‘If you were to listen to it, you’d probably just think I was an emotional wreck.’ For the first time, Niall seems shy and gathers himself with small pauses, ‘There’s some really personal stuff on it and then there’s some… I write the way that I could be sitting on a train, and see a couple talking to each other and I’d think of a concept around the way that they look at each other or whatever. I don’t write all the time from personal experience, sometimes I have concepts.’ He’s anxious that perhaps he’s used 'his best concepts or stories on songs that were actually crap in the end.’ …For a man so adored and so blindingly good at what he does, he’s modest as anything.
—  niall for tmrw

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I don't want to be pushy or anything and please don't take this the wrong way but I thought you were publishing Amelia for download at 2k followers?? Congrats on the flower count you deserve it!!!

Hello! You are fine, don’t worry! I did mention that and I am still thinking about it (no promise, my feelings change like the weather) but I would like to do more than just posting a sim for 2K. It is a big milestone so I want to do all I can! c:

My other two ideas are finishing a 70′’s/summer camp recolor + clothing set I started in December or a set of room decor that fits more alternative (inspired my Wednesday’s style), maybe a pit punk, style. I am not sure they are just ideas. x)


Prom backstory Part 1

Cue asks his sister, Melaina, for an opinion on his prom outfit, but her mind seems to be elsewhere…

((There was gonna be one more panel for this part, but I have to go pick up my cat from the vet and head out so I can make it to my flight tomorrow. Her surgery went well, but she’s completely toothless now ;w; I’ll be doing sketches for the backstory so I can make the prom pictures lined and colored!))

Man, I haven’t drawn *realistic* looking eyes in forever!! Like, where does the highlight even go?? I mean normally I would just give Nick and Judy plain circles for eyes and maybe shade them in, but with the project I’m working on rn their eyes kinda have to be pretty distinct and IT’S SO HARRRD