pocket sized Day6 (series) — Dowoon


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happy bday my dude. dowoon deserves all the love that My Days are giving and its so kyoot

» you highkey dislike this ‘tiny human’ idea.

» but since it’s pretty normal for people to have one, your parents got you one

» “oh my own small human yay”

» “are you not happy to see me?”

» bruh

» he huffs cutely “just like everyone else”

» you feel guilty bc hoW dArE YOU make this cutie upSeT

» you apologise like a million times

»  you feed him and he forgives you

» mostly

» you dont dislike that idea anymore

»  he climbs bottles

» whether its hair products, bleach, water, anti-freeze, he will climb it

» why do you have anti-freeze

» take cArE oF HIM

»  once, when you were sick and your parents weren’t home, he tried to cook for you

» almost fell into the pot of bOiLiNg WATeR

» you caught him before he did ofc

» travels on your shoulder

» if he falls off, he grips tIGHt onto your hair

» “dowOoN nO”

» “DoWoON YES”

»  did i mention he likes to climb things

» not just bottles

» everything is fine for him tbh

» makes you place your head on the desk so that you listen to him tappin beAtz

» snuggles into your neck while watching a movie

» pecks it probably

» lays down flat on your forehead and kisses it all over

» you once walked away from your working device while writing an essay and cam back to find “i wanna b tol lyk u” copied and pasted millions of times under the initial writing

» he lowkey loves u awe

»  its easy to tell bc he stares at you dreamily

» “dowoon, do you like me?”

» “well, uhh y-yeah”

» hes happy bc you got him a smol drum kit for his bday

»  now theres a party under your bed every friday night

» he loves you

» a lot