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Okay so I was on your Twitter and I don't know what happened between you and that Jacindy chick but does she know that she looks beyond immature? The only thing you have done is exposed her for the hypocrite she is. Meanwhile, she has spread false rumours about you, accused you of lying when you haven't, and then played the victim on tumblr to get Taylor's attention. I hope she knows that she is being talked about.


But that’s none of my business.

I’m gaining weight, and my tummy sticks out and my thighs touch and I’m over all disgusted with my body right now and it sucks. I had just started to feel okay with it..

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hey i voted!!! i hoe you win!! can i have a blog rate please?

of course ty!! <3

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Ruby had managed to get Mercury to the infirmary just in time. She had carried him all the way and made sure that the nurses would take care of him. She had insisted that she would stay in the infirmary, but the nurses had told the little rose to wait until they had patched up the silver haired boy. As she waited, Ruby decided to get another batch of cookies, for herself and Mercury to share. She knew he would be hungry after the fight, and she could remember how much he seemed to enjoy the freshly baked goods the other night.

So here she was, sitting in a chair by Mercury’s infirmary bed with a bag of cookies in her lap. She had waited for any sign of awakening from the boy, and immediately felt a bright smile form upon her lips as she watched Mercury’s eyes flutter open. “Yeah Merc, it’s me! I’m so glad you’re okay~ The nurses patched you up, but you’re in recovery now… I also brought you some cookies if you feel like eating!”

It was definitely her and seeing her here made him smile. The poor guy couldn’t help it, even if he tried. A lighthearted tone was put around his words as he cover his eyes with his forearm. “You idiot. Don’t you know how to run away?”

The two sat in a silent moment. Mercury’s arm continued to obstruct his view while he turned his head, one eye peaking out from underneath. “You should have brought me anything” least of all those cookies. It was bad enough that he was having withdrawals just looking at the delicious snack, but he was definitely more happy to see the red of her hood then the brown of the chips.

Short Story: Tim’s Technology Tips

TIM, BARRY’s new roommate, is helping BARRY move into his new place. They just moved in the last box. TIM is about to go off and attend to some other business.

TIM: Hey, are we done here?

BARRY: Yeah.

TIM: Okay, if you need me, I’ll be in my room, putting filters on dick pics.

BARRY: Wait, you put filters on your dick picks?

TIM responds unapologetically.

TIM: Uh, yeah. Why not?

BARRY looks confused and disgusted.

TIM: Ugh. Why would you?

TIM: You gotta set yourself apart from the pack, man. Women get THOUSANDS of dick pics per day.

BARRY: Thousands? Really? Come on, you’re exaggerating.

TIM: Okay, maybe not thousands. But probably like Three. (Pause) Hundred. The point is, if a girl sees tons of dicks, what’s setting your dick apart from the pack? So I use filters.

BARRY begins to look interested.

BARRY: Hmm. That makes sense. What’s your favorite?

TIM: I use different filters, for different moods. For instance, if it’s a nice day out, I like to use Toaster. It adds to the vibrant mood that the girl is already in.

BARRY: What are some other examples?

TIM: Always use Lo-Fi, for my punk rock chicks. They love that shit. The thing is, you have to know your audience, man. But whatever you do, never and I mean NEVER use Inkwell for a dick pick.

BARRY: why not?

TIM: I mean, why would you? It’s a black & white filter. It does nothing for your dick. Always use something gives your dick color and body.

BARRY: This is good advice.

TIM: Just passing it along, man. I’d hate for you to be known as the “Bland Dick Barry”.

TIM walks away.


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Hello! Hope it's okay that I write you this way, since I don't know how much you check the comments on your finished work. :) Anyway, since I'd spoiled myself before reading ASOIAF I have to admit that I was very indifferent to Cats storyline. Cat is never going to be my favourite character (oddly, one of the things that bothers me the most is the way she thinks about Edmure, and since I look at her with my 21st century glasses, I can't forgive her for Jon) (1/2)

(cont.) What I wanted with this message was to thank you for writing such a fantastic story as “Love & Honor”. I was drawn to it becuse of the whole Ned being alive angle, but after I’d finished you had managed to give me a deeper understanding of Cats motivations and characteristics. And I think it’s a wonderful talent you have as a writer to make the reader thinnk about the story and and why you chose to write it that way. So thank you, and good luck with future projects! (2/2)

Thank you very much!! FYI, I get notifications when comments are made on my AO3 works, and I ALWAYS read them. But it is also ALWAYS okay to contact me here on tumblr! :-D

I am very glad you enjoyed “Love and Honor,” as it was most definitely a labor of love on my part. (And since it’s nearly as long as the entire currently published SERIES, it’s quite a commitment for someone to read!! So, I’m always humbled and thrilled when new readers come to it already knowing that massive word count!) I put a lot of effort into that story and tried very hard to write all the characters (however large or small their parts in my tale) with as much complexity that GRRM gave to us. Thank you so much for your kind words about my writing.  

If you gained a bit more of an understanding of Catelyn from my work, that makes me happy is well. She absolutely IS my favorite character, but she is NOT necessarily an easy character, and I freely acknowledge that. I don’t expect everyone to love her like I do, but I do wish people would make more of an effort to understand (not necessarily forgive, but at least UNDERSTAND) her failings the way so many folks seem to do so willingly for other characters. (Because, let’s face it–ain’t nobody in the ASOIAF universe a complete paragon of virtue, and many fan favorites commit far more heinous acts than anything done by Catelyn Stark.) Overall, I find her to be a remarkable woman with much more to admire about her than dislike. 

Her thoughts about Edmure, to be honest, just strike me as very “big sisterly,” especially when the big sister is quite a bit older and actually had quite a bit to do with raising the brother in question. Just as it is with parents and children, it is often hard for the older sibling in such a relationship to ever see the younger completely as an adult even when they KNOW they should. 

As for her attitude toward Jon Snow, well I have written multiple times about why I think that in both her mind and in the minds of others (Ned included!), it was seen as justified. But just because I understand that, it doesn’t mean I agree with it. She had some legitimate fears. She had some legitimate anger. But she was still coldhearted to an innocent child. And it hurt him. And that was both unkind and unfair.

I did try to explore the lingering effects of her relationship (or lack thereof) with Jon throughout his childhood in Winterfell as the events of L&H unfolded, and I hope I did justice to both of them (with all the good, bad, and ugly!) as they dealt with the changing landscape of their relationship but couldn’t simply undo their past or magically feel things they never had.

Again, thank you for reading “Love and Honor” and for taking the time to contact me about it. I am very honored by the fact you enjoyed my ridiculously long story even though one of the main characters isn’t one of your faves! :-D 

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I'm a CSA victim and I still don't mind the ship and I actually ship it a lot, I just don't really read the doujinshis (mainly because I can't find them in an English translation). I don't know. I just think your argument is sort of generalized and too B&W for your choice of group to use in your retaliation

you are allowed to ship it if you are a CSA survivor using it to cope with trauma, thats fine i believe AS LONG AS you do not project it really loudly, talk about it and make non-survivors believe its okay (especially children/people younger than you), or look at doujins.

Most survivors I know agree it shouldnt be shipped by non-survivors and those who do are mocking and invalidating their trauma, which is never a good thing to do

- mod lizzy

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Do you have a picture of her?

I’m not posting anythng unless she’s okay with it. I don’t want to like just throw her picture out there and she gets mad at me .-.