Madison was set up for character development: she was raped, which was traumatic for her obviously, and we were made to feel sympathy for her and see her hidden insecurities and sadness. Then she was killed, which obviously was meant to make us feel something. Madison was a bitch, but she was still part of the team; she was still one of the big four with Zoe, Nan, and Queenie. The fault in Madison starts as soon as she’s revived: we got the great generation Y monologue, which was likely going to start the unfolding of the rest of her character arc, but then it fell flat. The topic of her emotional state after resurrection was never breached again, and then she was senselessly killed off by Kyle. It’s bullshit: Madison could take Kyle. She could control his mind, use fire, transported away from him. Anything. Kyle could not have killed Madison. Obviously the writers wrote themselves into a corner and didn’t have the time or talent to fix it so they fucked Madison over and destroyed her character.