Bill at New York Comic Con; 10-8-2017


Audience question: My name is Greg, and my question for you, Peter, is: With the world being so tumultuous now and so much chaos and divisiveness, what would the Doctor’s advice be to humanity?

Peter: Get it together! Stop all this! Get it together! It’s not a joke. It’s for real. Get it together. Sort it out. Get people in power who are intelligent, who are leaders. Get people in power who understand what life is about. Get people in power who understand the future. That’s what we need to do everywhere. (X)

So, on the topic of Bismuth …

There is a reason the Crewniverse locked her away, and it has little to do with her attack on Steven. She knows too much.

After Rose hid her away for thousands of years and never told her friends about her, Bismuth isn’t likely to play along with any kind of secrecy shit. If Steven wants answers, he’s going to get answers (so long as they can be answered by someone who’s been locked away for 5300 years).  It’d be an honest answer from someone who fucking hates Homeworld’s system an wants to see their elites in pieces, but it’d be an honest answer.

Now more than ever, Steven is likely to be looking for answers. It may not be answers that have to do with Pink Diamond (considering what happened last time the topic of shattering Diamonds came up), but there are likely going to be some things that Steven is curious about - that the rest of the CGs won’t tell him.

There is something big that the Crewniverse is keeping from us, and something that the rest of the Crystal Gems are keeping from Steven. It may have to do with Pink Diamond, it might not. Whatever it is, though, it’s definitely something that Bismuth would know something about - and would tell.

Look at Pearl, though. She’s caressing the bubble. She’s crying. Wouldn’t it be interesting if it were Pearl (rather than Steven) that eventually lets her out? Like, she visits the Burning Room once in a while to visit Bismuth (in the same way she watches Steven sleep), and then one day she accidentally pops the bubble?


It had been three years since I attended NYCC—or any convention—and it was such a great experience. The people who came through both signings were so warm and welcoming. Thanks to all of you for waiting in line and for all of the kind things you each had to say. It was such a trip to still see so many ATLA/LOK costumes at the signings and on the floor… 💜💜💜

A huge thanks to the staff at First Second Books and Dark Horse Comics for all of your help. And thanks to Irene Koh and Janet Varney for joining me! It was great to see you both.

I’m back in my studio in LA, grateful, excited, and recharged to dive back into my layouts for Threadworlds. Until next time!

Love, Bryan