Nu Thang

It is mandatory that you watch this xD

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I wonder how many bitches he got after this dropped. 

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I don’t know if the broken gif or the actual video is more disturbing.


God is doin a Nu Thang


SMUG ALERT: This Just Gave Me the Strangest Erection

How many smug hip-hop producers passed on this aspiring rap-star without much of a thought because he’s white … and very, very Christian. Kid had some raw talent.  Nu Thang craps on anything Lil Romeo or Lil Bow Wow did when they were 12.  

Oh, and those pants are coming back — so suck it Bieber.

How to Hip Hop Dance Gangsta Style


The Kick

Step 1. Kick your right leg in the air. When you bring your leg down, kick your left leg behind you. Repeat for full effect.

Step 2. Make sure the spirit of Jesus Christ is within you

The MC

Step 1. Hold a microphone in your right hand (if you don’t have one a wooden spoon will do). Step to the left and then step to the right with the beat of the music. After every third side step, pivot on your left foot and spin clockwise. Repeat for full effect.

Step 2. Allow the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ into your heart. This will prevent dizziness.

The Spin

Step 1.  Place all your weight on your left leg and spin around. Repeat for full effect.

Step 2. Think of the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for all of mankind. Don’t think of the impure thoughts you have for your sister.


Nu Thang

A song about Jesus H. Christ.

What the fuck.


I really can’t stop watching this


God’s doin that nu thang.

this kid just made my entire life.

I almost wish I could stop dying of laughter.