Brooklyn, NYC: White supremacists attack flag burning in Ft. Greene Park, July 2, 2015.

“The point we intended to make was proved twice over: Firstly, we did exactly what we said we would, and burned both racist flags, American and Confederate. Secondly, and most importantly, it was the police themselves who demonstrated the correspondence between the Stars and Stripes and the rebel flag of Dixie by openly aiding and abetting armed and violent racists as they attempted to attack our rally. After being given a plainly visible go-ahead from the NYPD, white supremacists with knives, bikers with hammers, and a motley assortment of various other extreme nationalists were turned loose like dogs. What occurred yesterday was the clearest display of the patriotism that we are determined to fight against. We can also confidently say that this reaction by the police and by the far right in America has shown without a shadow of a doubt that our struggle against white supremacy is reaching a fever pitch.

“The glaring double standard that took place yesterday looks all the more hypocritical upon recalling the arrest of a CUNY professor for allegedly possessing a bag of hammers during the wave of Black Lives Matter protests in late 2014. The NYPD paraded the “evidence” around their press conference as if they had found a smoking gun, even though they were forced to admit there was no real incident. The ensuing media storm worked the city into an uproar over what was, in actuality, a non-event. Nevertheless, far right counter-protestors, flanked on all sides by rungs of NYPD officers, were permitted to openly and menacingly brandish hammers in public in Fort Greene Park. As vile racist epithets rang from the mob, the charge was led by the Hallowed Sons motorcycle club, which is primarily composed of former and off-duty police officers. As the green Iron Cross on their leather jackets indicated, those who don Nazi regalia are more than willing to stage another Draft Riot in the same way that Dylan Roof acted on the ideology of the insignia that he wore.

“Despite the aggressive resistance put up by DeBlasio and Bratton’s armed foot soldiers, we still burned several flags like we promised we would. It may seem like a small gesture given that the far right in America is massacring black churchgoers and burning their houses of worship to the ground. However, yesterday’s events concretely communicated our message by revealing the racist violence and terror that is symbolized by both the American and the Confederate flags. Whereas the former is usually taken to stand for freedom and latter for oppression, the crushing weight of the past and the battles to be fought in the future will soon expose how the colors stained into each banner have bled into one another. We at Disarm NYPD are committed to the creation of a new and humane world. It is a world where what is represented by both flags will one day become a distant and horrifying memory.”

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Stop Patriarchy July 1st National Protests Against Attacks on Abortion Rights!

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