Treasures of the Multiverse: Character Creation

After a few months of planning and schedule conflicts, we were finally able to get together for the first session of my Magic themed Dungeons and Dragons campaign, which I have titled “Treasures of the Multiverse”.

I know others have been asking about how I was going to run this, so I’ll give a point by point plot summary of each week sometime after each campaign. The optimist in me wants to say I’ll put them out every Thursday without fail, but the lazy pessimist in me knows that’s just not true. Either way all content will be labeled with the tag “Treasures of the Multiverse”.

I’ll post session 1 summary in a later post. For now, here’s what we did in terms of character creation.

I had four players, which I personally think is the optimal number for Dnd. I started them at level 7, under the 5th Edition rules. A few used homebrew classes or options, subject to my approval. They could use any books, but I treated Unearthed Arcana like homebrew, meaning it was fine with my approval.

In addition to normal character creation, players chose a home plane. This could be any plane we’ve seen in the story or that has been on a Planechase card. Then, I had each player roll a d20 to see which plane they first Planeswalked to. For these, I only used settings that had a significant amount of story already attached to them. I also included the Forgotten Realms as just another Plane of the Multiverse, because lets be real it probably is.

The planes in italics required a secondary roll of the appropriate dice to see what the plane was like when they landed, i.e. if Mirrodin had been corrupted.

After we had that established, the players added a section to their character sheet called Known Planes. This is broken down by how well they know each plane on the list. I requested they write: 1 Home Plane, 1 Very Familiar Plane, 2 Seen Casually Planes, and 2 planes they had just heard of. This section will be added to as the player explores, and is used to determine success while planeswalking. Here is the chart:

That’s about it for character creation, if the player in question is already familiar with the lore of Magic. If a player is only vaguely familiar with the lore, they have the option of choosing less planes for their Known Planes chart.

If the player has never played Magic or even heard of it, that’s great! One of my players had watched us play Magic for years, but never played himself or read any of the lore. For him, I didn’t have him do anything special in terms of character creation. Rather than going through and telling him about the lore of the game, and having him do research, I decided to let him learn about it along side his character. I’ll talk more about it when I write my report of the first session, but the campaign kicked off with his Spark igniting.

For that reason, I have also decided to include the Forgotten Realms as part of the Multiverse. Players will be able to Planeswalk to and from there just like any other plane.

Well that should be it for the character creation side of things. Keep an eye out for my session 1 report, and feel free to use any of this in your own campaigns!

I’m assuming this is a scam (a new version of the “i wrote something funny about you on this blog lol” trying to get your password), but “your account can be terminated” is stressful as hell. I was working on this blog from several devices yesterday (7/22/16). So, that’s creepy.

Can confirm the link goes to a simple page asking for login info, and not exactly a professional-looking one. (I used my least important device to check the link.) It also asks for username in addition to email and password, which, it’s all obvs shady af already but that’s even more so. The blog itself just has a link labeled as “the last step to verify your account” and “re-confirm” (so, more phishing) with poor and inconsistent grammar.

I couldn’t find anything by searching or googling about it. Anyone else gotten one of these?


i need to talk about the labels for sexuality for a second lets discourse

so like people who go label-less~ i respect a lot bc ya its a legit way to keep urself safer than saying ur lgbp+ also what r labels but words n stuff that we align w experiences and some people legit dont like having that pressure and stuff like i know i get anxiety over labels a lot so i get those reasons to go label less 

…but i always have this anxiety when i meet someone who likes their own gender or more than 1 gender and they say they’re label-less .like  i hope they know that every time anyone meets a new person they  are pretty much automatically pegged as straight like this is a label iMPOSED on ppl by default   while that is likely safer than being out as lgbp+ it still pretty damn harmful on another level

like really point is youll never hear a straight person say they ‘dont like labels’ unless its like a response to ‘what are we?’ when asked by the person theyre dating (if theyre dating) so it just kinda breaks my heart a lil

idk wot r yalls thoughts

anonymous asked:

+ obviously L wants to stay true to her morals and cut off anyone that breaks her trust (like how In assuming c did) but she's still showing affection and basically acting as if they were still in a relationship off cameras just without any labels bc that how she keeps herself sane by lying to herself.. Idk I'm just typing down what I'm thinking.. Does it make sense?

Kinda… I’m starting to think they’re just friends for now because that’s what I’ve been noticing lately or they’re being really lowkey, anyways I don’t think they’re in a serious relationship

anonymous asked:

is it ok that i'm non-binary woman-aligned but i still get dysphoric when i'm labelled as just a girl, or should i suck it up and be ok with it since i'm woman aligned//

Ari says:
Yeah, that’s fine. If it makes you uncomfortable then it makes you uncomfortable. Nothing wrong with standing up for yourself in that circumstance.

anonymous asked:

Why do people say that labels don't matter one minute then the next pages like this are full of people asking what to label themselves as? I'm genuinely confused pls don't take this as offensive.

This is a subjective topic.

Some people really want to what they are and what to identify themselves as and what to say if people ask them.

Whereas others are fine with just accepting who they are and don’t care about their label.

Neither way is wrong it is just preference on each individual person and how they want to present themselves.

anonymous asked:

What did you think of swings last 3 mixtapes. if you havent heard all of them what do you think of Swings in general?

I think I’ve already answered Swings? But idk for sure so I’ll just answer again. I like Swings. I think he’s a good rapper and he has a nice style. He has a lot of energy. He’s another rapper who’s kinda different offstage. He seems to be an inteligent guy who just wants to help the people in his label. I’m not the biggest fans of Swings but I do listen to some of his stuff and I do like it. He’s one of thsoe guys who always says exactly what he’s feeling. Just like the rest of JM. IDK if he rubbed off on them or they rubbed off on him lol.

Hi. I am 14 and I live in the land of maple syrup and moose (Canada). I am a genderfluid bisexual (although pan fits me more, I feel more comfortable with the label of bi) and I just want to meet other lgbt+ people who live in Ontario. I enjoy writing short stories, writing music, and creating art. I play many instruments, but ukulele is my favourite. Sorry, but I only message people under 17 and above 12.

Message me!


anonymous asked:

If you don't identify as male or female and you work as a waiter, what would I say my profession is? I don't feel comfortable using waiter or waitress as a title

idk i havent been in your position, ur just,, a person why do ppl feel the need to put labels on everything

anonymous asked:

I totally understand I've been questioning my sexuality for 4 years now and I still don't know myself, I find girls extremely attractive but I've never had a crush on one, I can't imagine myself sexually involved with a girl but I also lust after girls bodies. I'm so confused and I don't know what to do. I don't want to slap a label on so I guess I'm just going to keep going with my life and I'm more attracted to men than women but I'm not sure I should be called "straight".

It’s really confusing and I think what matters most is that we’ll both find one person some day who makes us feel alright and that’s all I can’t hope for you know. If you ever need anything you can message me!!


anonymous asked:

Do you have advice for a girl confused about her orientation after her girlfriend came out as a trans guy? I still wanna be with him and don't wanna invalidate his gender but can't imagine ever being with a guy if he were to break up with me? Thanks

Hi!  As a trans guy myself, I think it’s great that you’re so concerned with not invalidating your boyfriend’s gender identity.  You have a few options here, most of which require open communication with your boyfriend.

If you want to be with him, you may be considering the fact that you’re bi/ply/pan/mga.  Those are just labels, and if they don’t sit right with you, you don’t need to use them.  However, if you try one on for size and it feels okay, perhaps consider that this might be a path for you that you initially didn’t expect.

If you truly can’t imagine ever being with a guy that’s not him, consider that you’re attracted to girls but this could be an exception.  That’s okay!  Labels are not as rigid as people think they are and it’s possible for lesbians or gay men to have “exceptions” if it comes to the right person.  If you consider yourself a lesbian, and choose to introduce yourself that way, make sure it’s not invalidating for your boyfriend.  Make it obvious that while you’re mostly attracted to women, this is you boyfriend and he’s an exception to that rule. Contrary to what some people believe, I think those two ideas can coexist.

Another option is to consider forgoing labels and just saying that you’re attracted who you’re attracted to.  You don’t need to be a lesbian, or bi, anything else, you could just be queer (if you choose to use that term) or a person without orientation labels.  No one needs to define your sexuality but you.

- Mod Ren

You magazine | October 2009

Sia Dimitriadi for Not Just A Label ‘Two Tier Tulle Prom Dress’ - no longer available

This picture - and all the ones to follow from this shoot - are actually not from the magazine spread itself. But from candids shot of Taylor in August 2009 on the streets of London as she was on the set for this photoshoot. 

In my personal opinion, Taylor looks infinitely more adorable in the candids than the spread itself. 

Her curls game for this shoot was so strong. 

Check out the rest of Taylor’s spread in You magazine here.