so if you look at these “Sons of Garmadon” you’ll notice there’s six of them, and the colors seem to correspond with the original ninja squad. Green for Lloyd, blue for Jay, red for Kai, black for Cole. The last two are a bit harder to judge, because there’s the one with a darker gray helmet with the light blue markings and a light blue shirt, and then there’s the other with a lighter gray helmet with blackish markings and a white shirt. The lighting in the majority of these shots aren’t very good as far as determining colors, but I’d say the white shirt one is for Zane and the light blue is for Nya. 

The white shirt one is shown to be kind of a moron, and the green one is definitely the leader. The bit where they jump onto the bridge and the green one stumbles potentially shows that they’re not that skilled or never received training. Later when the green one takes off his power-ranger helmet, it’s shown that he has red glowing eyes. 

As far as their group name goes, actual real life organizations that follow the convention of “Sons of ____” usually means that it’s members are direct descendants of those involved in a conflict, or it means that the members are loyal to whatever the organization is named after. The glowing red eyes are definitely giving me an Overlord vibe. 

Ninjago Lloyd Garmadon, sensei Yang, Morro, Time Twins
[ “The past always comes back„ ] #quote
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Lloyd: What the….?!! Morro, what are YOU doing here?!

Morro: *chilling on a rock* Oh, nothing. I’ve always been here.

Cole: Morro, no, that’s not possible. 

Morro: Yes it is.

Cole: Ghosts are not immune to water. Is that correct?

Morro: Yeah, that’s correct.

Cole: And… we all WITNESSED you, DROWNING, in a body of WATER, right after saying your last words about “only eating cakes that want to be eaten” or whatever. You DIED. Correct?

Morro: Correct.

Cole: And you… EVAPORATED. Never to be seen again.

Morro: Yes.

Cole: But you evaporated..!! So, why are you here?

Morro: Because it rained.

Cole: It rained.

Morro: Yes.

Lloyd: …

Lloyd: Dilara is waiting for you by the docks.


Lloyd: Oh hey, Nadakhan.

ninjago season template
  • episode 1: the antagonist appears and attacks one person at random! chaos ensues!
  • episode 2: Somebody Explains Shit That They've Been Hiding For Years.
  • episode 3: the ninja make a plan to try to figure out what's going on. it works, but at a high price.
  • episode 4: the ninja try to find more information and have to face a variety of obstacles in order to do so, also at a potentially high price.
  • episode 5: the epic midseason fight™.
  • episode 6: supposedly the calm after the storm, but shit quickly hits the fan.
  • episode 7: team takes a weird detour somewhere which accomplishes nothing and ultimately wastes time on the way to their goal.
  • episode 8: team makes a last-ditch effort to defeat the villain without having to resort to a final battle, but unfortunately it fails. one of the best episodes of the season, if not the best.
  • episode 9: beginning of the finale. an ok episode at best which is extremely underwhelming compared to the previous episode
  • episode 10: yay we win but ooh whats that scary new villain??????
Every Single Ninjago Episode but With Accurate Titles
  • Rise of the Snakes: Lazy Ninjas Find a Kid
  • Home: Sad Zane
  • Snakebit: Jay is a cutie and so are his parents
  • Never Trust a Snake: Lloyd makes a Friend SURPRISE he's gullible
  • Can of Worms: The closest thing to a gay ship being canon happens
  • The Snake King: A lot of Snakes
  • Tick Tock: Cry me a River
  • Once Bitten Twice Shy: Jay and Nya go to Glove World
  • The Royal Blacksmiths: The Ninja boy-band try out for American Idol
  • The Green Ninja: Kai Does a Good Thing
  • All of Nothing: Surprise We're all gonna die
  • The Rise of the Great Devourer: Sensei Wu is dead
  • Day of the Great Devourer: Just kidding
  • Darkness Shall Rise: They Get Jobs
  • Pirates Vs. Ninja: Actually this title is p much already accurate
  • Double Trouble: Jay's clone makes out with Nya and shE LIKES IT
  • Ninjaball Run: Ninjago Grand Prix of DEATh
  • Child's Play: Comic Book guy and KIDS and Kid GROWS UP
  • Wrong Place, Wrong Time: Back to the Future
  • The Stone Army: WOW LLOYDS MOM
  • The Day Ninjago Stood Still: Sensei and Misako attempt suicide together
  • The Last Voyage: Comic Book Guy is gay for Zane
  • Island of Darkness: The camera animation is different
  • The Last Hope: Nya gets kidnapped again
  • Return of the Overlord: Garmadon gets it
  • Rise of the Spinjitzu Master: G O O O O O O O LD I KNOW, YOU'RE GOLD
  • The Surge: Teachers and Cole Twerks
  • The Art of the Silent Fist: Zane's first love dies
  • Blackout: Nya suggests Jay and Cole should be gay for each other
  • The Curse of the Golden Master: So Skales Jr. is a thing
  • Enter the Digiverse: Tron
  • Codename= Arcturus: Sensei Wu screws up
  • The Void: Zane almost dies
  • The Titanium Ninja: Zane actually dies
  • The Invitation: Jobs again
  • Only One Can Remain: The Hunger Games
  • Versus: Earlier I lied THIS is the closest an episode has gotten to having a canon gay couple
  • Ninja Roll: Roller Derby of dEATH
  • Spy for a Spy: Jay breaks his leg
  • Spellbound: Jay has a broken leg and calls Clouse a wussie
  • The Forgotten Element: Jay's leg isn't broken anymore and Kai vents and EVIL
  • The Day of the Dragon: Jay vents and DRAGONS
  • The Greatest Fear of All: Chen drops a cold truth bomb
  • The Corridor of Elders: Garmadon dies

I made a compilation of all the intros (that had the theme song). So if anyone wants a trip down nostalgia-lane, check this out.

Ninjago Characters as iCarly Quotes

•Kai: “Why? Is Santa here to say I’m ugly and have no friends?”

•Cole: “I can’t take being dead, being dead is so boring!”

•Jay: “My mom thinks I’m awesome.”

•Zane: “What does it mean to lose someone you’re close to? It means, you’ve lost someone… that… you’re close to…”

•Nya: “Guys always tell girls to calm down and it never works! It just gets us all whipped up!”

•Wu: “When temperatures get too high the elderly will start to DIE!”

•Jay’s Mom: “There is a living, breathing girl out there who wants to go out with you. This may never happen again!”

•Dareth: “I may be an idiot… but I’m not stupid.”

ninjago episodes summed up
  • way of the ninja: the whole "have to save my sister" thing is getting kinda old but sensei wu is p chill
  • the golden weapon: there's three other guys??? sensei why not just train them all together
  • king of shadows: garmadon is creepy af damn wait a second sENSEI NO
  • weapons of destiny: sensei is back and is that a romantic subplot I smell
  • rise of the snakes: I thought garmadon was the villain also who the fuck fucked garmadon
  • home: if u don't stop making fun of zane I will get in there and slap u all
  • snakebit: in which jay's parents are everyone's parents at at least one point
  • never trust a snake: basically the title tbh + liking lloyd just a little bit
  • can of worms: pink zane
  • the snake king: so THAT'S who samurai x is
  • tick tock: ZANE
  • once bitten twice shy: it's finally canon and I weep
  • the royal blacksmiths: I'll have what cole's dad is having
  • the green ninja: star wars called it wants it father/son dynamic back
  • all of nothing: dammit pythor
  • the rise of the great devourer: DAMMIT PYTHOR
  • day of the great devourer: great garmadon has the weapons
  • darkness shall rise: we don't really talk about it
  • pirates vs ninja: dareth why
  • double trouble: ok but why did they just have clothes lying out on the bounty like that
  • ninjaball run: like mariokart except more fun
  • childs play: hOT DAMN LLOYD
  • wrong place wrong time: do the weapons still exist or???
  • the stone army: oh my god wu likes lloyd's mom im so done
  • the day ninjago stood still: the overlord is a piece of shit
  • the last voyage: ZANES DAD IS ALIVE
  • island of darkness: this is practically an anime at this point
  • the last hope: everything is going to shit
  • return of the overlord: nya can do spinjitzu that's all that matters anymore
  • rise of the spinjitzu master: garmadon looks so weird when he's not evil
  • the art of the silent fist: garmadon is a dilf and PIXAL NO
  • blackout: this love triangle is complete SHIT
  • the curse of the golden master: GOD DAMMIT PYTHOR
  • enter the digiverse: is this homestuck
  • codename arcturus: we're soaring flying there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach
  • the void: how do the golden weapons still exist tf
  • the titanium ninja: ZANE NO
  • the invitation: not another romantic subplot also zane better be alive
  • only one can remain: flashback episode for garmadon and chen please also zANE
  • versus: zane is having hallucinations this is a problem and yES NO MORE LOVE TRIANGLE
  • ninja roll: nya is kickass once again why isn't the series about her at this point
  • spy for a spy: skylor is the spy this is a nice change of pace I hope she stays evil
  • spellbound: "oh no no hope for anyone all of their powers will be gone unless if lloyd comes and chen is counting on it" I hate this trope
  • the forgotten element: I was hoping for a different element but honestly I'm just glad the gang is finally reunited yay
  • the day of the dragon: chen is a terrible father and snake garmadon is the funniest thing I've seen all day
  • the greatest fear of all: TINY PYTHOR
  • the corridor of elders: I'm so sick of the wu/misako/garmadon triangle wait garmadon what are you nO DO NOT GARMADON NO