Namco High


As many of you know Namco High is a cute, bare bones dating sim with a fairly lighthearted tone. At first Davesprite’s storyline is funny and meta. He has the same powers of game construct self-awareness that he does in canon. Basically, he knows that he’s in a dating sim. He spends a lot of his event time telling you/the katamari-dude-who-is-your-avatar how the game works. Then things start to get surreal.

Let me explain - in most stories: whether they are tv shows, movies, visual novels, video games, the audience doesn’t see everything that happens to the characters during the course of the story. Characters get up, get dressed, eat, go to school, do tons of other mundane things that are never shown because that’s not the focus of the story. They have life outside of the 30 minute episode or three hour movie that is implied but never shown.

This game takes place during after-school detention. We don’t get to see what goes on during the other 23 hours in the day for these characters, but they occasionally mention events or interactions that happen outside of that time. They exist in a larger world they we have a window into. 

Everyone except Davesprite, the poor bastard. He knows that his existence is confined to 6 optional events in a dating sim. To make matters worse, when you complete his story line (which is 50% meta, 30% over-extended metaphors, 25% confusion and 10% sad/cute) and start a new game HE FRICKING REMEMBERS WHAT HAPPENED IN THE PREVIOUS GAME^^^^. His opening dialogue actually changes, it’s mildly horrifying.

Basically, Davesprite is stuck in a game-induced time loop; like ground hogs day or Majora’s Mask where the same events repeat themselves indefinitely and no one else is aware of it except him. 

He must have fallen into one of the more obscure circles of hell. The trapped-in-a-dating-sim-experiencing-the-same-predetermined-events-over-and-over-again-for-all-eternity circle - reserved for internet trolls and other masters of irony.

What I’m saying,

what I’m really saying in my heart is–

This is all fucked up and needs fanfiction immediately

Cousin Gijinka.  photoshop.

Whoops, drawin’ more Namco High stuff!  Whoops!  Honestly, the production team for this game is some of its biggest fans.  The whole thing was truly a labor of love.

I’ve been noticing in a the Namco High tag that people have been primarily gendering Cousin as male in fanart.  WHICH IS FINE!  Cousin was designed for people to be able project any gender onto them.  But I also want to remind players that male doesn’t have to be the default!  The sky’s the limit!!

Remember, you can play 6 characters’ stories for free over at the ShiftyLook site!

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