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“I’m Zimbabwean American. For me, I grew up knowing the special power of the African. And their powerful expression of self, and how that is not backward. It’s just different from what mainstream shows us. So to see it on this sort of scale, to me, it’s just so ready and so overdue to me. Because that, to me, is what the African is - we’re very underestimated and we’re also underrepresented.”

[Danai Gurira on “How Black Panther is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen”]


if you don’t watch jren on zone zealous, they’ll be sad (╥_╥)

- Life’s too short… it’s passing by.
So if we’re gonna go at all, go big or go -

Happy Birthday Lance // July 28th


Here’s another redraw! The one on the left was the first art I ever posted online, uploaded to my dA account on May 25th 2014. Back then, I didn’t have any consistent “style,” and I didn’t even have an actual drawing program, just a broken edition of GIMP. But I really wanted to draw Valkyrie from Skulduggery Pleasant, so I spent hours (mostly on the fire) until I thought it looked good enough. It’s interesting to see now how much my style has changed.

(I still don’t really understand clothing wrinkles, though)

if you really think about it … all wlw ships are Connected …… all of them … somehow
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They break out the chainsaws. Victor looks so cute in his earmuffs. When they break for lunch, halfway through the first week Victor stares at him over his plate of dense rye, salad, and smoked salmon.

“What?” The tip of Victor’s nose is pink. Yuuri thinks it might be from the cold, but they’ve already been inside for twenty minutes.

“Watching you today….the way you handle a chainsaw is like making music.”

Yuuri stares at him over his glasses. The steam from his soup fogs the lenses. “You do realize people use chainsaw as a metaphor for making terrible music, right?”

Victor chokes a little on his salmon.

Victor and Yuuri are paired to carve a new room for the Ice Hotel.