Ficlet: Nomenclature (G)

I wrote a thing. It’s short and sweet. Klaine in NY at the loft. :)

Thanks Emily for reading it over and for the title. <3 


“What does Rachel call her dads?”

Kurt looks over to where Blaine is curled up on the sofa, his feet tucked up under his thighs and his head resting against the back of the cushions. He’s staring up at the ceiling, his face blank, so Kurt is unable to glean the meaning of his strange question from his eyes.

“Um, she calls them both ‘Dad’,” Kurt answers, and carries on in his vain pursuit of organizing the cutlery drawer, which is next to impossible seeing as the drawer is too narrow for a proper cutlery organization tray to be fitted in there. Who designs drawers that way?

“Doesn’t that get confusing?” Kurt looks over again; Blaine has turned his head to the side.

Kurt shrugs. “That’s what I said, but she explained that when there is only one of them in the room, she calls him ‘Dad’, and when they are both present, she calls them ‘Dads’. I asked her what happens when they’re both there and she only wants to speak to one of them, but she said that never happens.”

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