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Hey can you write a souharu when one of them gets a call from work that the other is injuries and is in the emergency room. So the other is rushing to get there, and once they get there the nurse tells them that the other died, but she messes up the name and the injuried partner appears right down the hall, and they have an emotional reunion because the other partner thought that he had really died... I'm an angst junkie... Hehehe

AHHH this is good but heartbreaking af. I had a poll in which I asked people about which one of the characters were to be the hospitalised person, and the results… (drum roll) are below. You guys didn’t know what you were voting for, and I’m fully prepared for the eggs that might be thrown at me for this.

Another long one. (sigh)

Send me a fic prompt + a pairing (SouHaru, MakoRin or MakoRei)!

A drop of sweat trickles down his forehead, and Sousuke wipes it off with a half-hearted motion, knowing it won’t solve anything as it’ll only be joined by yet another very soon. He looks at the clock on the wall, watches the second hand move at what feels like an agonisingly slow speed.

It’s a slow day at work, and of course, Sousuke’s been put in the office, ordered to sort out police reports and filing them correctly. He snorts to himself. Correctly. Why wouldn’t he do things correctly? Sometimes, he feels like those above him treat him like a kid, telling him the simplest things that even people outside of the police force would understand without difficulty.

Damn Rin for being so lucky, Sousuke thinks to himself, accompanied by a grumble, envying his friend who’s out probably wrestling a criminal right about now.

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NärCon ended like 2 days ago and well I have to upload something???

So far, this has definitely been the best con yet for me. In all honesty, NärCon really fucked up a lot of shit this year with the planning and the way they organized things, but this years NärCon still outmatched all the other ones I’ve been to by far– I had so much fun! I’m already super excited for NärCon Winter ♥

[free! fic scrap] surrender - makoto/haru

(note: i’ve decided to start polishing up and posting some of the things languishing on my hard drive that i can’t finish but am unwiling to abandon. if you want to avoid these fic scraps, they’re all going to be tagged #miaou’s fic amnesty. but thank you for reading, if you do!) 

(about this scrap: originally intended to be a fill for an alpha/omega request at the kink meme. doesn’t get very far into a/o dynamics, though. sfw fluff, really.)

The saltwater lake has always been his and his alone, until the morning after the night that Haru decides on his future life mate, when he asks Makoto to go there with him. Makoto smiles but it’s not the one Haru thought he’d get; still, it’s a “yes” smile, so Haru accepts it.

Makoto’s smile when they get to the lake, though—Haru takes a moment to bask in this smile. When his gaze finally slides from Makoto’s face to the water Makoto is looking at like this, Haru wonders how he never realized before that the water here and Makoto’s eyes are the same green.

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Hi! More literary questions. I agree that Free! is very much a coming of age tale, but wouldn't that make Rin the protagonist of S1? Officially it's Haru, but I feel that Rin does most of the growing here. ES is all about Haru and, to a lesser extent, Mako and Sousuke getting to grips with themselves. By ES Rin act like the grown-up, a stable force that picks up the slack for Makoto. And he doesn't even cry that much anymore.

Hello! I’m so sorry this took ages for me to get round to. 

(Generally, the trickier/more interesting the question, the longer it takes me to reply… so… yeah ♥ I LOVE literary questions, you can always hit me with them if you don’t mind a bit of a wait)

I think you’re definitely not wrong. Rin is the S1 character with the clearest arc: low-neutral-high-DEEP DARK LOW-finding his way back to the light, the character who grows and changes the most, and the character with a goal that drives the storyline of the season - ostensibly, beat Haru, in reality, overcome his own demons.

On that note, I’m now gonna play devil’s advocate for a bit ‘cos although Haru is not as clearly inscribed in the protagonist model as Rin, I think maybe that’s because everything about him is just more… subtle, perhaps.

Haru does have his own plot-driving goal, which dovetails with Rin’s ultimately: overcome the demons of his past. He, too, starts on a pretty low note, and along the way, he is saved as much as Rin is by his friendships. When he and Rin have the climactic showdown by that tree in S1E12, Rin’s the one being dramatic, but Haru, in his own way, is finding his resolution in that scene too. It is his apotheosis of self-realisation, his Moment of Truth.

In every aspect, though, he is a lot more lowkey than Rin is, which leads naturally to him leaving less of an impression as a protagonist.

I’m now going to take this devil’s advocacy exercise the next step up and suggest that “protagonist” as a term doesn’t necessarily always mean “main character”. I think they are often conflated into one, but the thing that makes a protagonist is that the plot and the central conflict/crisis of the story revolve around this person, and their direct actions are the ones pushing it forward. The main character, on the other hand, is more simply the character whom the story spends most time on, or whose POV we see the most. 

It has been suggested that in To Kill A Mockingbird, the main character is Scout, but the protagonist is Atticus. In Suzumiya Haruhi, I would suggest it is possible to see the main character as Kyon, but the protagonist as Haruhi.

In Free! S1, I think it is also possible to break it down that way, and to see Rin as the protagonist and Haru as the main character. I feel like this is the truest representation of S1. By S2, Rin becomes more of a deuteragonist, a character whose role is to support the protagonist.

But if you’re not so keen on splitting hairs, then I would be inclined to think of Rin and Haru as joint protagonists of S1, just that Haru is less visible than Rin in that regard.