The signs with 2010 Spain nt players


Aries: Xabi Alonso
Taurus: Xavi
Gemini: Sergio Ramos
Cancer: David Villa
Leo: Carles Puyol
Virgo: Jesus Navas 
Libra: Iker Casillas
Scorpio: Cesc Fabregas
Sagittarius: Sergio Busquets
Capricorn: Andres Iniesta
Aquarius: Gerard Pique
Pisces: Fernando Torres


Aries: Gerard Pique
Taurus: Iker Casillas
Gemini: Andres Iniesta
Cancer: Xabi Alonso
Leo: Jesus Navas 
Virgo: Fernando Torres
Libra: Sergio Ramos
Scorpio: David Villa
Sagittarius: Xavi
Capricorn: Carles Puyol
Aquarius: Cesc Fabregas
Pisces:Sergio Busquets

Best Friend:

Aries: Jesus Navas 
Taurus: Carles Puyol
Gemini: Cesc Fabregas
Cancer: Andres Iniesta
Leo: Xavi
Virgo: Gerard Pique
Libra: Xabi Alonso
Scorpio: Fernando Torres
Sagittarius: Sergio Ramos
Capricorn: David Villa
Aquarius: Sergio Busquets
Pisces: Iker Casillas  

jacobbrahm asked:

Can you describe the difference between entj and intj

Besides the obvious difference - that one is extroverted and one is introverted - there is a slight difference in function order as well.


  • Extroverted Thinking
  • Introverted Intuition
  • Extroverted Sensing
  • Introverted Feeling


  • Introverted Intuition
  • Extroverted Thinking
  • Introverted Feeling
  • Extroverted Sensing

ENTJ has Te as their dominant function, so they’re going to be more efficient, more decisive, more ‘brutal’ in that Te no-nonsense, practical way. If INTJ is willing to entertain a contrary opinion, ENTJ has no patience for it at all. ENTJ will be in their element managing people, projects, and experiments, making plans and being at the forefront of the operation. To them, calling the shots comes even more naturally than offering the ideas.

Additionally, Te-dom means Fi-inferior - ENTJ will be less practiced with their emotions, which they will naturally repress, and will come off as more unapproachable, cold, and bossy. In times of stress, they might ‘snap’ and release all of their pent-up anger.

INTJ has Ni as their dominant function, so they’re going to be more forward-thinking, prospecting, narrowing down their focus and attention to what’s absolutely necessary. INTJ’s Te is at least somewhat exhausting for them; they’re more comfortable making the plans and enacting them by themselves - if they have to, they will manage others, but they are naturally more solitary. To them, their ideal is most important: they want something and they will work to achieve it. Their action serves this ideal. An ENTJ’s ideal serves the end product and the usefulness of this product.

INTJ’s inferior Se means they have a hard time explaining how they arrived at conclusions, and might put it up to ‘intuition.’ (Ironically, Intuition with a capital N has little to do with intuition.) They are not consciously observant, and miss details of what’s happening around them so that they can’t articulate their observations. In times of stress, they overindulge in sensory pleasures (e.g. food, alcohol) or abstain from them completely (in an unhealthy way).

How the NTs debate

INTP: Finds contradictions within your case and magnifies them, causing your arguments to self-destruct.

INTJ: Attacks the overarching theme of your argument until your entire case crumbles to the ground.

ENTJ: Goes down your case, point by point, and systematically destroys each one of them.

ENTP: Preemptively refutes your arguments before you can make them, so when you speak, you have nothing to say.

The signs as USWNT players

Aries: Hope Solo
Taurus: Julie Johnston
Gemini: Sydney Leroux
Cancer: Ali Krieger
Leo: Christen Press
Virgo: Abby Wambach
Libra: Christie Rampone
Scorpio: Carli Lloyd
Sagittarius: Tobin Heath
Capricorn: Megan Rapinoe
Aquarius: Alex Morgan
Pisces: Meghan Klingenberg

The signs as Germany nt players

Aries: Marco Reus
Taurus: Mesut Ozil
Gemini: Toni Kroos
Cancer: Mario Gotze
Leo: Bastian Schweinsteiger
Virgo: Manuel Neuer
Libra: Mats Hummels
Scorpio: Thomas Muller
Sagittarius: Philipp Lahm
Capricorn: Miroslav Klose
Aquarius: Per Mertesacker
Pisces: Lukas Podolski


Hi everyone! I haven’t really officially started commissions in quite a while. So I actually gathered up the courage to do them!

I do take Paypal now! Though of course you can pay in points as well if you have a deviantART.

DO’S and DON’TS:

I will not draw:

  • nudity
  • NSFW
  • Backgrounds
  • Complicated animals, machines, clothing

I will draw:

  • furries and animals
  • humans
  • humanoids
  • robots
  • OC’s

Do not:

  • Rush me
  • Trace my art
  • Upload somewhere else without my permission
  • Remove my signature

Contacting Me:

You can cancel your commission at anytime. though I will not show you what I had so far.

You commissions will be posted here on my Tumblr and DeviantART

I can always record the drawing and upload it to Youtube, as long as it is colored or a shaded commission!

If you want to ask any questions, my ask box is always open or you could go to my DeviantART and note me!