Update: protests in morocco

The protests have erupted since Saturday night and there have been no records of violence which is really positive and something we need to be thankful for. The protests have been happening for two days now. 

Today, youngesters and students have been protesting in Al-Hoceima as well. 
Protests have not only taken place in Al-Hoceima and Nador but have now spread to Tanger,Tetouan, Imzouren, Casablanca,Rabat, Fés, Méknes, Oujda,Fnideq,Marrakech, Berkane, Agadir, Driouch and Safi. 

This monday lots of shops,cafés, school and public places are closed to protest the corruption and show solidarity with Mohsin Fikri. 

The Guardian and Al-Jazeera Plus (Arabi) and BBC have also picked up the news. 

Nadir Bouhmouch will be on Democracy Now today to discuss the situation in Morocco. It will be in English and as soon as I have the link i will post it on here.