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otp meme 18, 27 - any combination of harry eggsy merlin

Oooo, this was a fun pairing of questions! Thankees! <3

18. Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? (Bonus: what does it usually say?): When it was just Harry and Merlin, it was Harry who would leave notes for Merlin with his lunch, whether it was Harry bringing the lunch to the man himself, or arranging to have it brought to Merlin if Harry wasn’t physically there, since. Well, otherwise, Merlin had a bad tendency to forget to eat whenever he got too wrapped up in his work. Which was always.. Now, with Harry taking on the position of Arthur, he’s taken on that bad habit himself. Which leaves Eggsy to bring/send lunch to both of them, with some notes of his own.

Harry’s notes to Merlin were usually short, perhaps a bit sarcastic and pointed, depending on how bad Merlin had been about eating recently, but always ‘politely’ worded and ‘gentlemanly…’ Until you actually read the intent behind the note, at which point Merlin would mutter, roll his eyes, and eat without letting himself smile too much. Eggsy’s notes are. Well, far more to the point, often full of innuendo and a bit crass, perhaps a bit threatening, but always, always caring and with underlying love.

27. Who would sing to their child back to sleep?: Merlin. Definitely Merlin. That’s not to say that neither Eggsy nor Harry can’t sometimes be caught singing to Daisy, because it is known to happen, but far more often, it’s Harry or Eggsy catching Merlin singing to her. He’ll sing songs that Daisy requests sometimes, common lullabies, nursery songs. He’ll singing older Scottish lullabies more often, and Daisy absolutely adores it when he does; they’re also a favorite for Harry and Eggsy to eavesdrop on.

Then there’s the one time that Eggsy caught him singing ‘Country Roads’ to her. And, quietly, without letting Merlin realize he’d heard him, he flipped the fuck out and ended up in the bedroom with Harry, fighting off a panic attack. Which is how Merlin found them after he’d finally gotten away from Daisy, and he helped Harry calm Eggsy down, then comforted both of them and ended up swearing off the song for bedtime lullabies or. Well, pretty much for any thing else either.


Earlier today I was at work and Can You Feel The Love Tonight came on the radio and this was my very first thought! The funny thing is, within minutes of showing my friends my idea, they saw someone else on Tumblr had had a similar idea that hadn’t been drawn yet! Weird coincidence! I guess Viktor and Yuri aren’t the only ones just plain waiting for those two to sort it out.

Sonnet for President Trump

Shall I compare thee to a Shakespeare play?
Thou art less clever and less literate,
But how else should poor poets have their say?
Alas, our leader lacks a donkey’s wit!
Sometime too fierce the fire of ego burns,
And when a man is made to look a fool,
He rages ’gainst the mockery he earns,
As little boys will cry when teas’d at school.
But thy eternal tantrums shall not wane,
Nor shalt thou e’er unclench thy tiny fists,
Nor listen when the people dare to say,
“’Tis you, dear sir, who made a scene of this.”
        So long as men can breathe and speech is free,
        The Bard shall speak and show thy shame to thee.

(4 July 2017, in honor and defense of freedom of artistic expression)