So I am fucking angry.

What the hell is this? Huang Zitao has been filming 3 movies, various CFs and variety shows, holding a concert streamed live by 7 million people, attending fashion weeks,holding roadshows for his film promotions, releasing OSTs, topping the V Chart single sales with Adore, denying gender norms, holding Charity events, designing Tshirts and this is what gets reported? THIS is all he gets recognition for? CRYING?

He attended the film festival at Shanghai and walked the red carpet with Jackie Chan and I bet they won’t give a shit about his movie and report it as the possibility of a taoris showdown happening.

ALL of this is the reason why there is a general dislike among people about him. Nobody knows what he is doing and of all he is doing, THIS is what gets reported. Only bringing up more hatred, more mockery and more people sniggering at him for being a crybaby. 

He has grown so much as a person, I wish you could see that. I wish you could see the confident performances he gave at his concert. I wish you could see how dedicated he is towards CPop and how he always wants his fans to be proud of him. I wish you all saw the fearlessness in his eyes when facing the interviewers that try to take him down in everytime or how happy he gets when people appreciate his music. I wish you all felt how emotional he got when he talked about the support he got from his cast members and the love he had for BoXuan. I wish you knew he returned the money given to him by his fans while he was on a variety show, I wish you appreciated the fact that he is not afraid to show his respect for Luhan when he went to watch his movie on the only holiday he got in weeks. I wish you saw how much he really loves his mother and his family. I wish you understood that the wealthy cars and the watches he posts on Instagram are not to show off but because he really treasures them cause he bought them from the money he earns. I wish you appreciated his cheeky side when he tells haters that” he doesnt give a shit anymore”,holds competition for the best memes on him and frankly states on air that he is not a routine virgin plastic idol everyone expects him to be.I wish you heard him say “Love between two girls is not wrong” and “I like wearing girl’s clothes, but I rarely find my size”. 

Huang Zitao is so easily to misunderstand, so easy to hate- because he is like anyone of us, awkward, shy and quiet around new people, loud and cheeky around ones he gets comfortable with, whining and lazy at doing tasks, getting emotionally attached easily, constantly fighting negativity and people judging him, determined to prove himself , knowing his own faults, afraid and nervous at times, loving his mother to death, clicking thousands of selfies with his dog, moody, self conscious,cracking bad jokes,being sassy #sweg, loving new clothes, hating bugs, hating rumors….he is everything-he is infinite dimensional.

He is totally not a perfect person… because he is always the way he is and does not live his life just to please others. I am sorry if he does not fit the image you have of him.I am sorry if you are still sulking over him leaving. I am sorry if you did not like the Sina interview. I am sorry if you can’t respect him “the way you respect Kris and Luhan”. I am sorry if you are disappointed. But if you don’t really know what he is about and yet hate him, I am sorry for you.

As for Koreaboo,to whosoever is running this “news site”, either do not report “important news” like this or do not report about him at all. Ztao doesn’t need your sneering comments or your sympathy votes.He does not need this cheap publicity. He is doing fine on his own.

Tao - “Enough”

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Warnings: None

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Synopsis: Angsty Tao




“I can’t believe you, Tao!” You shouted, eyes red with tears as you angrily stormed through your apartment. At this point the two of you had been arguing for about 2 hours, the pictures of Tao and another girl kissing while naked in bed that were spread across every magazine in the country setting you off and shattering everything you had thought about your 3 year relationship. 

“And I can’t believe you actually believe that shit!” Tao replied, his exterior annoyingly calm and his voice seething in poison.

“Why shouldn’t I?” You voiced, thick droplets of tears running down your face as you began to cry harder. “The pictures are right there! That’s you kissing another girl! You can’t deny what’s right in front of you!”

“It’s not me, Y/N!” He shouted, “How many times do I have to say that before you’ll believe me?!”

“How stupid do you think I am, Tao?” You asked, “That’s your face, that’s your hair, those are your eyes! How can you stand here and tell me that isn’t you!” 

“It’s called Photoshop!” He snapped, emotion pouring out of him as his anger started to get the best of him. “Do you really think I would cheat on you? Do you really think I’m that type of person or that I’d put our relationship in jeopardy like that? Seriously!? What have I ever done to make you feel that way!?”

You gasped, tears staining your cheeks as your heart began to sink more and more. Truth is, you didn’t know if you believed Tao would ever cheat on you. You didn’t before, your relationship was to strong and valuable for either of you to ever do something so incredibly stupid. But now? Now that you’ve seen pictures….seen evidence….you just didn’t know. You didn’t want to believe it, you didn’t think he was the type of person to do something like that, but it was impossible to deny what was right in front of you and there had to be a reason for it.

“I…” You began softly, your arms wrapping around your body so tightly that it was as if you were trying to comfort yourself. “It just…I guess it would make sense, you know, if you were to cheat on me.” 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He asked, your immediate and noticeable change in body language causing him to become somewhat calm and concerned. 

“You were away…” You began, the anger leaving your body as you started to think about everything you had done that could have possibly led him to cheat on you. “You were away on tour for so long, and then when you came back I was so busy with work and school and you were probably lonely and upset and I wasn’t paying enough attention to you and you needed to feel loved and I didn’t give that to you and you had to resort to getting it from someone else and - “

“Stop.” He demanded, his warm breath fanning over your sensitive skin as he walked closer to you. You breathed in deeply, silently preparing yourself for him to tell you that you were right and that him cheating on you was because he was lonely and felt unloved, but he didn’t. Instead, he gently reached down and grabbed you hand, his warm fingers sending familiar shocks through your arm as he began to bring it closer to his chest. 

“What are you doing?” You asked, sheepishly trying to pull away from his grip as he directed your hand towards the neck of his black t-shirt. He ignored your question and continued to direct your fingers into the thin material, your cold skin rubbing against the warmth of his chest as he directed your hand down, pulling the neck of his t-shirt with it.

“Remember this?” He asked softly, his other hand pointing to the familiar tattoo inked on the skin of his chest. 

 “Of course I do.” You stated, not really understanding what reminding you of his tattoo had to do with anything that was going on. 

“Look.” He said, quickly reaching toward the magazine and displaying it right in front of his chest. You cringed, not wanting to look at the picture any more than you already had, but complied to his request, studying the picture intently as you tried to understand what he was trying to get across. Then, almost as if a train had struck you of nowhere, you saw it. The guy in the picture, the guy that looked exactly like Tao, the guy feverishly kissing another girl in bed, that guy…he didn’t have a tattoo on his chest. He didn’t have a tattoo anywhere.

“Oh my….Tao I…” You trailed off, slowly pulling your hand away from his chest as guilt coursed through your body. You looked up at him, fresh tears filling your eyes as your voice became stuck in your chest, the harsh and angry words you had been so confident in stinging your throat. 

You didn’t know what to say and you didn’t know what to do. All you knew was that you had just accused your boyfriend of cheating on you and that there was no taking that back. Do you apologize and beg for forgiveness? Is he going to break up with you? Is he going to be mad that you didn’t trust him? What could you even do in this type of situation?

“Tao, I’m so sorry.” You cried, your arms twitching as the overwhelming feeling of wanting to hold him took over your body. “I don’t know what to say. I’m so sorry. Please…I just…I should have trusted you. I should have noticed the faulty picture. I shouldn’t have yelled at you and I should have listened. I know you would never do something like that but I just knew how bad of a girlfriend I had been these past few months and I was mad at myself and took it out on you and I just…please forgive me. I know - ” 

“It’s okay” He interrupted softly, slowly reaching up and wiping the fresh tears on your cheeks. 

“But…” You trailed off, not understanding how he could just forgive you after everything you had said. “I just accused you of cheating and said so many mean things and I -”

“Enough.” He cooed, gently pulling you into his arms and soothing you and any negative thoughts you may have had with his warm embrace.

Half Of You

“Is Mama okay?”

Tao looked down at the bright eyed little girl who looked up to him for answers. “Of course Mama is fine.” His daughter, at the tender age of five didn’t understand what check-ups were. In her mind going to the doctor was bad and meant you were sick.

“Then why did you say she wasn’t looking good?” The little girl hoped out of her seat and began walking around the waiting room worrying for her mother.

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Cuddles With A Panda

It was the vibration of your phone against your face that woke you up in the end. Abruptly you sat up, wiping the sleep from your eyes, and fumbled around in the darkness for your phone, answering without looking to see who was calling. “Hello?” you grumbled sleepily, kicking the covers off your legs and reaching for your bedside lamp.

“Baby, do you want to come round? I miss you and really want to cuddle,” someone asked in a low and familiar voice.

You slowly yawned and looked at your phone, seeing your boyfriend’s picture light up on caller ID. “Tao?” you exclaimed in confusion. “Why are you calling me so late? It’s …” You looked at the clock on your bedside table. “It’s 3.30am!”

“I’m sorry baby, I just missed you so much and wanted you with me,” Tao whined cutely through the phone. In your head you could imagine the little pout his face would be pulling.

You sighed softly and fell back into your pillows exhaustedly. “But baby, you’re at the dorms. I can’t just come round. I’ll wake up all the boys and then they really won’t like me,” you explained wearily, rolling over to hug the big panda Tao had brought back from China for you.

“I’ll sneak you in and out – they’ll never even know you were here,” he said optimistically, his voice far too bright for how early it was.

“You and Sehun were up late eating cookies weren’t you?” you asked, even though you already knew it was true. Tao could sleep through a war, unless he had eaten cookies before bed.

He chuckled to himself, making you smile as you stroked your panda fondly. “Just please come over. I just want to cuddle you please!”

Rolling your eyes, you kissed your panda’s head and started to get out of bed. “Ok, you win! I’ll be there in fifteen,” you told him, throwing an arm up in despair because in the end, you never managed to say no to him.

“Thank you baby,” he said excitedly, leaving you worried at how loud he was being. Knowing Zitao, he would have woken up the whole house by the time you made it there. “I’ll see you soon.” Then he hung up while you got out of bed and tried to wake yourself up enough to dive to his dormitory.

“Finally,” Tao sighed loudly when he opened the door to you. His smile was bright and wide as he pulled you into his arms and hugged you tightly. Yep, he had definitely had cookies. There was a little light in his eyes that told you so.

You laughed quietly into his chest, breathing in the scent you loved the most – him. “Someone missed me!” you joked as Tao continued to squeeze you tighter and tighter until he was lifting you off the ground.

“I wish I could just pack you up in my suitcase and take you everywhere I go,” he murmured into your hair, tickling the skin left exposed to his hot breath. “I don’t think I’ve ever missed you as much as I did tonight.”

Leaning back, you smiled up at him and kissed the corner of his lips softly. “I saw you last week. You weren’t in Malaysia for even a week,” you joked, reaching up to push the hair off his face.

He nuzzled his face into your hand and smiled like the adorable panda he was, closing his eyes. “It still felt like forever,” he said softly, putting you back on the ground.

You caught him trying to hide a yawn in your shoulder and laughed lightly to yourself, closing the front door and taking your coat off. “I think my amazing little idol is a little tired. Let’s go to bed,” you told him, pushing him down the corridor in front of you.

He stumbled slightly before recovering and pulling you through his dormitory to the room he shared with Yixing. Thankfully his roommate was already fast asleep when Tao snuck you in. “It’s cuddle time,” he exclaimed in hush, pulling back his covers and pushing his mountain of cuddly toys to the floor.

The pair of you climbed in and quickly started wrestling over who was going to be the little spoon. In the end, you let Tao win, pushing him slightly down the bed so you could shower him in cuddles. He sighed contently and murmured something that sounded like ‘I love you’. You smiled to yourself and kissed the top of his head, listening to him slowly drift off to sleep.

Oh no!

You were still in Tao’s bed, his arms wrapped around you tightly like a bear. If you weren’t used to how Tao would cuddle you, you’d probably feel suffocated. Instead you just snuggled next to him and enjoyed waking up next to him for once.

That was until you heard some of the boys outside, getting ready for the day and eating breakfast.

“Oh poo!” you exclaimed under your breath, rolling your eyes at your own stupidity. Of course Tao wasn’t going to be able to sneak you out. The idea was stupid and now you were starting to question why you even agreed to come round in the first place.

Lifting your head slightly, you checked to see if Yixing was asleep or not, which he was thankfully. You rested your head back on the pillow and ran your fingers down Tao’s face, hoping to coax him out of sleep. Waking him up had never been easy though. As you thought, the second you tried to start waking him up, he grumbled sleepily and just squeezed you tighter, trying to bury his face in your body.

You rolled your eyes and wriggled in his grip, pressing your lips to his ear. “Tao! You have to wake up! People are already awake and I need to go so I can get to work on time!”

He didn’t even react.

“Baby, you have to get up now!” you told him sternly, your voice slightly louder than before. You needed to get out of the dormitory while there were only a few people up, to save yourself some embarrassment. “Please baby, I know you want to cuddle but I need to go.”

Tao scrunched his face up sleepily. “Just five more minutes,” he murmured, kissing a bit of skin on your arm.

“No, now,” you told him quickly, already trying to wriggle yourself out of his grip.

He started to pout and you thought he was going to put up a fight, until he loosened his grip around you. “Ok but I’m going to sleep when you leave.” He wiped his eyes and looked up at you dazed. “Good morning by the way!”

You allowed yourself a little smile and kissed his forehead. “Good morning to you too baby.”

The both of you got out of bed, you making it while Tao tried to find a hoodie for you in his pile of clothes. You’d come over in your pyjamas, just shorts and a holey t-shirt, which he didn’t think was appropriate for the other boys to see you in. You’d rather they didn’t see you at all but judging by the noise in the kitchen, it was unavoidable. He found you a big black one and helped you into it, zipping it up for you.

“Thank you for coming over,” he said softly, leaning down to kiss you slow and softly. You wanted to savour the kiss but the sound of plates crashing from the other room distracted you. “Let’s go,” he said, smoothing your hair down and taking your hand to lead you out of the room.

As you walked into the kitchen, Baekhyun was the first to spot you, a smirk lighting up his face. “Oh my, would you look who got caught sneaking someone out?” Everyone in the kitchen turned in their chairs to you and Tao. He was too sleepy to react, but you knew if he was more awake, he would have been smirking and showing you off.

“Look at the guilty looks on their faces,” Chanyeol laughed, leaving his cereal suspended in the air.

You tried to hide behind Tao’s tall body, feeling your cheeks burn bright. His hold on you tightened as he tried to slowly move to the other side of the room. “Shut up you guys! I invited her round because I couldn’t sleep last time.”

Hovering near the stove, Junmyeon sighed and shook his head. “Zitao, I told you not to eat those cookies with Sehun,” he scolded. Everyone laughed at Junmyeon’s motherly nature, giving Tao enough time to sneak you out to the hall.

“Have a good day at work,” he said softly, passing your coat to you and leaning down to kiss you briefly on the lips. “Thank you for the cuddles.” He gave you a little wink and then headed back to the kitchen while you tied your shoelaces up.

As soon as he entered the kitchen, you heard all the members cheer and shout. In your head, you imagined them all hurrying to pat him on the back or tease him by pinching his cheeks. “Tao got laid!” you heard Jongdae shout over all the cheering.

“Shut up before I wushu your ass to the floor!” Tao shouted, making you roll your eyes as you tied your laces and got to your feet to put your coat on. As you opened the door, you heard a loud thud, following by someone calling out in pain.

“He did warn you Jongdae,” Junmyeon said nonchalantly, as you closed the door and left Tao to defend the pair of you by himself – your little wushu panda.


EXO When Their Crush is Shipped With Another Member

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Xiumin: Whenever your ship with Luhan came up he would nod along sarcastically, making his disapproval obvious.
“Oh yea, they would totally be the best couple in the world.”

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Luhan: If anyone ever commented on how cute you and Kris would be, he would act very passive-aggressive towards Kris.
“You need help? Why don’t you ask Y/N, I’m sure the fans would love that.”

Kris: For some unlucky reason, you were paired with Suho on WGM, making him send death glares into the screen every time you two so much as touched.
“Suho, watch your hands…”

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Suho: He would pretend not to care, laughing awkwardly as another shipper asks Lay whether he’s going to ask you out or not at one or their fan meets.
“Haha, yeah… that would be so cute…”

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Lay: Although he would try his best not to show his disappointment, sometimes it would creep out, especially when a photoshoot of you and Baekhyun sparks some new shippers.
“Do they really have to be touching? Or even stand that close?”

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Baekhyun: He wouldn’t do anything but sulk a bit, feeling a bit disheartened whenever some fanedit depicted you and Chen, but it might also dig up the little bit of courage for him to confess.
“I mean, if I just ask them out, then we’ll be shipped together, right?”

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Chen: He would try to ignore the endless teasing from the other members, especially Chanyeol who would rub the ship in his face, knowing it aggravates him.
“It’s just a ship, nothing more. Stop trying to make me angry.”

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Chanyeol: When the interviewer asks you to stand next to D.O instead of him to ‘appease the fans’, he would give them a look and refuse to let you leave his side.
“I think Y/N is comfortable over here, no need to move.”

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D.O: He would be one to just stare at Tao, his expression scary enough convince Tao to stop whatever fan service he was doing with you to make the shippers scream.
“Stop. Just stop.”

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Tao: He wouldn’t have noticed he wasn’t shipped with you until he heard someone ask Kai how he would handle the new rumor rumor you two were dating.
“What? When did this happen?”

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Kai: He would be disappointed that you were shipped with one of his good friends, and wouldn’t really know how to handle it.
“What do I do? Should I stop liking Y/N? I don’t know…”

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Sehun: He would seem like he doesn’t care, but it actually bothers him every time he sees something about how cute you and Xiumin would be together.
“It’s not like it even matters, it’s just a crush. Why should I care.”

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Make Love (Smut)

Request can be found here. Nc-17, Rated M

I hope you don’t mind how I went about this. I was having some Tao feels over him leaving EXO dilemma (Even if he does , he is not truly leaving. He will always be a part of EXO) and I feel like this was a nice albeit smutty way to show i still love him. He isn’t just some idol, he isn’t just one of twelve, he is Huang Zitao, one of the guys that i am eternally grateful to and will always love and support.

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Cuddles won’t satisfy me this time. - D.O. Scenario

Type: Angst / Fluff / A little sexy :D

Summary: Your boyfriend Kyungsoo had been ignoring you and you test him by flirting with Tao. What will D.O. do after he realizes that?


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He wasn’t answering you calls. Again. You knew he was busy, you knew he had rehearsals 24/7, but was it so hard to pick up that phone, just for a second, to ask you how you’ve been. This was so unlike Kyungsoo. His usual caring self had disappeared and you unwillingly started to get some doubts.

Maybe he got bored with you. He could have any of those fangirls. Why did you think, that he would be loyal to you forever.

 You dialed his number once again, swearing to yourself that it would be the last. You were so shocked when he picked up, that you forgot to speak for a few seconds.

“Hey, Y/N. Y/N, are you here? I don’t have much time.” he said.

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Look let me give an insight to how asian families work okay? Because I have seen uncountable amounts of posts regarding Tao’s dad’s decision e.g. “His dad is wrong.” “Who does he think he is?!” “Why should he listen to his dad? He’s 21!”

Let me start off by saying how asian families do not work like western families. In asian families everything goes by our parents. We do not cross their sayings. We consult them through everything. Everything we do say want goes by them. that how we are raised. We don’t do things as we please or as our friends please. We do this according to our parents request. We DO NOT cross our parents. We run everything through our parents. It don’t matter if you 2, 10, 21 or 50. We consult our parents. We listen to our parents. We don’t go over their words. That how asian families are built for a child to respect their parents without looking at their age. For western cultures this is ‘weird’ or ‘stupid’ because they are raised without certain boundaries being set.

I know this because well I have western friends who are always so damn surprised when I tell them that I have to ask my mum for permission. “Aren’t you 17 though?” No my age doesn’t matter. Trust me it doesn’t everything I do will always be run by them. I have made stupid mistakes in the past to break a few and it resulted in serious consequences those of which some find ‘bullshit’ 'thats sad’ It’s not sad nor is it bullshit. it’s a principle. A principle which we have gone by since day one our decision will always be consulted by our parents.

So, let me tell for those who think Tao should go against his dad and go back to EXO are wrong. Because the moment he goes against his father. He needs to remember that he chose fame & stardom over a parent who wants nothing but the best for you. I for one can related because I am working my freaking ass off to get a PHD somehow to see a smile on my parents faces. For them to finally be at ease. Thats how most Asian families work. Our parents sacrifice so much for us. The only thing we can do is repay them. The only way we can do this is by listening to them. I want to repay my mother’s and my father’s hard working for my sake by adding the 'Dr’ piece onto my name. Because that’s what my parents want from me. And i know. God I know they want nothing but for me to regret my life choices when I am older.

Tao’s age doesn’t matter. He can be 50 or whatever it does not fucking matter. An age restriction never applies to a parent. They want there best for their child. They want their son/daughter to grow up in a safe and healthy environment where they will be safe. In Papa Huang’s eyes he doesn’t see Tao being safe were he is. And he has every damn right to think that. Because at the end of the day nothing anyone says matters. It’s his fucking father. He has every damn fucking right to choose whats best for his son. Don’t you dare even try and tell me that “no he’s 21 he can do whatever he wants. His dad can fuck off” erm no it doesn’t work like that in our cultures. Sorry to disappoint you but we take our parents decision very seriously. Thats how the system in our families work.

Also let me add that Tao worked on his own to attain his solo route(e.g paid for his dance,singing lessons by earning money from part time jobs etc). He earned it by himself, he worked hard to get where he is. His dad knows that well. He even said so in his statement. His father is extremely proud of him. However seeing as how badly injured he is now. His dad’s probably regrets not being able to protect the boy from the beginning so instead he is trying to do that now by protecting him from further damage. Because as far as SM is concerned it’s a business. They don’t two fucks about a person’s well being as long as their pockets get filled with money.

Before ya’ll so crazy. Let me say that not only asian families. But even African/black families go by this. Let me say that this doesn’t apply to every asian family. This does not apply to every western family.