Na Young Wu

Lately the artwork of Korean style Disney princess have been going around. Please, if you see it posted anywhere, DO NOT REBLOG/LIKE/SHARE/GIVE ANY ATTENTION TO IT!

Nayoung Wooh, the artist, has expressed that she does not want her artwork posted and used without her permission. She also does not want her images cropped or edited.

Which is of course exactly what people are doing, including removing her watermarks and giving her no recognition whatsoever.

Please, PLEASE be aware and respectful of the artists wishes for their own artwork. Art theft is NOT flattering. Seeing your hard work plastering on every corner of the internet is NOT fulfilling and honorable when it is edited and you are given no crediting or recognition.

Click here to view Nayoung Wooh’s statement on the matter, and check out her twitter account here, where she would like to direct you to view her princess renditions instead.

ART + DESIGN | I'd like mine Asian please

I am just loving these renditions of the classic western fairytales! It’s so refreshing to see a new twist to something so familiar. Korean illustrator Na Young Wu conceived the brilliant idea of switching up these fairytales, East Asian style. She reinterpreted the time old tales using manhwa, the prism of modern Korean cartoon illustration. I love how the style complements the fact that these stories have seen countless generations and are somewhat traditions in themselves. I also love how natural it all looks. Nothing looks forced. Heck, it could appear as if the west took inspiration from the east! I love everything, but if I had to choose a favorite, it would have to be her rendition of Alice in Wonderland. So Beautiful, I just can’t.