I want to change my icon but the only thing I love more than ‘condescending bitch face mcsass pants’ Namor is 'unwilling to call it an apology and looks like he is getting his teeth pulled for having to make up for his mistakes’ Namor. However I can’t seem to get it to work or center the way I want. *Sigh* here is a pic. Someone help a fan out?

I sure can’t wait until Marvel brings Namor into the MCU so we can have our old school Defenders team. I cant wait until they adapt the classic story where Doctor Strange, Namor, and Hulk are captured by Dormammu amd his sister Umar. While Strange and Namor are getting tortured Hulk gets laid and relaxs so well that he turns back into Bruce.

Which pisses off Umar that she demands he changes back

Which he cant do and meanwhile Namor and Strange have freed themselves from torture

So then Strange makes a deal with Umar to bring down Dormammu and his evil plans

Just so I can have this scene in the MCU:

Hahaha, yup sure can’t wait for the next Doctor Strange movie . 😁😀😃