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I don't think it's fair that Mako is still in love with Korra and according to Bryan will always carry a touch for her but Korra has moved on to Asami whom she barley talked too in Book 4. Heck I think Korra still feels the about Mako same judging from the bedroom eyes she gave Mako in Reunion and the loving look she gave him in the Last Stand if nothing else they gave Asami so few lines with Korra compared to Mako I have to wonder if the they live happily ever line was meant to be serous

It’s one of the few things where one can legitimately say that it’s not fair to any of the characters involved.

It’s not fair to Mako because he gets to live the rest of his life knowing no one he falls for will ever really match up.

It’s not fair to Korra because instead of ending up with someone who she’s enthusiastically in love with and expresses her desire to be with, she gets to have her relationship style stripped away completely to hint at a relationship with someone she’s never demonstrated any interest in.

And it’s not fair to Asami because her father just died and all the narrative really cares about is using that to facilitate a relationship between her and Korra.

As for the “happily ever after” line, who knows?  I mean, Bryke did say Korra and Mako were made for each other back in Book 1′s commentary.  -_-

I don’t want to think. I want to know. I need to know its it. That there’s nothing more I want that there’s no one else I need. Look into eyes I get lost in for days and arms that make me feel safe. A heart that would never judge me and a mind that understands every deranged, sad, insecure, pretentious, fucked up thing that comes out of my mouth. I don’t want to want. I need to have. I won’t settle and Id rather wander the earth looking for the soul to match my own than to ever settle for one that does not breathe as I do, one that does not feel as I do, care as I do, have passion as I do. I want to find you following your dreams. Please don’t slow down, for if we meet and we are meant, nothing will keep us apart.

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'Alex' nods, "Yeah, sometimes when we get caught up in everything, it's easy to forget." He chuckles, "Ralph, I doubt you could ever be anything BUT memorable. Same goes for weddings. Nothing else ever comes close to matching them." He twiddles his fingers, "So, is there anything else about the wedding you guys are stuck on?"

“Nothing that we aren’t already working on, really. Thanks for askin’ though, I’ll let you know what I hear from Morgan about the bishop thing.” He started walking over to the second crate, but paused briefly, “And uh, thanks for bein’ a pal.”