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"Of course, the 100cameras event in NYC." I'm so dense it took me more than 12 hours to get this post and now I'm laughing out loud. So she had someone else taking this pic (so profound, btw!) when she was in NY for that 100cameras event and waited five weeks to post it just so she could make it look like she was there with Sam, when in fact he was there for work days before and was already back in Europe (likely in the UK) when she posted it? How pathetic is that?!

It’s all very well coordinated if you ask me…but yeah…apparently so.


A double knit scarf featuring the 12 Leda clones who have speaking roles on Orphan Black. The side with the light background and dark outlines is what I consider the front and the dark with light is the reverse. The back of the neck is a DNA helix. I’m calling it the Sestra Scarf. Edit: I gave it to Tatiana at the Split Screens event in NYC.