“So…what’s life like. I mean, on a deserted island. You grew up here and all.”

“Actually, I was born here. My mother wasn’t even pregnant with me yet when they moved…to be honest, it’s…strange. I never really thought about it all before you guys arrived, but now-”

“Thought about what?”

“Well, my life. It’s basically bound to happen on this island, I’ll never get to see new places, make new friends. I always wanted to learn more, but I won’t…there’s no way to.”



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yes, finished~ since OCs were ok i decided on moving Nyx in front along with the rest. Nyx is Acnologia’s Dragon Slayer so she is related to Fairy Tail. Hope it’s alright. I just drew my most favorite characters of FT.i still like flat colors best.

Happy Birthday, Hiro Mashima! Thank you for creating Fairy Tail and thank you for all your hard work!

Some girls like diamonds; smother them with fancy things- they hunger for the taste of glamour and waste, rotten furs, and murderous rings.
You see sweethearts need their prince’s- flattery and filthy pearls; Barbie doll misses with their Marilyn kisses, the original material girl.
But I’m not like those other dames, baby. 🔪🔫🚬#batqueen #inthismoment