Namco High


Namco High: Cousin designs

As you might know, ShiftyLook is shutting down later this year and as a result, today is the last day to purchase Namco High.  While I still have a chance, I wanted to talk a little bit about my designs for the game!

Cousin’s appearance was probably the most important design made for the game.  They were also the only character that was created for Namco High; everyone else (excluding a few incidental background characters) was a pre-existing property character.

One of the direct orders I received was that Cousin’s Katamari antenna needed to end in a heart.  So I just played into that theme in spades (or hearts. uh).  Heart-shaped head (the v-neck sweater implies the bottom of the heart shape), heart insignia on the sweater, head and body in shades of red and pink.

Everyone who plays Namco High would need to be able to project themselves onto this avatar.  Cousin has no canon gender, orientation, or race; the player is able to decide all those things for themselves.  As such, I made certain that their design was as imprintable as possible; nondescript sexual and gender signifiers, and a non-human skintone.

The game is available to purchase for $7.50 until the end of March 28th.

Jones and I were reading tests like these… and we thought… it would be good… to make an unofficial one for Namco High…..

It’s pretty crazy how well these matched up with the characters, imo. Sorry about the text size, I didn’t plan it out very well |:[

You can take a test to find out who you match up to here :3