Africa Yoga Project is a grassroots 501c3 Not-For-Profit Organization that has introduced thousands of students in Kenya to the practice of yoga, as well provides educational scholarships, job training, food stipends, temporary housing and health services.

The project offers financial support to 38 teachers in exchange for teaching yoga in the communities of Nairobi providing a healthy, motivational venue for young adults to engage with their community, build support systems and change lives. 

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic


Capturing Nairobi’s Essence through Portraits, with @lafrohemien

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“I tend to put my subjects against a backdrop that will not only tell a story about them, but also about the city,” explains Kenya Instagrammer Sarah Waiswa (@lafrohemien). “Nairobi is a diverse landscape and it is important for me to show that in my photos.”

Originally drawn to Instagram as a way to see the world through the lens of others, Sarah now shares her own photographs that reveal her city’s unique juxtapositions. She says, “Nairobi is one of the few places in the world where you can capture wildlife with the city skyline as an unexpected backdrop.”

For Sarah, sharing her city through photos of its inhabitants opens up new avenues for storytelling. She hopes her portraits reflect the nature of Nairobi: “It is alluring and mysterious at the same time.”


NAIROBI, KENYA - APRIL 7: Kenyans attend a candle lit vigil late Tuesday at Uhuru park in capital Nairobi in memory of the people killed in last week’s deadly attack on northern Kenya’s Garissa University College, on April 7, 2015. At least 148 students were killed and 79 injured, four militants killed on Al-Shabaab’s terrorist attack on Kenya’s Garissa University College.


I love when AFRICAN photographers capture images like this one!

Meet Your Photographer is a series that introduces you to the contributing photographers to Yagazie Emezi began this website as a project to locate young and upcoming photographers with the intent of providing a platform that showcases their work and points of view of Africa. This is part of a concerted effort to encourage the creative arts movement within Africa and the Diaspora, to provide us with spaces to tell our own stories, support our creative entrepreneurs, and view ourselves through our own lenses. 

Meet Kenyan photographer Osborne Macharia (view more)

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic


Washington, D.C.-based photographer and biologist Robin Moore has repeatedly traveled to Nairobi, Kenya in order to visit the magical grounds of Giraffe Manor (previously featured here). We haven’t been there yet, but Robin’s awesome photos make us even more eager to go. Here’s a brief description if you haven’t heard of it before:

“Located on 12 acres of private land and 140 acres of indigenous forest, Giraffe Manor is home to a herd of endangered Rothschild giraffes, many of which vie for your attention, curiously peaking their heads through the windows and proudly inviting themselves in through the front door.”

Head over to My Modern Metropolis to check out a few more of Robin Moore’s enchanting photos of Giraffe Manor. Then let’s start planning a field trip.