dear future wife,

i want you on your best days so i can witness that intoxicating smile of yours but, i also want you on your worst days so i can comfort you and remind you how amazing you are. how blessed i am to have you in my life. i want your tired smile and your drunken self, so i can kiss away that hangover. i want you on nights you can’t sleep so you can wake me up and tell me what’s on your mind, talk my ear off until the sun rises. i want you when you’re laughing at yourself because that is honestly the most beautiful thing ever. i want all of you, forever and always.

your future wife

—  loveisexpired (“dear future wife” page 144 out of 365)

I seriously don’t even know anymore

Cosima used to be my do no wrong favourite character but now

She’s honestly doing my head in. Like you guys understand how much i love(d) Cosima, cause loads of us do. Probably too much. But i dont even think i know her anymore

Right, we’ve accepted the Cophine angst. But why? If you think about it, how hostile is Cosima behaving towards Delphine? And she didn’t even do anything wrong. Let’s face it, they got back together after Delphine had sold out her entire family tree to Leekie. After she didn’t tell Cosima that the stem cells used for treating her were Kira’s. After Delphine lied to her face about where she came from, and even about her name.

So now, when Delphine breaks up with Cosima so she can better protect her sisters, Cosima flips out into sulky teenager mode? Nah. I thought you were better than that. Ignoring her and being all one word answers is just irritating to me.

And Shay is so shady. Maybe even shadier than Delphine. Delphine obviously knows something’s up, well also she’s jealous, but I just do not trust the shizz out of Shay.

So yeah, although Delphine is seeming to be losing it paparazzi style, I think she knows something is up. And I wish Cosima would stop being so immature. Her naivety and young-seeming nature was one of the things I loved about her, cause she reminded me of me, but now she’s just going too far. I don’t know. I’m sure she’s acting this way because she loved Delphine so much, probably she’d never been with someone she actually believed she ‘loved’, but come on. 

The only hint at anything was the ‘I miss you’ thing and Cosima tearing up. And she tried to ‘slow things down’ woth Shay after Delphine told her that. SO maybe it’s endgame. But I don’t even know if I want it anymore. I do actually think maybe Cosima doesn’t deserve Delphine anymore.

but-deans-back-tho asked:

Ok I'm gonna request because I'm in LOVE with your stuff but if you don't wanna write it that's totally fine! I'm in vet school, kinda curvy, animal lover (obviously) and always cracking jokes. Super loyal to those close to me. So could you maybe do something where the reader is a veterinarian and she and Dean hit it off after meeting? If there is smut I won't mind :) I don't care where you take the story I trust that it will be fantastic if you do it!

Dean gets it now, the whole I hit a dog thing, because he didn’t even hit this dog- He just saw the whole thing happen, and he couldn’t leave the animal there to suffer, so he gathered it up in his arms, let it ride in his lap, didn’t worry about the blood on Baby’s seats, and drove as fast as he could to the nearest vet’s office. 

The second she saw him and the broken dog in his arms, she sprung into action, and given that it was after hours, the rest of the staff long gone, they worked together; Dean’s never been to vet school, but he can follow orders, and he’s stitched himself and others up enough to not be bothered by the sight or smell of blood. 

Now, with the dog resting comfortably, with he and the curvy, take-charge veterinarian letting him take her out for late night pancakes, Dean knows he won’t leave Singer the mutt behind- Or the girl laughing across the table at his jokes.

Not even your ...

Not even your shiny eyes or the glance they do.
Not even your smile full of joy out of nothing.
Not even your thick girly eyebrows so yours.
Nor your soft skin barely touched by me.

But your vibeing soul reflected through your look and expressed by your smile was the thing that caught me, hold me and can’t let me get away from you Abril.

Tell me, What do I do?

markcampbells asked:

What were some of your headcanons for Paul, either things that got backed up by the episodes or things that you thought about because of how he was written in the scripts/how Dylan talked about him in interviews?


  • I’d thought of him suffering from PTSD long before Dylan confirmed he felt as much at the 2013 SDCC panel.  That it was never officially confirmed by crew or in canon will always make me sad, but, for me… I trust the actor’s word enough to give it the same weight as anything official I ever could have gotten.
  • It took a lot of rewatching S1 for me to start thinking that it could’ve been possible he didn’t have very much around the time he met Beth, that that’s part of why they had to work at making him “more appealing” to her.  It’s a feeling that got worse every time, and I don’t know why.  I just couldn’t help but think of him as struggling to get by, and struggling, period.
  • In his box of military keepsakes, his dog tag says “NO PREF,” which I only just recently found out means no religious preference.  Knowing that, and knowing that Peter Burke is a lapsed Catholic himself, I started to wonder if Paul was the same–and what happened, if anything, to “cause” that.
  • Speaking of the keepsake box, he also has a Purple Heart, which means he had to have been somehow injured during his time in Afghanistan.
  • You first brought this up, but since I’ve adopted it as one of my own, now, too, I’ll say it here.  That he uses a mortar and pestle to grind up Beth’s pills in 1x06 made me wonder if he cooked at all.  He and Beth were both so health conscious and into running/fitness that I always thought that idea was nice.
  • Given that he seemingly brought those coloring books and puzzles for Kira unprompted, I’d started feeling as though he liked kids and thought about having them someday, in the future.
  • Conflicted as he was, he always wanted to do what was right.  His entire duration on the show is one big, shining example of that.
  • For some reason, I always felt that it was a little bit hard for him to open up, that he didn’t do it very often, but when he did?  It counted for a lot.
  • The thought that he could have been on medications of his own after Afghanistan had crossed my mind from time to time, but when you brought it up yourself, I started thinking about it more.  It’s not so much that I felt he might have had a problem with them, the way that Beth had–though that’s possible, too–but more that I feel like he would’ve struggled with admitting he has to take them.  Not out of macho pride, but because his pain isn’t that important.
  • And for something fun to end the list, he liked to be dominant in bed, but didn’t mind being submissive, either.
  • He’s also totally #notdead…

From boys to men, you 5 five never failed to bring a smile on my face. When I’m sad, you cheer me up, and when I’m happy, you make me happier. I could never feel embarrassed to say, “Yes, I love kpop. I love SHINee,” because there is nothing to be embarrassed about. I may not have been there since the beginning, when you debuted on this day in 2008, but I’m here now, watching you continue your dreams in 2015, seven years later.

It doesn’t matter if people constantly, “Why do you listen to it if you can’t understand it?”

I’ll always answer the same way. Music doesn’t have a language. I don’t need to know the language to understand the feelings conveyed just in your voices.

I don’t listen to 1 main vocalist, 1 lead vocalist, 1 lead vocalist/leader rapper, 1 main rapper, and 1 main dancer, the way you started out. I listen to 5 wonderful vocalists who never fail to amaze me. I listen to 5 vocalists who sound like they swallowed their CDs when they sing live performances, dancing to those choreographies that almost look impossible to follow along to. I listen to the voices of 5 angels that, even if they don’t know, supported me through the most difficult moments in my life. 

I don’t just love Onew. I love Lee Jinki. 

I don’t just love Jonghyun. I love Kim Jonghyun.

I don’t just love Key. I love Kim Kibum.

I don’t just love Minho. I love Choi Minho.

I don’t just love Taemin. I love Lee Taemin. 

I love all of SHINee. Whether they’re derping it up or looking like angels, I love SHINee, and nothing will change that. 

And it isn’t just SHINee themselves, because geez, SHINee World is just amazing. I couldn’t have picked a better fandom to be apart of. Because everyday when I come onto this site and I just see my dash covered in SHINee, I’m just amazed. I’m amazed at those Thai Shawols who waited until after the music video was released to post behind the scenes videos. I’m amazed at those Korean Shawols who always respect SHINee’s privacy and don’t leak out everything they see. I’m amazed at how a group of people that don’t even really know each other can come together, work so perfectly together, and be so kind to one another, because I’ve seen other fandoms; I’ve seen how absolutely terrible people can be. I just love how even when things start to seem bad, SHINee World can keep itself together so absolutely perfectly.

Because just as much as SHINee protects us, we protect SHINee, as well as each other. SHINee and SHINee World is one huge family that I feel endlessly blessed being apart of, and I will never be ashamed of it. I love this family that I’ve become apart of. 

At this moment, I don’t ask for anything other than to always see a smile on their faces. Just seeing SHINee smile makes my cheeks hurt with how wide my own smile becomes. And it’s so difficult being an international Shawol because I don’t even know if I’ll ever get the chance to see them live, but even if I can’t physically be there, I hope they know that even from behind this computer screen, I will never stop supporting them. I won’t even stop supporting their dreams, because they’ve inspired me to reach for my own.

Congratulations SHINee, on your 7 years together, and I look forward to the many more to come.

I hate the way you talk to me, and the way you cut your hair.
I hate the way you drive my car. I hate it when you stare.
I hate your big dumb combat boots, and the way you read my mind.
I hate you so much it makes me sick; it even makes me rhyme.
I hate it, I hate the way you’re always right.
I hate it when you lie.
I hate it when you make me laugh, even worse when you make me cry.
I hate it when you’re not around, and the fact that you didn’t call. But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you. Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.
—  10 things I hate about you