This will hurt.

When I say: “You’re not always gonna get it right,” I’m not talking about the moments where we fall into sin. I’m not talking about the slip-ups in our day where our flesh wins. I’m talking about the moments when we feel like we’re doing the right thing. 

I’m talking about the moments where we try so earnestly to blend the Word with our day. I mean the moments where we are giving all we have to someone in hopes that they’ll see Jesus in it. I mean the days where we’re trying so hard to love like Jesus does. You’re not always gonna get those moments right. Sometimes you’ll get em wrong. Sometimes you’ll push people away. Sometimes you’ll let yourself down. But you could never let God down. 

Your mistakes could never be big enough to throw off His plan. Your missteps could never outweigh God’s purpose. Yeah it’s gonna hurt. It’s gonna suck to feel like you failed at the one thing you’re supposed to do. It ain’t fun, trust me.

God doesn’t love you or them any less. Take a deep breath. Forgive yourself. Learn from this. 

An open letter to my fellows.

My brothers and sisters,
I wish we wouldn’t look for reasons to dislike people who don’t believe what we believe.
I wish we would instead seeks ways we can invite them in on this love, truth, and joy.
I wish that we would focus on inclusion rather than exclusion.
I wish that we could act a little more like the Savior that limited Himself for the sake of outsiders.
I wish we would let go of our pride and embrace one another.
I wish we would stop acting like this is about “us vs. them” when in reality it’s “us and them vs. the world and its ways”.
I wish we would be less concerned about being right and more concerned about being righteous like Jesus was.
I wish we would remember the humility of Jesus in every interaction and the gentleness in which He handled “them”.
I wish we would stop before we speak to ask ourselves “Would Jesus say this to them?”
I wish we would try to see Jesus in the eyes of everyone who doesn’t look, act, believe, or think like we do.
I wish because I wish to be the same way Jesus was.
I wish because I fail daily and I know I’m not alone.
I wish we would remember how low we were before Jesus saved us so we could be kinder to those who are now at the bottom.
I wish to see more Jesus in the world.
I wish to see more Jesus in me.

-31 Women (Nan)

Please fire me. I work at a greeting card store and found myself in the receiving end of lots of yelling and an official complaint from a customer that could not deal with the fact that we didn’t have any “Happy Birthday Nana” cards.

We only had “Happy Birthday Grandma/Gran/Nan/Grandmother/Granny” and that was unacceptable.