Name Julia Izumi
Location Brooklyn, NY, USA
What do you do? I’m a writer and performer, about to start grad school for playwriting this fall at Brown. I’m currently working on the first ever play that I have both written and starred in, called “Meet Murasaki Shikibu Followed by Book-Signing and Other Things,” about the world’s first novelist–a badass Ancient Japanese woman. The show was at the New York International Fringe Festival this year. I don’t think I’ve been more nervous in my life! But I have an incredible team of people supporting the work who make me feel as calm as I can be and I am so grateful to them every day. It is very humbling to see all the hard work everyone is putting in around me for a show that feels heavily me-centric. I hope I am paying them back properly by creating a piece that is not self-indulgent or self-serving, but that gives voice to the unheard.
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