So I have this headcanon wherein Rhage and Mary end up adopting a human baby girl. Fast forward to when his daughter and Nalla are teenagers and Zsadist is talking about his fears for Nalla’s transition, and Rhage goes: “Transition? Our daughter goes through a tiny mini-needing every month and all we can do is throw chocolate and ice cream at her! Last month, Aghony asked her why she was in a bad mood and she cried into the ice cream and then tried to kill him with the scoop!” Ah, human puberty.

I absolutely agree. Especially as she IDOLIZES her father. Totally and completely. She is such his little girl and will ALWAYS be like that. And I have to say that the thing that breaks my heart into little pieces is that…
well, sh** I didn’t plan on getting into this this morning but whatever…
Nalla finds out eventually that he had been held as a blood slave. And what had been done to him. I think I know how it happens but I’m not completely sure. Anyway… she never tells him she knows. Ever. He goes to his grave thinking that she wasn’t aware of the shameful things that were done to him (HIS perspective here, NOT hers- she thinks what happened was horrorific and criminal).
After she finds out (she’s about thirty when it happens,) she disappears for a whole weekend to that house Bella ended up at right after Rehv’s mansion was broken into. Her parents are frantic because she doesn’t tell them where she is- but the thing is, she can’t be around Z or see him because she’s afraid she’ll break down. After a day, she calls her mom and Bella comes alone at her request and Nalla just cries and cries and cries. See, she’d always known something was up with her father, she just didn’t know what it was and the truth was so much worse than she imagined. I can’t even BEGIN to know how she handled the news. I mean… check it… here’s this male who she loves more than anyone (yeah, probably even more than Bella although it’s a matter of degree,) who’s protected her and her mother, and served the race with honor and distinction, who’s laughed with her and held her when she was scared of thunderstorms and fed her when she was sick and glowered at her boyfriends and brought her spring violets for no reason and bought her her first car and sung to her when she woke up from nightmares… to find out this wonderful special incredible soul who is her father had been used for blood and violated for a century?
Yeah, just about killed her.
Anyway, Bella called Z and reassured him that Nalla was fine but that the two of them were going to have a girl’s weekend kind of thing. When the two got back tot he mansion, Nalla went to find Z- turned out he was reading in the library. Naturally, his face totally lit up the second he saw her. But here’s the thing. As Z held his arms wide, Nalla had a sudden and irrevokable conviction strike her heart: she vowed he would never know she knew. EVER. She’s well aquainted with his pride, but more than that it would crush him because he’d be sure to guess how upset she was.
When she hesitated in the doorway, Z asked her what was wrong.
Nalla just shook her head and flew across the library. As she landed in his arms, she held onto him so tightly he could barely breathe. And when he asked her what was wrong?
She just shook her head against that big chest of his and said:
“Nothing, Daddy. I just missed you.”
—  J.R. Ward
Butch and Vishous’s Little Mascot

Phury smiled as he held Nalla in his heavily muscled arms. The little girl who looked like a replica of him and his twin brother would always hold a special place in his heart.

Long fingers threaded through her blonde, red and brown curls, so very much like his own, only his hair was wavy rather than curly.

Nalla cooed at her uncle, enjoying his ministrations. Her bright yellow eyes looking up at him with such pure happiness. She was dressed in a little Red Soxs jersey and matching shorts along with socks and running shoes. Phury was sure Vishous and/or Butch had gotten a hold of her before first meal this evening and dressed her. Not surprising considering there was a game on this evening and the guys always made sure Nalla watched it with them, cheering for the ‘home’ team.

Phury sat down at the table with Nalla in his lap, moving the silverware out of the young’s reach before she could even think to reach for it.

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Does anyone else think about how Nalla is going to find dating incredibly difficult with a father like Z and a blooded uncle like Phury, as well as the BDB boys, who are basically uncles to her as well? Because I do.
Not to mention the fact that the Shadows and Rehv will be able to do stuff the Brothers can’t if a male so much as blinks at the poor girl wrong.
So like, unless she conveniently bonds with L.W. in however many years, she’s going to have to get super sneaky.

Can we just have a book series dedicated to watching the young grow up and see the hilarity of the Brothers with daughters (I’m looking at you too Qhuinn!) have to deal with them as they grow up and find their own voice is basically what I’m asking.

Winter Carnival


“Absolutely not.”

Bella’s brows drew together as she wheeled around to where the voices had come from. Butch and Vishous both stood in front of the library door, their legs encased in leathers were braced apart, their muscles bulging against the black shirts they wore as they stood with their arms crossed. The only difference between them was V was wearing a Red Sox hat.

Bella put her hands on her slender hips and glared at the brothers. She was casually dressed in a dark green cotton short sleeved blouse along with blue jeans and bare feet.

“Excuse me. Last time I checked you were not Nalla’s parents.” Bella said as she pointed at the two hard ass vampires.

“She’s our niece, enough said.” Butch said with a note of finality.

V nodded his head in agreement. “True? True.”

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Everyone’s talking about Nalla growing up and starting to date and Z being a protective father and stuff. But can we take a moment to appreciate that Qhuinn’s girl will have Qhuinn, Blay and Xcor if he and Layla end up together.. She will literally have three dads.. I’ll just let that sink in.