heidi turner pulling out a revolver, shooting cartman in the chest in the middle of the night in their penthouse on the 42nd floor of her hotel with get free by lana del ray echoing in the background and she promptly phones for a valet to bring her car to the front entrance so she can speed off into the night of the city with her girlfriend, wendy testaburger


Summary: Sometimes you learn that you are never meant to fit in. Ten people find out that there is something that makes them unique, but they need to learn how to control their powers and trust others in order to go back to normal. What would happen when the road suddenly changes? 
Genre: Supernatural!AU
Pairing: Kim Junmyeon/Reader;; Oh Sehun/Reader
Note: This is inspired by the pathcode teasers and EXODUS album.

Part I:  “That one moment felt like eternity.”.

Baekhyun can’t seem to remember the moment he started to take an interest in energy –what a scenery or a person could portray through their actions and expressions. However, later on in his life he realizes that his love for auras comes from the fact that he can control energy as he pleases. With violet eyes whenever his powers are fueled, he can seem to show energy in the shape of light and use it to his advantage, as long as he reads his spell books.

Part II:  “Make a decision.  Time is wasting.” 

The fire that radiated from his personality in the form of passion and sweet laughter was far from normal. The energy that burnt from Chanyeol’s chest was an uncontrollable desire to destroy everything that was around him, constantly being in the news without people knowing so when he creates the biggest fires around the city. As it turns out, he is able to cause so much destruction…but he is a sweet guy, so he tries to stop himself and control his powers. Would he be able to do it? 

Part III:  “No matter how much I think about it, oh, it’s you.” 

Not that anyone would ask…but the mysterious guy around the campus has a secret beneath himself. His shaking eyes and nervous smile show that behind his body, there is something that shines between. Junmyeon isn’t very fond of the idea of death, mainly because he feeds himself off of people’s souls and he faces the life of an immortal being. Yet, he won’t ever accept he is a supernatural creature and when he is asked, he will still deny it. After all, no one is proud of transforming into an Ethereal monster.

Part IV:  “Whatever I do, I can’t turn things back.” 

It was almost unbelievable that the ever so sweet and caring rich boy named Zhang Yixing could be so dangerous. Some said his dulcet smirk was the cause of people’s death or his quick mind when it came to business, but he never even knew he could kill someone by simply thinking about it. It was a talent to be used with extreme care…but it was absolutely useless, someone as caring as Yixing couldn’t kill anyone…right? 

Part V:  “Though we don’t know the end…though we can’t go back…” 

People know about a thing or two about Do Kyungsoo around the neighborhood, but they fail to notice how dangerous he is. With his quick mind and the effect of finding materials in about everything around him, he could easily create weapons in order to destroy his enemies. However, his mind has the power of deciding who could harm whichever weapon he had created. It’s better to get in Kyungsoo’s side, as it seems… 

Part VI:  “My words are forgotten black.” 

The chaotic forces of the universe were something that not even scientists could understand –the disasters that happened could go from small to big in the matter of seconds and if only they knew that Kim Jongin, former actor that used to be very famous, was capable of controlling the disasters around him…creating and terminating everything he wanted, perhaps everyone would be saved. Yet, Jongin doesn’t know the depth of his powers. 

Part VII:  “Two eyes tightly shut.”

It was known that Kim Minseok was intelligent and really talented, but after hiding himself in his own little world of egocentrism, he forgot how powerful he could be. His mind could understand the matters of life perfectly well and even so, he could control everyone around him. Perhaps, the only mind that he can’t seem to understand is his.

Part VIII:  “A dreamy voice rings out, who knows?” 

Jongdae with powers was one of the biggest threats that the world could find, much more when he could possess bodies. From getting to know secrets that he never knew to actually making people he disliked do something ridiculous, Jongdae just likes to have fun with his supernatural powers and doesn’t care that much. They are there to be used, after all. 

Part IX:  “Make the darkness fall, bring her to me.” 

Sehun was never meant to be a supernatural creature, yet, falling in love with one of them had led him to a lifetime of confusion. Nevertheless, he can’t seem to remember who was the person that had caused him to have the power that he possessed. The brief memories of her soft voice and fleeting caresses have him missing someone he doesn’t quite know. 

Part X:  “If only I can see you at the end of the horizon.” 

When the story gets to an ending and all forces unite.

  • Mitsuba: What is that smell? The kitchen...?
  • Luciel: Hey, welcome home.~
  • Mitsuba: You don't live here! Anyways... Are you cooking?
  • Luciel: Yes, I felt bad for eating all that frozen yogurt (though I was TOTALLY sleepwalking), so I decided to prepare you some food. You probably had a tough day.
  • Mitsuba: Wow... Thank you so mu--
  • Luciel: Also, you make horrible food.
  • Mitsuba:
  • Mitsuba: You have done some cleaning here as well, I notice.
  • Luciel: I've had nothing to do all day, so why not? I don't have any military duties like you.
  • Mitsuba: You... Are really making yourself at home, are you not?
  • Luciel: Surely YOU were the one who asked me to stay with you for the time being.
  • Mitsuba: I-I! I just wanted to be nice, like...! What kind of person would I be had I not offered!? A bad one!
  • Luciel: Mhmm...
  • Mitsuba: ...But don't you think you should try to get on friendlier terms with your parents again, and move back in? I am sure they miss you.
  • Luciel: Listen, this is between me and Yuuichirou, okay? I know he is probably devastated, but there is nothing we can do for the time being. Our demons are constantly clashing, and Mikaela is the only reason we have not killed each other yet!
  • Mitsuba: It... Can't be that bad! Yuu-san would never--
  • Luciel: Oh, he would. You all should be fully aware of what his demon can do. How do you think I broke my left horn?
  • Mitsuba: ...
  • Mitsuba: He's got a good heart.
  • Luciel: Yes. A very good heart. It's so good I find it almost disgusting. But I don't want to stress him anymore. I want him to calm down, and have a good time. I will return once things have calmed.
  • Mitsuba: ...
  • Luciel: Now eat the food while it's still warm.
  • Luciel: It's not poisoned. I swear. Why do people think I poison food? Like, what a waste of food.

being born in the late 90′s is a really weird time because our coming of age is/was so tied into the expansion of personal technology? like for so many of us the transition from getting your first flip phone to smartphones wasn’t just a technology shift, it was part of growing up. and it created this really weird timeline where new technologies were being created right as we entered the right age market to use them, so now we all know intuitively how to use snapchat or the social context of emoji use or whatever but we can also remember childhoods spent (almost) entirely outside and offline. like you get all the disillusionment of the older millennial generation except now with the stress of spending your adolescence measuring yourself against others on social media and it’s really fucking confusing

concept playlists part ii

it’s the year 2077 & you’re at a nightclub in tokyo with your best friend, you’re both on the run from a group of rebels but you feel safe in this little neon corner of nowhere so when a robot waiter offers you a strawberry daiquiri you accept it

you’re a tourist on mars & you’re trying to contact home but the signal is really crappy so you just end up buying yourself an icecream sundae & waiting in this strange alien queue to buy an interstellar sim card

you’re in a small virginian town that was wiped off the map several years ago housesitting for a mysterious neighbor when you find a secret passageway in their library, you have no idea where it leads but you’re curious to take a look 

you’re in victorian england & you’re walking down a path adorned with the warm aureate glow of gaslights & it’s snowing softly & you have your hands buried deep in your coat pockets while somewhere in the distance, someone announces that the queen is dead

you meet god at a gas station at 3.03 am & he asks you if you want to go for a motorcycle ride with him & when you say yes he warns you that he’s about to introduce you to things you can never unknow 

you’re in love with a ghost who shows up in all your household mirrors & keeps turning off the kitchen light but one night you realize that you’re the one that’s been doing all the haunting 

it’s a rehab centre for celestial beings, where angels with dying halos flitter past & talk to you of stars, you love working this job, learning about the woes of a dozen flighty beings, & they endow you with their strength & light in return

you’re stuck in a time loop inside of a 80′s horror flick and your entire world feels like it’s glitching around you nothing is real except for your strange lover with eyes like moonlight calling you to come back to bed 

you’re at an island at midnight all by yourself, the night sky is so clear the sea reflects the star-matted sky, a salty breeze lifts your hair, you breathe in deep & dream of someone beautiful coming to your rescue

hotmess / midyouth crisis / mud puppy / lucid dreaming

[image description: Shuri and T’Challa grinning, standing back-to-back, arms crossed over their chests with their fists closed and the Black Panther symbol on the backdrop behind them]

screams a lot about these siblings and their secret/special handshake


Actor David Suchet was taught how to eat a mango in ‘polite company’ by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. On May 2 1990 Suchet was at a private lunch at Buckingham Palace, per the Queen’s invitation. It was his 44th Birthday. He discovered the Queen likes to invite people from all walks of life whom she finds interesting.

During lunch, Suchet was served a mango and suffering from an acute attack of nerves, he turned to Prince Philip, confessing he didn’t have the slightest idea how to deal with the fruit. That provoked an enourmous laugh from Prince Philip, who replied immediately, ‘Well, let me show you,’ and demonstrated what exactly one should do. Suchet was relieved he wasn’t left floundering and was now able to eat the fruit in front of him.

Later that day he told the story to Brian Eastman, the producer of Agatha Christie’s Poirot, and asked him if they could include it in the episode they were soon to film, 3x09: The Theft of the Royal Ruby.

“We sent a copy of the finished film to Buckingham Palace on DVD, and I’m thrilled to say that it became the late Queen Mother’s favourite film. Indeed, whenever I’ve met the Duke of Edinburgh since that lunch, he always calls me ‘the mango man’.” - David Suchet, Poirot and Me

It’s important that more films are made where women are shown telling their own stories and that neither the female character nor her story is dependent on the male character. Rey has her own story and she’s doing her own thing in the film.

— Actress Daisy Ridley on playing a strong female character whomst young women can look up to.

Lance: L is for the way you look at me

Hunk: O is for the only one I see

Pidge: V is very very extraordinary

Keith: …Egg…?

I was going through and old notebook, and I found an unfinished comic I started months ago about this vine. I’ve decided to redraw it digitally, and I quite like how it looks! It’s definitely an improvement from how it looked before. I feel like Dennis’s eye color has changed a few times, but I quite like the grey he’s got right now. It’s very “generic protagonist”, I think. 

(Hey @prozdvoices I don’t know how long you’ll be there, but I saw that you’re on the guest list for AAC this year! I’ll be going as Robin from FE:A for the weekend, so I might see you there! ^^)

My RBB piece featuring old men in love, glowing claws, and an affectionate reaplet
My buddy, @segadores-y-soldados , wrote a gorgeous story (I’m still crying over it as I type these words) involving all 3 of those things and sooooo much more. (But seriously, I was totally tearing up while I was reading it, for more reasons than one. The person sitting next to me on the plane wasn’t prepared)
Check it out here:
It’s so good! Leave him lots of love for all his hard work! 🙏🙏🙏