idea: what if after lane and zach broke up dramatically in season 6, lane realized that zach was 100% deadbeat and stayed broken up with him? what if hep alien never really healed itself, and her mother was getting suffocating, so lane decided to drop the small town life and move to new york and learn bartending and get into the nyc music/club scene? and then she started meeting all these awesome talented women, and formed the all-WOC punk band she was always meant to form, and maybe she realized that she’d spent her whole life obsessing over boys because her mother expressly forbid her from dating them, and maybe she also liked girls a little more than she ever considered? and maybe the lead singer in her punk band is a badass sweetheart possibly played by freema ageyman, and maybe they fall in love and live together in a shitty apartment writing music and taking on the world together?

i mean, just speculating, what if lane kim had LITERALLY ANY LIFE OTHER THAN HER CANON FATE. WHAT IF.


Bud Powell - ‘Anthropology’ (1962)

Its easy to forget that the intricate bebop language Powell uses in his solo here was only developed during his lifetime, by him and a handful of others. When the likes of Bud, Bird and Dizzy arrived on the NYC music scene in the 40s, the fast licks and chord changes were something brand new. Bebop managed to symbolise postwar optimism and excitement, whilst hailing the start of the postmodern era.

Listening to the energy in this band playing Charlie Parker’s classic rhythm changes - even 20 years after the onset of the bebop - transports you back to when fast changing music reflected a fast changing world.