during TTT questions game
  • Chilled: You and a Christian girl are about to have sex for the first time, do you use a condom, yes or no?
  • Sark: No, God will protect us.
  • *Chilled and Nanners lose their shit*:
  • Chilled: Follow up, part 2 to the question-
  • Nanners: NO, no, he wins! It's me, I'm the traitor; that was great! No, I swear, I swear.
  • *Chilled shoots Nanners* 'THE INNOCENT WIN':
  • Sark: See? God even protects me in video games.

Okay, here are the ten I’ve already done! It’s been such a fun time doing these, and, like I said on Minx’s pic, I really didn’t think it get any farther than the Delirious doodle.. but here we are! Every link is written in the order they appear, by the way. :) Cheers, and here’s to another ten in the future!











Edit: I think I fixed the links, lol.

Self Rec Challenge

“Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers.”

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Gosh, see I’m really not much of a writer, and I have much to learn still. It’s a good thing I made enough fics to list all five! n_n

Yes. I write fics.

1. A Sweet Voice

  • My first ever multi-chapter fic which was based off the Kura and Amane shorts. As it expanded, it created an interesting story to tell and I really wanted to interpret Amane. (Plus her with Bakura is just cute as hell) Also, I like to create worlds, and making stuff how the Afterlife works was amazing to make!

2. Marik in Wonderland

  • 2nd multi-chapter, but these are really shorts. Again, this was created due to doodles I’ve made, but as I stopped to think, and actually make connections from Alice to YGO, there were elements that just play off each other so well! Also, my first time writing YGOTAS Marik as the focus of a story. He is really hard to write! But really fun!

3. Odd Creature

  • THIS WAS THE FIRST FIC I’VE DONE! And has LOTS of tense problems but it doesn’t really cut from the reading. Deathshipping. That’s all there is. Ryou is just the most fun to write because his character can act all sweet and innocent WHILE being observant, planning his actions, and really showing assertiveness to the Ring.

4. Bakura’s Deleted Confession Scene

  •  Thiefshipping Behind The Camera. Basically, how these two are when they’re not shooting another episode of YGOTAS or Evil Council. 

5. The Thief King and I

  • Look. I. Just. Like. This. Headcanon. Okay??? While, I’m still embarrassed by the poem I wrote in the morning, it caused to make this fic. Plus, omg! Marik finding out about TKB is just the best thing ever, if not the cutest. Okay??? AAAAAH!

Now, I tag:

@frigidloki​ (Yes. YOU)




A fancomic of a fanfic based on an abridged series based on an anime based on a manga focused on a children’s cardgame…

If you like Abridged and/or thiefshipping, pleaseee read this fic! The writing is spot on and the humor is so amazing AAAAAAAHHH!

I remember people reblogging each chapter around on tumblr and I didn’t know what exactly it was, and it was getting closer to ending. So I decided to take a look, which was a mistake because now I had to wait for the last chapters to arrive (I binge-read it in one day) XD

And it was a really big surprise that this amazing author actually started chatting with me, and I couldn’t believe she likes my drawings! And I was and still am new to the fandom, and to find friends that are new as well is amazing.  So Nanners, I just want to say you’re an amazing person both as a writer and as a friend. I hope to see more of your amazing stories and keep bringing the feefs. Hope you like this comic! :D