rika… really dislikes relying on others to complete her work when it is something she can easily do herself. but, lately, the members have been recommending guests like crazy and she can only handle so many floods of emails. she is worried she won’t be able to reply to everything herself.

리카❀ has entered the chat room

« CHATROOM ; 리카❀  » ah, julian. you are online.
« CHATROOM ; 리카❀  » i hope you don’t mind me asking this.
« CHATROOM ; 리카❀  » normally, i usually have no trouble, but it seems like we are collecting more guests than usual. i need to finish some other preparations for the party… so if it is no problem. can you please take over some of the emails for me?

@hisparty / sc.

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    “ Ah !! Pardon me, “ Toriel can’t help but move towards the robot who had looked like they were struggling to pick up one of the pumpkins. The boss monster had been putting another one into a wheelbarrel when she spotted them

I couldn’t help but notice you seemed to be struggling a little .. Would you mind if I help ?? “ She hopes she’s wording this gently and doesn’t accidentally offend them with the offer.

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Can I have McCree with an actual cowboy SO? They work on a ranch and everything. They also playfully tease McCree that they will make a real cowboy out of him one day. <3

You surely can lovely, thank you very much for requesting! I very much hope I could do him justice! I also hope I could write it well enough and that you’re going to like it =)

- McCree has a field day with gifts for his partner. He gets them something they want or need, and also always  something ridiculous or funny on top of it. When he sees matching sweaters with horses or cowboys on it, along with a funny saying, he gets those as well with a wide grin.

- He likes to learn from his partner, how to care for horses and the cattle or whatever other animals they have. McCree gives them a helping hand as well whenever he’s back from missions and has rested. He loves to sit together in the evening after a rewarding day or to just shuffle up to his love in the morning, greeted by the smell of fresh air and coffee and kisses their neck or cheek.

- McCree finds peace in his partner’s ranch as well. If he can’t sleep, he sits outside and watches the stars. When he has a bad day, he spends time with the horses, who have a calming and centering effect on him and it helps him in just breathing and clearing his head as best as possible.

- Whenever his partner jokes they’re going to turn him into a real cowboy, he grins and wriggles his eyebrows, clearly picking up on the double entendre. He always takes it with good humor, joking back that he can’t wait for it or that he can show them what he’s learned already.

- If his partner honestly teaches him how to ride a horse, he’s all for it. McCree is careful in the handling of the horses, listening attentively and following their advices. He’s very aware that he’s working together with a living being and he doesn’t want to do anything wrong.

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<p>The vampire thought about it for a moment, debating whether or not he should tell Thomas the truth. He was sure that Thomas wasn’t exactly human, considering he smelled different but that didn’t mean Thomas wouldn’t freak out if he was informed that he had been hanging with an ancient vampire all day. </p>

<p> With a sigh, he looked around for a moment. “Well I’ve been around for nearly 700 years, so that could be considered interesting.” He said with a joking tone. “You really can’t find work that easily as a vampire so I just invest in upcoming companies and end up making money through them. I usually use my free time to travel or read or learn something new. Other times I help out other non humans, like you, though that has become rarer in the past century. A lot has changed to be honest, non humans have come out of hiding more and more.” He stuffs a piece of cotton candy into his mouth before offering some to the other as well. “So what brought you to Seoul?”


There were few things Jordan liked to do, but there weren’t many other ways for him to go about what he needed to do cleanly. So, he tracked down a phone number and made an appointment with an escort, who he’d heard through various grapevines that she’d wound up on the wrong side of a client. And that’s how he made it to where he was, having come up with a deep-routed cover, including his reason for needing to hire her.

They’d arranged to meet for dinner to work the rest of the details, and so he turned up early, making it seem like he was slightly insecure and not used to things like the deception he was telling her he was supposedly asking for  her help with. When she arrived, he stood up, giving a subtle signal that he was the one there who’d booked her services.

“Ah, hey. You’re Kara, right?” He asked softly, a slight edge of nerves in his voice. His hand reached out and his lips twitched to a slight smile, as if something was on his mind.


—– ✤✤  she isn’t the type to go out much. especially not to a club like this. but she was there because of the forcement her friend used on her. however, her friend left her like an hour ago to have some fun because lilith was just a joykill for her. that’s why the teacher was sitting on a barstool with a light drink in her hand. she doesn’t know if it was destiny or some kind of joke but suddenly her eyes landed on the person who gave her number to lilith the last time she went to a club (which was almost three or four months ago). it was too late to pretend like she didn’t see them as they were already walking towards her. she only bowed her head down and kept her gaze on the drink she had.


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listen buddy, nobody owes you shit!! if someone tells you their pronouns, then you accept it and move the fuck on, okay? they don’t need to pull out their fucking birth certificate and argue with you about their gender, and their sexuality either, for that matter.

nobody owes you an explanation for their gender or sexuality.


    ❝I don’t think that’s so much an ASSUMPTION as the truth.❞

   “Geez, thanks for the vote of confidence that I’d have some likable qualities.” And he barks a laugh, “Yeah, whom am I kidding? Everyone hates my guts and I don’t blame them. Let’s just not piss anyone off, huh? That would be baaad.”

everyone !! wants !! to !! fit !! in !!

at the end of the day, you know what i’ve realised?

it’s impossible. you’ll never fit in.

you’ll find a lovely group of friends that will eventually fade because you don’t fit in.

you’ll find another group of people who are welcoming and everything you’ve ever wanted, but you still won’t fit in.

you’ll think you’ve found paradise, with the best people that you can always relate to and talk about anything. guess what? you won’t fit in there too.

there will always be something off, always something preventing you from sliding in your perfect puzzle piece into the equation no matter what, because you just don’t fit in.

you won’t complete the puzzle, nor will you ever start it.

you will never find those perfect people, never start your own flawless gang, never be happy whenever you flock to one group of people, because it just doesn’t work that way.

you keep moving and keep finding and keep searching but none !! of !! them !! will truly ever accept you because you don’t belong.

you will never belong, and you will never be “one of them”.

but it’s okay.

because you don’t need to complete this one big puzzle.

because you don’t need to slot yourself somewhere and blend in.

because you don’t need to mend and mould yourself to be someone you are not.

because you are you.

and hell, you complete your own puzzle, and that’s good enough.

and it will always, be good enough.

What a sight to behold, Stuttering Bill, a bleeding and 
broken mess. He’s alone, not surrounded by Belch or 
Vic. It was just him. A part of him wants to bend down 
and ring the little twerp dry, watch how long it takes 
for him to bleed out. Then he remembers Georgie, 
his Dad mumbling drunkenly about how he wasn’t 
to mess with Billy right now. He grunts out in 
aggravation. His Dad would know, he always knows. 

So he slips over, looking down at Bill. He knelt down. 
There’s an URGE darker and angry where he wants
to snap the bone more, see how many time you 
can break a bone before its useless permanently.   

        “Not sure what you expect me to do, Billy Boy.” 

Take him home. Or straight to the hospital? He guess 
he could pick him up, Bill looks like he’d weigh only 
30 fucking pounds soaking wet. 
          “Deep breath, kid. This is going to fuckin’ hurt.” 

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