Nalini Malani: In Search of Vanished Blood

This work, by Nalini Malani, was one of the highlights of dOCUMENTA 13, held this past summer in Kassel, Germany. 

Influenced by personal and cultural experiences as a refugee of the Partition of India, Malani’s work focuses on gender and displacement and incorporates cultural imagery alongside new media, projection, and shadow play. 

In Search of Vanished Blood is a colossal installation that features projections of light through revolving acrylic cylinders. The cylinders feature painted imagery and, as they spin, the painted imagery moves across the wall and creates an interesting dynamic of shadow. The images used in this installation feature various representations of female characters from the Hindu religion alongside Western icons. The result is a breathtaking, multi-dimensional installation that comments on such social issues as gender, violence, and religious fundamentalism. 

To see the installation in action, check out this video here

For more information about Malani’s work, please visit her website

Victoria Nolte