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Could you please do list/scenarios where reader has psoriasis on their scalp and wears hats all the time to cover it up cuz of self image issues for Genji, Hanzo and McCree (separately)? I have it and have been having a lot of trouble with my image lately. Or if you can't do all of them one is okay


  • He’d never thought twice about your hat
    • Even if you seemed oddly particular about wearing it
  • When he had asked you out and the two of you started dating
    • Eventually you showed him why you wore it
    • He was awed by the amount of trust you were showing him
    • He showed his face right after
    • If you could show him your insecurities than he would show you his.
  • Gets you to meditate with him
    • It had helped him find peace with his own body
  • Can sense if your feeling particularly bad with your self image
    • If your a upset he’ll gently pull you away from everyone to an empty room
    • He’ll just gently stroke your face until you’ve calmed down
    • He just tells you that he loves you 
      • all of you.
      • And nothing can change that


  • Notices the hat
    • As well as the rest of you
    • He can’t help it he was enamored as soon as he saw you
  • After Genji’s gentle encouragement
    • And teasing
    • He asks you out and to his delight you say yes.
  • You try to keep it hidden but you eventually realize that he’s going to find out anyway
    • You decide to bite the bullet and just show him
    • He just sits there quietly for a few moments and you panic
      • thinking he’s going to leave you
    • When he finally responds he just asks how he can help
  • Every night he just gently rubs moisturizer into your scalp
    • Humming a lullaby his nanny used to sing for him


  • Found out about your psoriasis before the two of you started dating.
    • Walking into you rubbing medication into your scalp
    • To make up for it he took you out for dinner
    • And another as he realized he enjoyed being with you
    • Eventually the two of you started dating
  • Lets you borrow his hat if you want a different aesthetic
    • even gives you the serape to finish the whole experience
  • When he notices you get particularly bad about his self image he just pulls you close
    • whispering in your ear a list of all the things he loves about you
      • Surprise it’s everything
    • To emphasize his point he’ll press a kiss with each point
    • Won’t stop until you’re a smiling blushing mess
    • He also has no qualms about doing it in public
      • Just radiating sweetness everyone within ten meters needs to get their teeth checked for cavities
Fall in love with yourself more and more with each passing day. Have so much respect for yourself that you automatically reject anyone that doesn’t.
Acne is natural, stretch marks are natural, fat rolls are natural, and body hair is natural for all genders.

Make your dreams a priority.
Make your mental health a priority.
Make your relationships a priority.
Make your happiness a priority.
Make yourself a priority.

Chubby body appreciation post tho???

Soft bodies are so?? GOOD??
Big tummies are good pillows and good kissing surfaces.
Tummies with stretch marks?? GOSH, YES??? It’s like nature itself is putting down a trail of lightning that says “KISS HERE PLEASE”

And chubby/fat arms though? Can we JUST? Thighs and stomachs get a lot of love (and rightfully deserved) but can we talk about ARMS??
That cute arm chub that I just want to be wrapped up in a hug and a snuggle in? SO PRECIOUS?? 
People with such soft, cuddly arms that there’s lil bumps and stretches from cellulite?? CUTE??

And soft necks? Necks with some squish on them? Very extra kissable?? And squishy cheeks GODDD I WANNA SMOOSH YOUR CUTE CHEEKS KISS ALL OVER YOUR FACE!!! And when people have chubby cheeks and lil dimples?? Or when they have high cheekbones so when their cheeks are chubby they’re VERY prominently chubby?? THIS IS GOOD AND FANTASTIC??

And THIGHS. My god. Thick thighs are never praised enough no matter how hard one tries. Big, soft laps are so perfect for laying your head on! And stretch marks on big thighs? Cute lightning patterns to trail your fingers over or gently kiss when you’re already laying in their lap?? YES!!
Cellulite on thighs is also so so good and cute!! Dimples in cheeks are wonderful and so are dimples in thighs and butts?? CUTE!!!

Hips with squish over them?? GAH!! I CANNOT HANDLE!!! Please be more confident with your hips (if you feel comfortable) because when you are you give me LIFE!!!

Back rolls?? CUTE and very fun to trace hands over and hold onto during snuggles!! Looks very cute all the time! 

Chubby/fat bodies in crop tops and short shorts?? YES!!! CUTE!!!

Chubby/fat bodies in sweat pants and a tshirt? EXTRA SOFTNESS TO THE SOFT CUTIE!!!

Chubby/fat bodies in swimsuits?? VERY CUTE?? Swim trunks and soft belly is very very good!!
One pieces that cling tight to your stomach or ride up your thighs are still cute no matter what anyone says!!
Two pieces? GOOD!!! You look so cute! Don’t feel obligated to cover that adorableness if you don’t wanna!! 

Chubby/fat bodies in lingerie?? SO IMPORTANT TO ME!!! When stomach is tucked into cute underwear it is very very adorable and when there’s chub over low rise underwear it’s also very very cute and endearing!! THIGH HIGHS?? UGH, MY HEART. I KNOW THAT THEY PROBABLY ARE FALLING DOWN CONSTANTLY BUT THANK YOU FOR WEARING THEM YOU’RE DOING US ALL AN AMAZING SERVICE.

In conclusion:
Softness is good
I will kiss you all over
Holding you and feeling handfuls of squish is amazing
I love you


you are all of these :)