pete dunne-requested

The NXT team parties were like no other. Everyone showed up and showed out just wanting to shake the stress of the week off. You were currently hopping around the kitchen of the hotel room you shared with BSS with one heel on and looking around for the other.

Trent stops you and gives you a shot and your other shoe. The bumps and bruises you’d taken in the ring throughout the week were being soothed over by the strong taste. The second one seemed tempting seeing as Ember used your head for target practice in your last match, but you decided to take it easy.

“One is quite alright I don’t want the banging headache tomorrow, and I’m not cleaning vomit from your chest hairs either so lay off.” you say as you shove Trent playfully and laugh as you look over and see Tyler with a solo cup on his head.

They were currently having a round in the kitchen before Mark’s birthday party. You were excited to see him because you two met in development and quickly became close friends.

However, you did not enjoy working with the person that walked into the room wearing a snarl and a black button down that clinged to his arms and pecs perfectly.

You were best friends with Trent from when you were both unknown and trying to make it in the indies, and you knew Tyler well but Pete was a no-go. You couldn’t stand him from the moment you walked in the door for training.

The entire locker room thoroughly enjoyed the time you told him to take his advice and stupid backwards hat and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

Granted, you did lose that night and took a brutal elbow to your right cheek. It was easy to say you were definitely not up for his advice on changing the way that your gear looked. Also, the stupid backwards hat comment was definitely a lie because you loved when he wore the black one with the white detailing but he didn’t need to know that.

“If you aren’t ready in 2 minutes. I’m leaving all of you.” he says simply before looking up from his phone and eyeing you.

You could tell that he was checking you out and you could feel your skin heating up from his gaze. You were thankful that you’d chosen the backless little black dress. It clung to you like a glove and it worked for all of your curves.

“If your shirt were any tighter. Trent here would have to wear an eye patch because one of those buttons would for sure put his eye out.” you say as you give yourself a once over in the mirror. While Trent and Tyler are at the table laughing and watching the stand-off.

“Who’re you dressed like that for? Mandrews innit.” he retorts as he grabs his keys and walks away.

“You can’t just walk away. I’m wearing this for myself. Who told you to match my outfit anyways?.” You trail off as you pettily argue with him on the way to the car.


Wild Thoughts was blaring through the speakers and you were definitely feeling the 3 jello shots you had downed earlier.

You send a little wave to Trent and his girlfriend before they pull faces at you and blow kisses. You look over at Tyler talking to Mark before your eyes land on Pete. Throwing back his 4th drink and resting his hand on a long legged brunette’s waist. You stand there for a moment knowing that you shouldn’t feel any kind of way about it. You were only co-workers and you never told him how you felt. But that didn’t stop you from walking over and doing a friendly introduction.

“Pete,we have work tomorrow. Go easy on the bottles?” you ask and the girl turns from him to look at you.

“He’s a grown man. I’m sure he can take care of himself.” she says and you turn your attention to her.

“Excuse you number 5. You should know your place.” you say referring to the number of girls that he has brought home in the last two months and she looks taken aback by your words.

“When you’re done playing husband and wife with her, call me.” she says before sulking off.

You stand there laughing to yourself before Pete grabs your arm and drags you to the patio.

You snatch your arm away from him before he looks at you.

“Mind telling me what the hell that was? Since when do you care about how much or how little I drink?” he questions and you can tell he was pissed. His jaw was clenched and the little vein on the side of his forehead was pulsing.

“Since you made me number 2.” you say silently and kick at a cigarette bud on the ground.

“We both agreed that it was a mistake and that we were going to forget about it. You were always number one. The only one. You told me you didn’t want anything with me.” he says confused as he looks at you.

“Yeah-well, I lied. I know how these things go. I know that guys in the industry look for someone to make them feel less lonely on the road. Not for someone to put a ring on.” you say as you look at him.

“I know what happened with you and the other guy, but I’m not him. You never even gave me a chance and I see the way that you and Mark look at each other proper puppy love and all.” he says and he reaches his hand up to fix the smeared lipstick on your chin.

“Mark and I are just friends. We share new moves and I travel with Junior sometimes because he has pre-show anxiety but that’s all we are. It has been 9 months, 3 weeks, and 2 days since I’ve realised that I love you. If you can’t see that then one of those buttons on your tight shirts must’ve really poked out your eye.” you say as you let out a dry nervous laugh.

“You know you’re a bigger heel than I am. Always chatting shit.” he says as a small smile curls upon his lips.

“I love you too.” he adds quickly and quietly never being one to show emotion before pulling you in for a kiss.

“It’s about fucking time.” Trent says from the doorway

“Bloody hell. Finally, Pete can stop talking about the way you smell and the rhinestone skulls on your gear.” Tyler says laughing before Pete glares at him and he turns to leave.

“I’m going to kick his ass again” Pete says before walking with you tucked into his side and rejoining the party.