no but all the steggy first time headcanons that were keeping me awake last night!?!

  • steve being completely flummoxed by a brassiere
  • steve being completely flummoxed by a garter belt
  • steve trying to be smooth about unrolling peggy’s stockings
  • steve failing to be smooth about unrolling peggy’s stockings
  • steve discovering that super soldier serum decidedly does not grant him super sexing abilities and basically being a two pump chump the first time out
  • because all his experience with women is due to bucky sneaking him nudie mags in a vain attempt to make steve more of a hit with the ladies, and once he took him to a … show…. on coney island that shocked and intrigued steve but did not succeed in teaching him anything
  • peggy realizing steve basically needs teh sexings 101 crash course
  • “where did you learn to kiss like that?”
  • success! steve no longer flummoxed by brassiere
  • peggy’s carefully done pincurls coming loose, a dark shining spill across the pillows
  • peggy’s lipstick smeared, head thrown back, open-mouthed gasping
  • the old army-issue iron bed thumping so madly it almost leaves a hole in the floor
  • one heeled shoe dangling off peggy’s foot, her other knee hiked up, heel digging into the mattress
  • success! steve discovers the clitoris
  • success! steve oh god hof god godhf oh peggy so beautiful oh god you’re perefect sTEVE pEGGyYYYY gjfjsfsf
  • they do not reappear for three days

Holly was digging into her books as I stocked shelves as lazily as I could. She sat down on the floor in front of the toothpaste, flipping through some worn-out pages. I liked her company, even if we didn’t always have a  lot to talk about. Old man Riggins was probably checking nudie mags in the back, so I wasn’t worried about getting fussed at. I had other crap to worry about anyway.

I have another four days before the full moon. My sideburns were starting to look like a forest and my stomach was trying to push itself out of my belly button every few minutes. I wanted a burger like hell, but I wasn’t sure if I could even keep food down. I just kept listening to Holly talk to distract me while I  tried to organize off-brand toothpastes by color.

“Your last name is Donahue, right? That’s Irish?”

“Yeah, I think so. Why?”

“Ever heard of Saint Patrick?”

“Oh yeah, I love green beer,” I said sarcastically. I hated green beer ever since I upchucked for days after St. Patty’s Day ‘95. The memory made my stomach flop again.

“No, not the holiday, the actual fifth century Christian saint.”

“The one with the snakes, right?”

“He drove the snakes out, silly,” she smiled a little. She looked really cute when she smirked like that.

“Okay, so what about him?” I opened a box of aspirin. I thought about pocketing a bottle (I was gonna need it), but thought Holly might give me a look. Maybe later.

“There’s a story about his travels through Ireland. According to this legend, he tried to convert the people of Ossory to Christianity, but they weren’t taking it. They started howling at him like wolves. So he cursed them.”

“How nice of him,” I tried for a joke, but I could tell where she was going with this.

“Their punishment, apparently, was to become werewolves. There’s some more details, about pre-historic irish kings and warrior-wolves and other stuff,” she looked up at me, pushing her hair back. “Kind of coincidental, you think?”

I stopped and looked down at her. I really wasn’t digging this conversation. I didn’t care. I shrugged.

“Maybe. What do you think?”

“Could explain some things, I guess,” she shrugged back, leaving some things unsaid.

“Yeah, maybe.” I thought about last Halloween night. I could still remember every detail, not like the bits and flashes I get on the full moon. Although, even that was stating to get clearer.

I put the last bottle on the shelf and leaned around the corner to make sure no one was in the store.

“Wanna sneak into the back and make out?” I grinned at her.

Her cheeks lit up and she did that lip-biting thing she does when she hears something she likes.

“Okay,” she giggled, and I grabbed her hand and led her to the stock room.