ellipticalgalaxy1  asked:

This is sudden, but is there going to be more of yamcha's little baby girl. Her cuteness must be spread XP

If thats what you want (overprotectiveness galore)

When you live around superpowered people sometimes u forget not all children are like that. [not pictured: Yamcha running around aimlessly on the ground below trying to catch the girl if she’s “dropped,” completely forgetting he can fly at supersonic speeds himself to go get her] (THIs WAS RLY DUMB im sorry) 

batmanthebuffalo  asked:

in the clip they've released with harleen strapped to the table, it doesn't really seem like she's scared. do you have any ideas about this?

No clue honestly. She seems angry, so I assume the B-roll footage of Joker saying something about “doing him a favor” (I think that’s what I heard lol) might come back to bite her.