Meet the Most Spot-On Peter Griffin Cosplayer Ever

It doesn’t take much for Robert Franzese to cosplay as Family Guy’s Peter Griffin - in his own words, he’s “fat and owns a pair of green pants.” But to fully embody Peter Griffin, in voice and mannerisms, is what takes this cosplay to the next level.

Even Jessica Nigri’s impressed.

So this will be debuting for me at Nycc Special edition in a couple weeks and i should have it at  San Diego Comic con if it doesn’t run out.

The first 19 avengers in little sections and almost in order, (missing a couple of avengers due to space)

 I drew this piece in many little  sections.

The founding members straight down the center

The trinity , cap thor and ironman in the middle

thor’s blondes , captain marvel and warbird

Ironman science friends, giantman and vision

Captain America , Movie friends, the falcon and  black widow.

The second wave of avengers, scarlet witch hawkeye and quicksilver.

framed by a black panther and a black widow

Best friends wonder man and beast on the left and a sad swordman-less mantis on the right. (needed an asian rep)

The two winged horseman black knight and Valkyrie 

and the lonely hulk by him self.

Hope you enjoy this piece as much i enjoyed drawing it.


RM: it really is like watching your parents

ES:  Imagine them just sitting at home….David is watching a show and Gillian comes up to dust the TV because the dust is driving her nuts and he throws his hands into the air and is like, ‘Babe! The game is on!” And she’s like, ‘If you had dusted when I told you to dust then you could be watching your game right now.’ These two. Sigh. Also I keep staring at the way she grabs at his hand in the first frame. 


Toby Regbo is just too damn hilarious! :L

Cast mates Torrance Coombs and Adelaide Kane laughing at Toby during interviews (2013/2014)

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Guys, the other video is not complete

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