berrysweetboutique THE FEELS.

Well, I finished playing through Episode Four of Life is Strange today. It was intense. And awesome. And horrifying. I am very interested in how they’re going to wrap everything up in Episode Five.

Now to start watching lomadia and yogscastkimbox play through. If you’re playing Life is Strange and just want to flail about the feels and theories, my inbox is totally open and spoiler-friendly.

That was one bumpy ride.


staff fix it (no but really email tumblr and report the appropriate account (content *extremely* NSFW)) because it is really not fair to kim, hannah, any of the Yogs or Yognaughts that didn’t want to see it or are underage. This stepped over the line and the artist is not taking it down.

p.s. message me for the account name and don’t message the account itself; the artist has refused several times to remove the image.

“stop calling me benjism”

I honestly can’t even remember the last time I did a proper background, so I’m not quite sure about it…

BUT I am enjoying cornerstone way too much and the small playground fights they’re having, so here! A bunch of people I haven’t drawn before and hopping it’s okay!