You burn so bright, I see stars
The way that you laugh, it’s like a heavenly choir
You made me feel invincible
When you’re with me, I can take on the world

Say my name, I’ll be there
I didn’t know, you should’ve said that you cared
It’s not too late for broken hearts
Take my hand, make a wish on a star

You were a comet and I lost it
Watching for comets, will I see you again?
Everybody needs someone but they can’t feel like this
How can I breathe with this burning in my chest?
You were gone so fast, I want you back
You were a comet and I lost it

Now I see you, I’m frozen in time
All your colors burst into life
I don’t dare close my eyes
Cause a love like this happens once in a lifetime

Skillet - watching for comets

Hideyoshi Nagachika + background Mirio by @myetie

I’m absolutely ecstatic by how beautiful it turned out, but I expected nothing less from her! She captured all of Hide’s beauty, for sure! *(*´∀`*)❤ Few words can describe my feelings for such gorgeous artwork! This will help me get through the next couple of weeks. Thank you, Myetie! 

♦ DO NOT repost 

Hi everyone! Next month is June and you know what it means? That’s right, it’s gonna be our first time to finally, properly celebrate a special someone’s birthday, which also means it calls for The Third #HIDEWEEK; a whole week long celebration of one of Tokyo Ghoul’s most beloved characters Nagachika Hideyoshi or Hide.

Just like the previous years, we’ll be accepting all kinds of fanworks – fanfics, fanarts, edits, you name ‘em! As long as it follows the rules and at least one of these prompts. Not sure how it goes? Scroll through our 2015 or 2016 archive. Still got some questions? We’re all ears!

The first two were A++ so let’s make sure this hits the mark as well! The week starts from June 5th so make sure you get all those ideas ready and join the birthday celebration!