I was willing to give Zahra the benefit of the doubt after those old tweets.

I even gave her the benefit of the doubt after the thing with Seth

But this shit?!

Say what you want about the history of the swastika, but that is OBVIOUSLY Nazi paraphernalia in her house.

Nah bitch, you gotta go sorry.


Nia Jax is coming to NXT
[August 22nd, 2015]

At NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, the vignette above was aired to hype the premiere of a forthcoming superstar, Nia Jax. So far, what we know about Nia Jax is that she’s the cousin of The Rock, that she has been in NXT for over a year, training and preparing for her debut, and that she’s not exactly “small”.

Nia has already done a few NXT house shows, but with the departure of Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch from the NXT brand, it’s time that the NXT Women’s division gets a new star to shake things up. Currently, the roster consists of the NXT Women’s Champion Bayley, Emma, Dana Brooke, Carmella, Eva Marie, and Alexa Bliss, with stop-in’s from Blue Pants (who has yet to be signed to a contract with the WWE). The WWE has also recently signed Athena, who is expected to debut soon, as well as Kana, whose debut could come at any time. Nia Jax’s arrival is perfectly timed, and she’s rumored to be looked at in the same light as TNA did with Awesome Kong.

Why Zahra Schreiber Has Got to Go

Why Zahra Schreiber Has Got to Go

Schreiber with her ex-fiance (the one she cheated on with Seth Rollins) I’m not Marc Middleton of WrestlingINC, I won’t defend stupidity with more stupidity. If you’re in Oklahoma, and you hear the sound of hooves stomping; you think horse, not zebra. This is what Middleton and several others do not get. This is now the THIRD scandal that Schreiber has been involved in SEVEN MONTHS. First there…

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