Tatsu and FREE CITY

Based on the generous research of the original post, aka anotherscape, and on the rather extravagant prices for most of the clothing featured, one can only assume that Tatsu has a contract to endorse their label…

or he’s just a big fan of theirs. *smile*





FREE CITY Lets go hoodie 

FREE CITY Undershirts 



FREE CITY collar necklace

*Whatever the reason, Tattsun is pulling off the look very well!

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On TERF as a label:

A thought that just occurred to me is that TERF really fails as a descriptive label for contemporary discussion and discourse within the realm of gender theory and feminism. Historically the term made sense, when the debate was centered around trans women have inclusion in feminist and women’s only spaces. In the realm of internet gender discourse, this makes less sense.

When I encounter strong disagreements with “TERF”s it is not because they would deny my access to a physical space (something that I am frankly uninterested in), but rather that they engage in a particularly ideology, and that exclusion is part of that broader ideology. More frustrating however, is that there are radical feminists who engage in the same essential ideology (scientific sex discourse, base materialism, sex/gender dichotomy, appeals to biology) but who are actually willing to allow some inclusion to trans women, thus making TERF a failed descriptor for them.

It seems to me it would be more useful to find a label for the underlying ideology, not for one circumstance that it manifests in.

Acceptance’s ‘Phantoms’ Turns Ten

by Zack Zarrillo

Phantoms by Acceptance is officially ten years old. The band, who is back playing shows this year, is also writing new music for the first time in most likely a decade.

It’s surreal to think this album has hit ten, just under two years since Bad Timing launched our label with the first-ever pressing of Phantoms. Maybe we should do a special pressing this year.

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Again, if you are male, whether cis or not or even just use he/him pronouns without an official label on your gender, I am here for you and I will not participate in the “male tears” side of tumblr because I believe that is not feminism and it is extremely harmful towards women, men, and other combined. As someone who has been raped, abused, and bullied by men, I still do not believe in spreading that kind of crap. The patriarchy sucks and it teaches young men and women alike terrible things and it affects men too. Feminism is a fight against the patriarchy, not men, and by backing up your hate and stupid insults towards the gender as a whole by saying “well I don’t ACTUALLY hate men I just hate the patriarchy so im really complaining about that!!” dont even try to lie.
Praise women all you want if you prefer women sexually/emotionally/just appreciating extremely feminine qualities or are proud of women for being strong through all this in general, but if you do that by hating on boys, you are a problem. And I won’t stand for it

Things you should do:
-pet a dog
-mind your own business

Things you shouldn’t do:

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List 15 things that make me happy: 

  1. traveling
  2. music (rock/metal)
  3. family
  4. my cats and dogs
  5. kittens too
  6. car rides
  7. friends
  8. tv shows
  9. movies
  10. food
  11. halestorm
  12. motley crue
  13. videos games
  14. halo
  15. sleep

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i think people should quit with that fucking labelling shit thing and just accept that you and cas fuck each other and that's great, may i watch it?

Except sometimes labels are like a breath of fresh air and finding out that someone else feels the same is great

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What are your favourite albums?

I’m not really the kind of person that has a list of favourite albums, simply because I feel like I love music too much. Weeding through all the albums I’ve ever listened to, labeling some better than others, just seems like such an arduous chore.
On top of that, as a die hard hip hop fan, there’s the assumption that I have to love certain albums. That’s why people get upset when I say I don’t like Tupac or that I think AZ’s Doe or Die is actually a smidgen better than Nas’ Illmatic.
I love the typical classics: Low End Theory, Midnight Marauders, The Chronic, Ready to Die, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Straight Outta Compton, It Takes a Nation of Millions… etc. etc. But I’d have to say that the greatest album of all time is Moment of Truth by Gang Starr. In my opinion, it’s perfect bar maybe one or two tracks.
On the same note, Snoops Doggystyle doesn’t have a single bad track. Not one. That album is utterly flawless.
The there’s Mobb Deep’s The Infamous, M.O.P’s First Family…, Funcrusher Plus by Company Flow, Blackstar’s LP and so on and so forth.
And who doesn’t love Michael Jackson’s discography? There are Stevie Wonder albums, Curtis Mayfield’s Superfly, Marvin Gaye etc. Then there’s the shitload of British hip hop I love.
So yeah…it’s hard. Every time I to think of, say, a top ten, I end up with about a hundred albums that mean so much to me.

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if we choose not to wear animals, what do you wear instead? im new to being vegan so this is a very basic question.

Probably most things you wear are vegan! Just take a peak in your closet! It’s probably full of cotton shirts, synthetic materials, and jeans! You can also find faux leather pretty much anywhere, and replace any leather items with those. <3 Just check labels to make sure you aren’t buying wool, fur, silk, or any animal skin. I promise, it is much easier than you think!

 Hey, this is perfect for that Daredevil fic I’m working on! A snippet:

A frown inched on Claire’s face as she watched Matt sit silently, his head lifted slightly. She would have guessed he were listening to a sermon if not for the fact they were the only two souls in the cathedral at nearly midnight. Finally, her eyes narrowed as she tilted, bumping her shoulder with his. “So this is your idea of an acceptable first date…”

Matt smiled but didn’t move. “We’re on a date now?”

Her gaze whipped back to the huge crucifix hanging above the altar. She didn’t need to give him the satisfaction, he was nearly smug with it. “Just making conversation.”

“Are you religious, Claire?”

Claire shrugged, more out of habit than anything. He felt the movement and bumped her back with his shoulder playfully. She bit back a smile as his knuckles grazed her leg. He was really pushing this ‘just friends’ label. Just enough to keep it playful. Matt Murdock actually thought he was slick. “I’m Catholic. Was. Raised Catholic. Lapsed Catholic now.”

Matt’s smile melted into a smirk, which was really kind of sexy and she wanted to smack him, he knew exactly what he was doing. “So Catholic, then.”

She let out a breathless laugh. “Once a Catholic…”

“Always a Catholic.” He tilted his head in her direction, his knuckles dragging on her knee for a brief moment before he’s clutching his cane. “Ready?”

“Yes,” she breathed, turning to the front of the altar once more. She and Matt both did the sign of the cross before standing and he slipped his hand on her arm as they made their way out of the aisle. “Are you going to ditch me again to get your kicks or…?”

“I’m all yours. Do you want to get a drink?” His smile was wide now. “Several drinks. I can’t let you go so easily, you know.”

Food and drinks,” she looked up at him, allowing the smile to form as they made their way to the doors. “How’s your arm?”

Gender politics in social media (Gamergate edition)

In light of what I have read for this week, and coming from someone who is a supporter of Gamergate, the ugly truth about the current state of gender in social media is too messy to comprehend, and unfortunately, the assigned materials given on the subject only give one half of the picture.  As a result of this, I felt compelled to present the other side of the story, since the mainstream journalistic media had placed video game enthusiasts in a very negative light.  Just to give a little background about myself, I am someone who grew up on playing video games since the 1990s, and video games influenced me towards an interest in martial arts and the entertainment industry.  I am normally a nice guy who is loyal, opinionated, and can be flawed despite having the best intentions.  Just because I happen to like video games, I am labeled as a misogynist on social media if I support Gamergate.  Does this sound right to you as the reader if you know little to nothing about me?

To give a summary of what Gamergate is about, the primary goals were to promote a push for upholding journalistic standards within the video game industry.  Before Gamergate got the big blow-up it did thanks to actor Adam Baldwin creating the hashtag on Twitter, there were long-held suspicions about the video game journalism media being rotten at its core ethically, especially when there is an antagonistic relationship between the journalists and the consumers they are supposed to be writing for. One such example of shady dealings include journalists having special relationships with developers and companies that are not properly disclosed. The Zoe Quinn scandal was the proverbial last straw that broke the camel’s back, and as a result, video gaming journalist websites like Escapist and IGN had to update their ethics policies in regards to journalists NOW being required to recluse themselves if they have special relations with their subjects. Contrary to popular belief by the media, Gamergate’s supporters are not restricted to Caucasian males, but they have supporters coming from women, as well as people of minority races as well.

While I can understand the plight of females facing discrimination in a global basis, things really don’t help matters when modern/radical feminism goes out of its way to demonize men.  Depending on a point of view, modern feminism now-a-days seems to be the unofficial face for all feminism, and as a result, current demographics have a resentful of feminism as a whole, effectively tarnishing the brand.  This should NOT be the case, but this is the situation it is now, especially through the viewpoint of someone not fully knowledgeable about feminism.  Things don’t help matters when we have situations where a moderate feminist like Christina Hoff Sommers is openly disrespected by the supporters of radical feminism at a college campus.  As it is, regardless of the topic in question, whether be it gender, race, or politics, censorship and character assassinations are the norm for those that do not agree with the opposing side.  As a result of this messy climate, the only method available for those without a voice to counteract such tactics is to archive the offending messages in question on social media, and let history be the judge.

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Hi. I just got nasty messages when I said I was a trans man who'd had an abortion. Most I can deal with but can you let me know what I can say to the 'feminists' who say that me using 'cis' is a slur? I mean, I don't think it is but they are the ones being offended so..

I’m so sorry to hear that you’re getting messages like that. TERFs and SWERFs are probably my least favourite favourite part of feminism. As for them saying that cis is a slur, I’m not an expert on the topic, but I’m inclined to think that it stems from people who are used to being considered the norm being angry at receiving a label and told that they’re just one type of something, not the only one. TERFs don’t like the fact that there are cis women and trans women, both of whom are women because they figure that “womanhood” stems solely from what genitals you have. Again, I’m not 100% familiar with the radical feminist perspective, but my assumption is that it comes from being told that cis women are just one type of women, not the only one.

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i need help. so i am straight and never even thought about it in my life before but a while a go i hu with this girl(I'm a girl) and now we've been together for a long time but like i can't be open about it and its been getting to both of us. now were like talking about breaking up but i care about her so much and don't want to lose her. i really want her in my life and i don't know how i can have that. i just don't know what to do anymore. after answering could u delete this after like 10 mins.

okay well you need to think about what’s more important to you your reputation / what people think of
you or this girl and your relationship btw you don’t need to put a label on yourself or explain yourself to anyone just be and let be

Ok this has been in my mind for the past few weeks. I keep seeing post & submissions on lesbian blogs of 14 and 15 year old saying they’re bisexual or pansexual and I just cant wrap my mind around that. I know i dont know everything but, by experience, girls let me give you some advise: at that age you really do not know who you are as a person. I know adolescence is tough and everything seems and feels permanent but it isn’t!! You have a lot to live and as the years go by you will keep discovering yourself. You may have a tough or meaningful experience now but in 2-3 years time it wil seem so different. So please stop labeling yourselves and just live your life day to day and dont limit yourself for one specific thing just because you feel like an outcast or awkward. Time and experiences will tell you who you are.

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Is it me, or when you say that Fay is a lesbian or storm is bisexual. I don't even see it like that really. I mean obviously they are, but it's weird saying that. To me, they are just 2 girls liking each other lol. They are cute together, don't really see the need in labeling it or them. Just my thoughts anyway

“You don’t see it like that?” They’re… my creations?? So regardless of how you see them that’s what they identify as. Storm identifies as Bisexual – she has since she was in her early teens. If someone asks for her sexuality that’s what she answers with. Fay, however, only finds attraction in women, and identifies as a lesbian. I made that decision months ago. 

I won’t erase their identities. They are cute together, I fail to see how their sexualities change that. I wouldn’t dream of telling my best friend that she shouldn’t label herself as bisexual, that’s how she identifies her sexuality. That’s who she is, and it took her a long time to figure that out. It would be wrong to erase that and take it away from her. I have the sexualities of all my new!gen mages noted down because they’re part of them. 

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Im ND and I used to be anti self dx but you bs other tumblr users help me see what it was really about (I just thought ppl were trying to label themselves) so thank you for helping me see the light

!!!!!! yes !!!!!!

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Unpopular opinion: Asexuality is a real thing but a lot of kids still going through puberty sorta jump the gun and label themselves as it just because they're not attracted to anyone in their immediate surroundings. That's why you get things like "greysexual" and "demisexual"