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okay but now im crying because im imagining that patton is the only one who understands that anxiety is so insecure and so just at like evey possible moment he gives words of encouragement. "and anxiety, you're-" "no whatever you asked me to do i didnt!" "-standing there and sulking in the corner!! good job!"

He wants to make sure Anxiety knows that people care for him, and is just overly optimistic and supportive of everything he does.

“Good job, Sport! You got out ta bed today!”

“Wonderful, that’s your second snack today! That’s more than yesterday!”

“Ah, look at you standing there glaring, I bet you worked hard on that glare!”

“Its okay, if you need to cry, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. You did your best today, and you were wonderful, sometimes things just don’t go to plan.”

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im hurt how could you, why would you, im crying now

Because I’m a writer. We thrive on tears, tea and character death.

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i did a little looking and according to his birthdate, Jack's parsha would have been "Moses is forbidden to enter the Promised Land" and now im crying because??? he looks back on that portion after The Draft and probably shakes his head like, how fitting is that??? lmao im dying

shit dude

well now im crying because in the spot where the betas are next to their houses and then it shifts to the places where they reached the final tier dave’s is replaced with the meteor. that was his final tier. not with where he gained his powers. he thought the point of his powers was to never use them. he never got used to his powers or anything about his own identity until the meteor, until KARKAT. HELP ME. IM SOBBING.

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OMG harry just got to live his dream and sing with Stevie Nicks, he started crying now Im crying because he's crying and Im just so proud of him.

He’s so fucking incredible I hope he knows how much he deserves this and how loved he is