Mok and the Nanners

So, i woke up this morning not expecting much of today. Maybe getting up and going to town to get my prescriptions. But no. Suddenly my day turned from ‘boring day in the life’ to Banana Gauntlet. 
Basically, here’s how it went down:

About 2pm my mom comes home with her car like

“Mok, you gotta deal with all these Bananas, because I can’t deal with them.”
“Uh… ok, but… why do we suddenly have all these bananas??”
[Ok in all honesty, this is the nanner box:]

It turns out someone literally just kinda showed up at the Fire Hall where my dad is the Chief and the conversation went as follows:

“Hey, Chief– you guys like bananas?”
“Well.. we like ‘em alright.”
“Oh, good.”

They then left this whole box in the station and just.. fucking left. None of the firemen actually wanted the damn things and my dad doesn’t actually like bananas unless they’re in bread or sundaes. So he sent them home with mom. Now, she can’t smell or eat uncooked bananas without getting heartburn so it falls to me– Mok, banana lover– to deal with these things.

I have to peel all of them, then sort them into 4 bananas each into a Ziploc bag and then put them in the freezer for later. It is my mission. A Higher Calling.

I showed my friends on Skype the nanner menace with which i must battle and they were shocked tbh.

UNFORTUNATELY, i also had to go to town. 
So i had this… box of bananas sitting on my counter just. existing there for like an hour. I returned quickly and when I did, another friend had appeared and i felt the need to appraise her of the situation. I was also filled with the calling of sorting the bananas…. and coffee.

Ok so not Out of Context but no one quoted me and that isn’t my fault. After greetings, i had to catch my friend lillytuft up on my upcoming battle.

Naturally, she wished me luck and i go to work with a farewell.


Today the Department of Awesome Parenting pays a visit to the Netherlands, where a Friesland-based father named Jurgen Steenwelle playfully decorates the bananas that he packs in his four and five-year-old daughters’ school lunches. Sometimes the girls’ mother writes sweet messages on their lunch fruit, so Jurgen decided to distinguish himself by instead transforming the bananas with drawings. He says the subject of each piece is determined by the shape and colour of the banana and he has now illustrated over 40 luncheon nanners.

“In the beginning, my daughter left her bananas still proudly to her teacher to see. But while the teacher was impressed, the kids found it to be ‘normal’ after a while. They have become used to it, I’m afraid. ’

Follow Jurgen Steenwelle’s Instagram feed to check out more of his own awesome banana art.

[via BuzzFeed and HP/De Tijd]

why i love seananners
  • Random guy in game:Holy shit, you just sounded like Nanners!
  • Nanners:Who? Wait-who?
  • RGIG:Nanners!
  • Nanners:Like a banana? Wait-what? What?
  • RGIG:Wait a sec, you totally sound like Nanners.
  • Nanners:Wait, who-Okay, hold on, hold the phone. How can a MAN be a BANANA?