Name That Meat

Things I have been learning about cat food today

- ‘Holistic’ is not a regulated word and means jack shit. Any food claiming to be 'holistic’ is trying to put one over on the consumer.

- 'Organic’ and 'Made with Organic Ingredients’ are different. Companies don’t need as much 'organic’ material to make the latter claim.

- ’[Meat] Cat Food’ is required to have significantly more of the named meat than 'Cat Food With [Meat]’

- Ingredients are listed by weight

- If the first ingredient is not a named meat, walk the fuck away

- Non-specific 'Meat’ and 'Fish’ and any by-products or meals of such are highly suspect.

- ’[Meat] by-product’ is questionable because it means any squishy part that isn’t counted as 'flesh’, aka giblets and offal. While some of those (liver, heart) are healthy and good, others are meh. Needless to say this should not be the primary (and thus first-listed) source of protein.

- ’[Meat] meal’ is actually preferable to just ’[Meat]’ in dry cat food because the weight of 'Chicken’ might include water weight, while 'Chicken meal’ is weighed without moisture and is thus a more reliable measure

- Corn and wheat are distressingly common and are completely useless for your cat. If they’re anywhere in the first five ingredients, your cat is gonna eat twice as much and most of it’s gonna end up in the litterbox.

- Re the last point, Meow Mix is utter shit. So is Friskies.

- Filler carbs are necessary to hold the pellets together but should not be one of the first two ingredients.

- Soy, beef, dairy, and fish are the most common cat allergies and can develop at any time

- There are a fuckload more reviews for dog food than cat food

- Regulation in the pet food industry is frankly apalling

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what if taakos invents the taco, but then names it something completely different

Taako: I will name this creation… Meat Crunch

Griffin’s disembodied voice in the wind, softly but with emotion: fuck you

ok New Jersey is the butt of just about everyone’s jokes, and so it honestly shocks me that no one ever talks about pork roll. Because it is frankly the most hilarious thing about New Jersey.

Pork roll is a pork-based processed meat that’s served as a patty. It’s essentially a hotdog shaped like a hamburger, and it’s exactly as disgusting and horrifying as it sounds.

Except everyone in New Jersey loves pork roll. We fucking love it. Every deli offers it as part of a sandwich, and some people just order it as a side and eat it with a fork and knife. The capital of our state literally has a yearly pork roll festival. Even the McDonald’s in New Jersey will make you a pork roll egg and cheese (called a “Jersey breakfast” around here). We are fucking serious about our pork roll.

I forgot to mention the best part, which is that only half of us call it pork roll. The other half calls it Taylor ham. North Jersey says Taylor ham and south jersey says pork roll, and central jersey is our Switzerland because they say both. Multiple New Jersey newspapers have done studies to try to figure out where the line between the two names is, and they’ve come out with tons of different maps trying to show exactly where the border between Taylor ham and pork roll is.

And this isn’t a friendly debate: people in New Jersey are ready to go to war and die over what the correct name for this lunch meat is. I went to college in central jersey, and I witnessed people get into legit FIGHTS over what it’s called.

The most hilarious part, though, is that a couple years back, state legislators thought it would be fun and easy to make it the official state sandwich. Except then they DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO CALL IT, and the politicians we elected to represent us literally spent our tax dollars debating the name of this lunch meat on the fucking senate floor. And the best part? They never made a decision and dropped the bill altogether. The debate between pork roll and Taylor ham rages on, and probably will forever.

Haikyuu fandom in a nutshell

- bro jokes
- too many ships
- Hinata is our sun child
- Crying until season 4
- cat jokes
- owl jokes
- too many bro jokes
- 3rd gym
- “you should have come to shiratorizawa”
- Ushiwaka is a cow
- IWA-CHAN!!!!
- Yachi, more like the personification of anxiety
- mom squad
- Asahi is jesus
- someone save Akaashi, please
- the freckles™
- Matsuhana meme lords
- where’s the beach ep ??
- srsly, where do you get so many bro jokes ??
- thighs™
- really long polyship names
- city boy
- mEaT iS gOoD
- someone save Yachi Hitoka 2k17
- knuff..knife… nice!!
- are you my mom Iwa-chan ??
- kuroo’s laugh

day 17!! in therapy we’re starting one of themst positive diaries and my therapist suggested some kind of lil positivity mascot for it and i was like yell heah, so ive been doodling some cute monster designs (bc theyre my life) and fell in love w this little moth baby so ill probably keep it for that B’’)

Pastel boyfriends (code names: Milk and Meat Bun)

Cute things to say during sex
  • This is Fun
  • Can’t turn down a fan!
  • This might pinch
  • A forest of thorns shall be your tomb
  • Are your ready for your shot?
  • Pathetic creature of meat and bone
  • Don’t make me laugh
  • Your sins have no absolution
  • Defiling maggots
  • Do I know you…?

So, it’s world vegan day☘️
Here’s the argument that turned me to a vegan overnight about 3 years ago: if you think eating meat is a choice, you’ve forgotten to ask the creature you’re about to eat.
I don’t want to offend anyone who is consuming animal goods. But in my opinion, they have just fallen for the commercial propaganda weve been told from the day we’re born. Namely, that meat is good for you, and that a plant-based diet is unhealthy.
But now, think about eating meat. The meat is a MURDERED CORPSE- you can hardly deny that fact.
So, if eating meat is wrong (surprise), then what about milk and eggs?
Dairy good production involves a tremendous amount of suffering, exploitation and DEATH. Yes, drinking that glass of milk meant cows died and suffered for it.
The cow is not your mum. Hence, it is not your milk.
Even if you do not care for the animals (in which case you can be described as a “speciesist”- a term which was first coined by Richard Ryder to describe the discrimination between species, so the assignment of different rights and moral values based on the membership of another species) there are several other reasons to go vegan.
1) it cures world hunger- 70% of the global agricultural fields is used for the production of animal products. At the same time, the global meat consumption increased from 71 to approx. 295 Million tonnes between 1961 to 2011.
2) animal based diets kill rainforests- in order to breed animals for our consumption, an area of 325.000 km2 (about the size of Germany) is destroyed annually.
3) non-vegan products destroy our climate- the production of meat and dairy is responsible for the emission of more greenhouse gases (18%).
4) water- for every kilo of meat more water is wasted than for what we need to shower in a year.
5) it’s healthier- lower risk of developing diabetes type 2, CVDs, obesity, stroke, some cancers (like colon cancer), hypertension, Osteoporosis
So rather than asking me why I’m vegan, ask yourself why you’re not!



I have played Mass Effect Andromeda twice already…

Important question: Who all have you smooched?

I ended up choosing Jaal but look I’m hella gay for Vetra she is my space wife give me poly options Bioware

Seriously though I REALLY wanted to romance Kallo Jath I’m still upset about not being able to do that


Wow just kissing

Hes surprised how his parents still slept as Stuart crept back to his room, stumbling drunkenly through a dark hallway in a great attempt to sneak. And while the last crack of the door was shut he was even more surprised how they didn’t wake up from they yell that followed after.

Hell you scared him too.

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wow i finally did it omg

The girls from advanced class as The Diamond, Sapphire, Silver and Gold Fairies (from left to right) from The Sleeping Beauty 

Hermia   Freya    Femio   Anteaterina   Pique and Lilie