I made friends with a Cancer (Or maybe Leo? I don’t remember the exact date but I think it was in Cancer) recently.
So I decided to invite her over and she pulled me aside while we were on a walk, after I apologized for interrupting her, to say something along the lines of “Hey…just so you know…you don’t have to apologize for interrupting me. You can be however you’d like to me. I’ve never had a close friend, so I will not stop being your friend if you mistreat me.”



Idea from relatablepicturesofholopearl

Feat. relatablepicturesoflittlebuttler, relatablepicturesofunclegrandpa, relatablepicturesofonion, relatablepicturesofperidot, relatablepicturesofobama, and with a guest star appearance from relatablepicturesofsourcream.

This is my worst post tbh and I hope everyone likes it because not only did it take forever but my brother looked over my shoulder while I was editing the obamasnail one and I couldn’t explain myself


ear=3 letters. gem=3 letters! so as you can see„ you are obviously a gem.

now, have you ever notice that though human has ears, GEM DON’T! 

The only gem ever seen with ear is…

YELLOW DIMMOND (nd steven, but I’m assuming u are not steven)

So if you’re a gem, and you have a blog centered around ears, you must be a gem with ears!!! And the only one is YELOW DIAMON (and steven)

SO you mUST be YWLLOW DIAMOND!!! (or steven)

relatablepicturesofears !!!

u even ADMIT it