Apartment Roulette

Title: Apartment Roulette

Rating: T

Spoilers: 5x09

Words: 2300

Summery: 5 times Kurt and Blaine tried to share the loft with one of their friends and 1 time they knew it was time to move out.

1.   Santana

After Berry throws a hissy fit and moves out, things are weird for a bit. It’s just her and the ghost boy now and she never realized how much he was pining after gel helmet when Berry was around and made sure the spotlight was always on her. In short, she can’t wait for the never ending school year to end after all and the hobbit to graduate after what she is pretty sure is his sixth year of high school and move in with them.

A week after graduation, she’s regretting her wishes and ready to kick them both to the curb. She’s like a lizard who always needs a warm body around her and therefor the last person to tell someone to have less sex, but do they have to do it on ALL of their furniture? It took her half an hour to drag two chairs upstairs from where she found them behind a dumpster and now they are ruining them. She’s actually afraid to go through the apartment with a black light and that’s saying something coming from her. After all, she isn’t the neatest person in the world, but! But she’d like to have a date of her own without having to remove the boys underwear from between the couch cushions and collect condom wrappers from the coffee table.