over a year ago”

➺  Yoongi lamely confesses in the wrong chat

➺  “I want…”

➺  Your dad finds weed in your room

➺  Yoongi acts cute to get your attention

➺  Yoongi gets jealous of Taehyung

➺  Yoongi having an Armenian girlfriend

 The boys get you and Yoongi together

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➺  Morning texts

➺  You and only you

➺  Saying how much you love each other

➺  Acting cute to get your attention

➺  You try to set Jungkook up on a date, but he accidentally confesses || 2

➺  The boys give Jungkook horrible advice

Title: Not Like This
Character: Danny Rand
A/n: Agnst, may or may not be total shit but I like it. I also hate writing fights but it was a necessary evil.

Danny brushed his hand through his hair, weaving past some of the people who were still out on the streets that evening. His steps were quick as he tried to get to Colleen’s dojo as soon as possible, a little smile on his face at the prospect of seeing you.

Earlier that morning, Danny took you to meet her and Claire for the first time. He knew you the change of scenery would do you some good and since Joy had forced him to come into the office that day. It seemed like the perfect plan to get you out for a little.

Plus, the two of them were more than thrilled to meet the girl Danny wouldn’t shut up about and get to ask you questions about what he was like when he was younger.

And when he mentioned you were learning to defend yourself, Colleen practically lit up at the idea of getting to teach you.

Danny missed you throughout the day though.

He had become so accustomed to having you around him all the time that when a full day passed and all he had to do for the day was paparwork, he was more than thrilled to see you again and hear everything about your day.

He didn’t even notice when some guy directly knocked into him, briefly apologizing before carrying on his way.

The delight was short lived though, because as soon as he made to into the building of the dojo, it was unnervingly quiet. Colleen almost always had music playing and the inside of the building was pitch black.

Using the light on his phone, Danny managed to find his way through the building. But his blood ran cold when the door of the main dojo was hanging open, several of the screws on the hinges loose or on the floor.

Danny slowly stepped inside, the light from the street lamps streaming in from the windows, letting him see that the room was empty. He reached into his coat to grab his phone to look for any messages from any of you, but in the pocket his hand grabbed onto a card.

It was a small bit of stiff paper with an address written out in mismatched letters and numbers, he flipped it over to a symbol he was becoming far too familiar with as of recently.

He took one more glance around the room before bolting out of the building.

It was a warehouse.

Why is it always warehouses?

Danny parked his car a bit of distance away, taking a moment to stake out the place and noticing that one was stationed outside, but the card told him he was in the right place.

He quickly made his way to the enterence, looking around and noticing that different sections of it were blocked off by rows of shipping units.

Whoever took the three of you must have gassed the room, Colleen and Claire were capable of handling their own and you might not have been the best fighter but you were smart enough to know how to work your way of dangerous situations.

Still, Danny could feel how hard his heart was beating, practically knocking against his ribcage at the thought of you all being hurt or worse.

Then came the scream.

It was you, he just knew it.

The sound rang in his ears and everything in him just stopped. When Danny heard it again his feet took off, trying to follow the noise. He could make out distict yelling and the overall noise of struggle echoed against the dull walls of the warehouse.

He ran passed a unit but jumped out of his skin whenever something was thrown against it, he skidded back to the opening.

Danny didn’t even notice he fist was glowing until it went through the steel of the lock, practically shattering the whole thing as the doors limply hung open.

All he could see was Claire strapped to a chair and several men holding various weapons try and take on Colleen

She had managed to get herself loose of the restraints and was trying to take care of them.

Danny was only pulled out of his daze when one of them managed to punch him right underneath his ribs.

After catching his breath, Danny took out all of the men in the front of the unit. Once that was taken care of he broke off the restraints for Claire.

“Where’s (Y/n)?” Danny asked as he helped her to stand.

“Some of them took her to the back of the unit, I’ll help Claire. Go get her.” Claire ordered, pushing him away and grabbing the nearest weapon she could find.

While Claire and Colleen kept the men busy, Danny jumped over some boxes and immediately saw you slumped against the corner of unit wall.

One of the men landed a kick into your stomach and Danny leaped into action. Trying his best to keep his focus on the task at hand, but the sound of your screaming was still etched into his subconscious.

One guy had managed to pin him against the wall, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw another man walk up to you again.

It took a minute to get himself out of the hold, but just as Danny was about to go to you. You were standing againt the wall now, the man limply leaning against you.

Danny’s brows scruched together, but once you pushed the man off of you and he fell to the ground, blood pooling around he knew something was wrong.


Something clattered onto the ground and Danny watched you staring blankly ahead until you slowly sunk the floor.

Danny ran to you, his hands grasping onto your shoulders while he resisted the urge to go absolutely ballistic at the sight of you.

Bruises trailed down the one side of your hairline and your lip had been split, and he didn’t even want to think about all the injuries he couldn’t see.

But what made him the most heartbroken was the way your gaze was fixated upon your hands. They were covered in blood and your fingers were trembling terribly.

“(Y/n)?” He asked again, his voice much shakier now. “Please look at me.” He begged, hands coming up to cradle your face, his eyes starting to water when he noticed your skin felt like ice.

He could see the terror in your eyes but your expression remained cold. It took a moment but your gaze slowly came to meet his.

“I’m fine.” You whispered, gaze flittering down to your hands.

“Danny,” Claire said, coming up behind him while her hand rested on his shoulder. “She’s going into shock, you have to get her out of here she calm down. We took care of the rest of them.”

Danny only nodded, standing up before he arms wrapped around you in a protective hold, helping you walk out of the storage unit.

He could see you were breathing heavily and you kept mumbling to youself. All he could was tell you over and over again how sorry he was.

Claire lead the whole operation from there, checking everyone’s wounds before putting her sole focus onto you. Danny had given you his jacket and all three of then were doing their best to bring you back.

Once you were starting to come to, Claire ordered Danny to take you home as soon as possible and gave him strict instructions to take care of you and help you rest.

He made sure both Claire and Colleen were completely safe before taking you home.

It was so strange, he couldn’t recall a time when you were completely silent around him. Unless you were lost in a book, you wanted to know everything that was happening with him or the world around you.

But now, to see you look so lost made his heart ache.

It wasn’t until you were safe inside his apartment, sitting on his bed in a new change of clothes, that Danny tried to talk to you again.

“I thought you would be safe at Colleen’s, I had no idea something like this would happen to any of you,” He started. “I am so sorry.”

You placing your hand on top of his. “It’s okay, you didn’t know.”

Danny couldn’t help but shake his head. “Are you okay? I just heard you screaming and I took off running.” His fingers lightly traced the banaged Claire had placed on your hands.

“I never wanted to hurt anyone.” You said, your voice breaking off at the end. “And now I’ve killed someone.”

Danny hands reached out to you and pulled into a tight hug. “It wasn’t your fault, that person deserved what he got and you only did what you had to.”

He could hear your muffled cries, and he didn’t know how to make the pain go away.

“I’m so sorry this happened to you. I never wanted to put you in danger,” He whispered, pulling back and resting his forehead against yours. “This doesn’t change anything about you. You’re gonna be just fine, okay?”

You wiped at your eyes and only offered him a weak smile, not having the heart to give him a proper response.

this is the single most important thing i’ve ever drawn

Nap Time | The8 X Reader | Scenario

“Ugh I’m exhausted,” you complained, as you peeled off your dance wear and headed to the shower. The hot water soaked out all the sweat and frustrations from today’s practice. You didn’t want to get out but alas, you didn’t want to up your boyfriend’s water bill.

You hopped out of the shower and dried off before putting on some sweats and a shirt that belonged to Minghao. After brushing and tying your hair up into a bun, you returned to Minghao’s room.

He had picked you up after dance and brought you back to his place for a while. He wasn’t promoting at this time and had a few days to relax, and he wanted to spend some, if not all, of those days with you.

You collapsed onto his bed, ready to take a nap. You huddled under the covers and snuggled into the bed. His bed smelled so strongly of him that you instantly relaxed, and soon you were out.

“Y/N are you hung-” Minghao started, but when he opened the door, he found you knocked out on his bed. He gave a soft laugh and walked over to you. “Sweet dreams my dancing queen,” he said, before kissing your forehead and gently climbing in bed next you.

When you woke up, Minghao’s arms were wrapped around your waist, and his cheeks were slightly rosy and a little bit of drool dribbled from his mouth. He was snoring softly. You giggled quietly. “Quite the prince charming” you snorted, before snuggling closer to him and falling asleep again.

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shallura week day 2: bridge/tradition

and so the captain fell in love with the princess… 

i love my 1800s princess/captain of the naval guard au too much that im just gonna slip this in for this week (sly emoji)

honestly noora and william are goals purely for the amount of time they spend lying in bed together cuddling and napping like that is what I want in life and in a relationship

12 Dates of Christmas; Part 3

Part 1 Part 2

Part 3 Outfit Set

Summary: AU. Dean and the reader are set up on a blind date a few weeks before Christmas, and things kind of seem too good to be true. They decide to have twelve dates beginning with their first and ending with Christmas, to see if spending all that time together will change their minds – and their feelings. 

Word Count: 1975

Warnings: More fluff, of course. This part also has some sad!reader with Dean comforting, mentions of emotionally difficult EMS calls but no injury details. Also had to include that meme about tactical boots in the graphic because it was my inspiration for one of Dean’s particular lines in this part of the story! 

Tags: @supernaturalfreewill​, @dashing-through-the-nope​, @kbrand0​ 

Also, must mention that I’ve reached 100 followers, yay! I’m doing drabbles and a Q&A to celebrate. Check it out here


Your name: submit What is this?

By the time you were up and ready to go for your next shift, there were several inches of snow on the ground. The morning weather man told you not only that more inches could be expected, but that under all that snow was a layer of ice.

“Great,” you mumbled to yourself. “More falls and car accidents.”

After turning off the TV and shutting off all the lights, you headed for your truck. Not for the first time, you were grateful for the heavy tactical boots that kept your feet warm while you worked on clearing the snow from your truck. It was already running to get warmed up, and if you were lucky, it would be toasty by the time you were ready to drive. You even got out a broom and swept out the bed of the truck, just for the extra few minutes of letting the engine warm up.

You closed up the tailgate and hadn’t even made it to the driver’s seat when the truck revved, rattled, and died.

“Come on,” you groaned, trying the ignition a couple of time. You heard some short grinding, but other than that, nothing happened.

This was not how you wanted to start your day.

You called Ethan first; he was already the next county over, not far from the station – too far to turn back and not be late to work himself. You tried calling Mandy, but that lucky girl must have been still sleeping. Your father and brothers were your next call, but they had left earlier that morning for a weekend hunting trip. It was too early for the snow to bring them back and, quite frankly, probably not enough snow.

Taking a deep breath and praying he wouldn’t think you were already being needy, you dialed Dean’s number.

“Good morning, beautiful,” he greeted.

“Good morning,” you smiled into the phone. “Listen, I’m just going to cut right to the chase and if I’m crazy for calling you about this, you can tell me.”

“I’m listening.”

“My truck won’t start. It was running fine this morning while I cleared the snow, then it just quit out.”

You heard him swallow and wondered if he was enjoying a hot cup of coffee. “Is it turning over at all?”

Thank goodness for all those hours in the garage with your dad. “Not really. My guess is starter or alternator.”

“All right. Give me a bit to stop by the garage and I’ll be over.”

“Are you sure?”

“One-hundred percent, Y/N. Send me your address, okay? And don’t wait outside. You’ll freeze. I’ll call you when I’m close.”

“Thanks, Dean. I really appreciate this.”

“Not a problem.”

You disconnected the call and texted Ethan to update him on the situation. One of the medics on the schedule opposite yours had offered to stay until you could get there; you’d just have to stay for the first few hours of his shift the next day. That was a deal you were willing to take if it meant you weren’t stirring up too much trouble at work.

You’d had another cup of coffee and put one in the to-go cup from Dean’s house you had washed and had ready to hand back to him. Now you could return the favor of a warm drink in the cold weather.

“This is great,” he said, accepting the drink as soon as you handed it over to him.

“Hope it’s how you like it.”

“Oh, if it’s coffee, it’s how I like it,” he smiled before leaning down to kiss you quickly. “Good morning.”

“Good morning.” Despite the rough morning, this man had you smiling. You followed him to your truck where he had already set out tools and parts. “I can help.”

“Good. The extra set of hands will be helpful.”

Your keys were still in the ignition tumbler, so Dean tried a few times to start the truck. When he finally climbed out, he put the new starter back in his truck.

“It’s the alternator.”

“You’re sure?” you asked, raising your brow.

Dean looked back at you. “You’re doubting me? Y/N, I’m an expert.”

You giggled. “All right, all right, if you say so. Let’s just get the sucker changed out.”

With the two of you working together to get the truck back up and running, the pick-up was purring again in no time.

“I can’t thank you enough!” You threw your arms around Dean’s neck from excitement. “My hero!”

Dean’s arms found their way around your waist, and he kissed you sweetly. “And my princess wears tactical boots. I like it.”

You laughed and hugged him tighter, wishing that neither of you had other obligations to the world. You still had ten dates to go, and you had no problem with the idea of just spending the next ten days with this man.

“So you’re working later tomorrow morning,” Dean recounted. “How about I’ll meet you here for breakfast, then you can take your nap?”

“That sounds absolutely perfect. I’ll text you when I’m leaving the station.”

With a kiss goodbye, he helped you into your truck, thanked you again for the coffee, and got in his own truck, waiting for you to pull out of the driveway before following suit.


Winter always brought difficult calls, so you prepared for the usual falls and car accidents, maybe even some domestic dispute injuries. Cooking and baking injuries were inevitable. Hypothermic patients were a possibility, you supposed, with all of the ice and snow. Who knew what else the holiday season would throw at you.

Your shift with Ethan brought on all the normal calls. One vehicle collision that left an elderly couple in serious condition was rough, although the doctors were sure when you left the hospital that they would be fine.

“Cheer up, Y/N,” Ethan prodded on your way back to the EMS station. “They’re going to be okay.”

“I know,” you sighed. “But every call is different.”

“I get ya,” he replied, more sympathetically this time. “And you’re stressed from this morning, too. That doesn’t help.”

You snorted. “You know me well.”

“I’d hope so, by now,” Ethan laughed. “Hey, why don’t you text Mr. Wonderful. I’ll be he’s got a smooth line to cheer you up.”

You snickered, but he had a point. Deciding you’d do just that, you fished your phone out of your pocket and typed out a quick message to Dean.

Really looking forward to breakfast with you.

It was after business hours on a Friday evening, but you had no idea if he would be able to reply right away. The man, however, did not disappoint you.

Me either, pretty girl. Rough day or just looking forward to it?


The exchange went on for a little bit, definitely lifting your spirits. Before you made it back to the station, however, dispatch sent you on another call.

“Gonna be a busy night,” Ethan commented, turning on the lights and sirens.

“Awesome,” you said sarcastically, pulling up the navigation system before grabbing for a pair of nitrile gloves.


The rest of your regular shift was not nearly as emotionally taxing. It was that last call, the one you were sent on during the hours you were staying late, that stayed with you. You didn’t even want to recount the details when you left the station late Saturday morning and called your father to check-in like you always did. It was too much.

As you neared your house, you dialed Dean’s number. Breakfast still sounded amazing, and you knew he’d cheer you up, but with the mood you were in, maybe it was better to wait until you’d had some sleep. You had the next four days off, so there was plenty of time to see Dean before you went back to work.

He answered the phone on the second ring. “Hey! Are you hungry?”

“Yeah. Thank goodness I’m just a couple blocks from home.”

There was a pause on the other end of the phone. “You sound tired.”

“I am,” you said, sucking in a deep breath. As you turned onto your street, you noticed an extra vehicle in your driveway. “Are you already at my house?”

“Yeah, sorry about that. I just wanted to surprise you a little bit. I can go …”

“No,” you said quickly. “Please. Stay.”

Neither of you said anything as you pulled into your driveway, but you both disconnected the call. Dean was out of his truck first, waiting at the top of the driveway as you dragged your tired body out of your own truck and shoved your keys in your pocket.

“You okay?” Dean frowned, seeing the tears welling in your eyes.

You shrugged. “It was a rough shift. There was this older couple, and they’ll be okay, but she was really scared, and he couldn’t respond well enough to make her feel better. It was sad. Then, on our last call during my extra hours, there was this kid …” You shook your head, still not able to recall the details.

“C’mere,” Dean beckoned quietly, pulling you to his chest and letting you cry it out.


Once you were calmed down and both of you were in the house, you thanked Dean for letting you get that out of your system.

“And on my favorite t-shirt, too,” Dean teased. “Really though, I’m glad you let me be here for you. That’s a step in the right direction.”

You took a deep breath, untucking your uniform shirt from the black pants you wore. Heaving yourself up on the counter in the kitchen you nodded. “I think you’re right. I really appreciate you being here. Have to admit, I don’t think I’m super hungry right now.”

“It’s okay,” Dean assured. “I actually woke up at two this morning so that I’d be tired enough to nap with you. I don’t know how you do this twenty-four hour business because it’s only been, what, nine hours? And I’m ready to crash.”

You raised your brow. “You want to nap with me?”

Dean smiled, walking over to where you sat and kissing your forehead. “I want to take a nap with you. When you wake up, I’ll make you chocolate-chip-banana pancakes, and we’ll be lazy and watch Christmas movies for the rest of the day.”

“Wow, Winchester,” you grinned, “I think you’ve nailed Date Number Three.”

He grinned as he leaned in to kiss you. “Can we schedule Date Number Four?”

“I’m off until Wednesday, actually, because I’ve done my four-shifts-on, so, yes, I’d say we can do that.”

“Great. You go get comfortable, I’ll lock up the house and meet you back in the living room.”

You squealed in excitement, running off for your bedroom. You changed into a t-shirt and sweats, brushed and braided your hair, and then stopped in your tracks.

Was Dean planning on napping with you … in your bed?

You made way for the living room to talk to him about that, but Dean had beat you to the punch. While you’d been changing clothes and getting ready for sleep, Dean had gone out to his truck for the extra sheets and blankets he brought with him, and made a sleeping area on the floor for the two of you. You could have cried again, but you kept your happy tears at bay.

He grinned over at you and your delighted expression, looking like a little kid whose mother just put his artwork on the refrigerator for everyone to see. He was proud of himself.

“So, I did good?” he asked as you two cuddled under the warm blankets.

You nodded. “You did good, Sparky.”

He pressed a sweet kiss to your forehead, then to your lips. “Good night, Y/N.”

You snuggled against his chest. “Night, Dean.”

The Day Daddy Found out Mommy was Superwoman

Huge shout out to @theycallmebecca for the photo that prompted this idea and for helping come up with a title for it. And to @heather-lynn for allowing me to use her book cover from her Jake Jensen and Quinn Stories. If you haven’t done so, go check them out!

“I’m so addicted to all the things you do when you’re going down on me…”

Sammie groaned as she rolled over to turn off her alarm that went off at 5:30am.

“Babe, come back to bed.” Chris reached out trying to grab Sammie as she was already out of bed heading for the bedroom door.

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