Okay, I know I said it was the hallway scene that cemented my love for this ship, but I lied.  THIS scene is what did it.

The first thing he does when he enters the room is shake Henry’s hand. He recognizes that Henry is the most important person in Regina’s life and he honors that relationship by giving Henry is attention and respect.

And here. He maintains a respectful distance until he is sure that a) Henry is okay with everything - which he obviously is if his enthusiastic “awesome” is any indication, and b) that Regina is still cool with them being together now that they have their memories back.  Because he has to believe it’s entirely possible she will want to go back to having nothing to do with him.  And it’s probably why he just laughs at her comment about him being more likable in Storybrooke - he knows her well enough to know that’s the closest he’s going to get to an apology for her attitude in the EF.  

But mostly I think he is just happy that she has her son back, because before anything else they are both parents and he knows nothing is more important than her relationship with her son.  And that’s why I love him, and their relationship, so very much.

I’m sorry in advance for saying this, really. I don’t like spreading negativity. But I need to get it out of my system.

So, Emma is trapped in this au in which she’s not the savior. To make her the savior, Regina threats to kill her parents and even when she pushed to the limits and they did die, Emma just bowled crying. But when Henry threats to kills Regina, Emma remembers everything? Like, what the hell. 

Back in storybrooke, Emma is gone and David is freaking out while Killian just chills?

Basically Emma was not Emma. And Killian was not Killian.

I choose to believe that this episode didn’t happen. Kind of sad that it was written by the show runners, they denied their own characters. 

No but if Liam had come back with them from the Underworld, I could see those boys just pissing everyone off tbh.

“Whoever that is they’re going to regret that racket once they realise.”

“Reaise what, Liam?”

“One should never rudely awaken the brother’s Jones”

“Henry’s going to be in for a shock.”

“Why’s that, Killian?”

“One should never tease the brother’s Jones”

“Granny should know better.”

“Aye, little brother.”

“One should never starve the br-”

“Brother’s Jones. We get it. You’re the dynamic duo. The frickin’ A team. The high and mighty tag team of Storybrooke. You don’t have to keep on saying it.”



“No need to be jealous, Dave.”

Theories on Potential New Directions and Shake-Ups

With the release of the EW article and Deadspin article, I’ve decided to theorize what the potential shakeups and new directions could be. Ultimately, I feel like the writers are just stirring the pot a bit to get press for the show and people interested, but who doesn’t love some speculation? So here are my theories/ideas:

  • Back to the Enchanted Forest - One way to switch things up would be to take the cast back to the EF. Maybe another curse destroys Storybrooke, and everyone goes back this time. Of course, this would likely be more expensive to film than the Storybrooke sets, and the costuming budget would balloon. (Of course, everyone could be like Season 3 Hook and wear one outfit.)
  • Rumple dies - I could very well see Rumple redeeming himself by dying to protect Belle and Gideon. While it would reek of the 3a finale, it’s not like repetition isn’t normal on the show. (See also: the seventy billion memory curses.) This would be shocking, insomuch that we lose a main cast member who was very important to the plot. That being said, since he’s one of the most popular characters, it might not play well with the GA.
  • The Next Generation - This show has a lot of babies. Might as well put them to good use. I can either see the next generation of kids going back in time to prevent something bad, or the flashback structure being replaced by flashforwards, with the season mystery being what happened to get them to that point. Maybe they’re all in the Enchanted Forest?
  • Half of Snowing dies - This could also be a shakeup for the main cast. Snow and Charming were the original power couple of the show, and it would be crazy to see one of them go. However, it would be interesting to see how one of their deaths has repercussions for other characters. As a couple, they are pretty codependent, so losing half would make for good growth. Also, how would it affect Regina and Emma?
  • Nothing - it’s all noise at this point.

“why do you feel this way Y/N?” Henry asked you as Peter walked away to talk to Felix. You frowned and looked over at your little brother, slightly confused. “what are you talking about?” you asked him as he looked at you sadly.

“to hear the music that Pan was playing the person has to feel lost, why do you feel that way?” he asked and you sighed.

“I feel that way because they don’t care about me Henry, they only care about getting you back. I’m no one to them while your everything. I feel lost because maybe I don’t belong back in Storybrooke where the only person who cares about me is you” you told him and he was silent as were you.

“you’re wrong Y/N, they do love you but you don’t see it. You make everything seem right. You help them through all of their problems no matter what it is and you brighten up everyone’s day with just a smile so you don’t need to feel that way and I’m going to make sure that feeling goes away, no matter how long it takes.” Henry told you with determination written all over his features.

You gave him a greatful smile and a hug. He really is a strong believer, the truest believer.


IMAGINE: Trying to help Jefferson make another magic hat, but you no longer have magic in Storybrooke…


Jefferson: Just try again! One more time! I-It’ll work!

Y/N: I-I’m sorry… I can’t…

Jefferson: *sighs* I-It’s alright Y/N… It’s just… What good is this house, these things, if I can’t share them with her? 

Y/N: It’s okay. I might not have magic, but I’ll help you get her back. No matter what it takes. *hugs Jefferson* 


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ashadeofpemberley  asked:

Soulmates!Belle- I believe you and Gold talked about getting a sheep dog? Did that ever happen? Also, do you think animals have soulmates too or just people?

“Come, Fly!” Belle called.

The border collie’s head peeked up, but she did not move from Her perch at Gold’s feet.

“Come, Fly.” Belle called again, and Gold chuckled when the dog simply put her head back down, lazing back to sleep.

Gold stood from his chair, and once again Fly’s head peeked up, though when he only stepped around her to join Belle she sent back to sleep.

“I don’t think she likes me.” Belle said with a frown.

“Nonsense, love. She’s just got to get used to you. Sheep dogs can be particular.”

Belle hummed, turning to go down the hallway to their bedroom. Like most of the house, it was stacked with boxes. Moving her things from the flat into his house had been the easy part. Unpacking, however, was a different story.

“My clastic Disney cups don’t exactly go side-by-side with your polished glasses.” Belle had said when they were getting the kitchen in order. Now she was more at-ease. “I think my books suit your shelves quite nicely.”

The bedroom had been the first thing they’d unpacked together, and though their knick-knacks looked quite good side-by-side, Belle was still putting up her clothes.

“Maybe I should find another closet.” Belle said as she put one of her dresses on the hangar. “I’m not sure if my clothes will fit in with your suits to not wrinkle them.”

Oh but she looked good in his room. Their room. She was always very careful when she moved his suits, caressing them almost lovingly. Gold grinned, stepping forward to catch her about the waist and pull her to him.

“I get quite jealous of the attention you’re giving those suits on the hangers.” He all but growled in her ear.

Belle grinned, running a finger along his tie. “Should I give more attention to the suits that you wear?”

“I think this one might look better on the floor at the moment.”

“Let’s find out.”

She hummed as she pressed her body against her, hands clutching at his lapels to pull his lips to hers in a searing kiss. His own hands traveled the length of her back, cupping her round bottom. Now all he needed to do was get them to the bed and–

His thoughts were halted by a bark that came at the door. Gold groaned, but Belle only giggled. “I think fly is jealous too.”

Fly barked again, whining slightly as she came to wedge herself tightly between the two of them, driving them to arms length apart. Her tail wagged as she looked happily between the two.

“Come, fly.” Belle called, letting go of Gold’s arms in favor of the dog.

Fly’s ears immediately perked up as she looked to Belle, tail wagging. Gold chuckled. “She seems to be attentive enough now.”

“Silly girl.” Belle said, leaning down to scratch her behind the ear. “Do you think dogs have soulmates too?”

Gold tilted his head, considering this. “Maybe not mates. Perhaps families?”

“Soul families. I like it.” Belle grinned, and Fly barked again, pawing at the floor, apparently ready for play time. “Good girl. Let’s get you some dinner.”

“Distracting her with food?”

“That and maybe a walk. We enjoy those.” Belle said, giving him a wink. “Don’t worry. I’ll give your suit plenty of attention tonight.”

“Is that a deal, dearie?”

“Of course it is.”

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I read a fic a while back and can't find it. It was about random people in Storybrooke having to take an IQ test and Emma gets upset because everyone just assumes that she would do bad but then she gets the highest score. Do you know it?

I believe you are looking for Judging Covers by Alcandre :)


Imagine. Peter going to Storybrooke to take you back to Neverland with him.

“Just let her go and no one will be hurt. I promise. She is all I want.” Emma, Mary Margaret, David and Regina stepped forward. “You’ll never get her!” Emma yelled. Peter laughed a bit. “Remember what I told you back there, lost girl. Peter Pan never fails.” His laugh turned into a smirk. 

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That promo did scare me for Snowing a lot. I think it's very possible Charming die at the end of the season especially if they can't get Ginny and Josh to sign for another season. I don't see Gosh being guest stars on the show next year if they don't sign back on because Snowing is to involved in Emma's life. The only way to write them off and still continue with the show is to kill them unless Emma just moves away from Storybrooke and leaves her parents there.

Nahhhh! They will be fine! It doesn’t make sense for them to curse Snowing, wake them up in order for one of them to die! That’s just CRUEL!

Stow Away: Hook X Reader

Requested by anon: Imagine being insanely stubborn an Killian’s daughter. He told you to stay in Storybrooke but Y/N didn’t listen So when they went to Neverland to find Henry she stowed away on the ship?


Originally posted by the-rollyjoger

The bean was the one way to Neverland. Sure you believed they could make it back once they got Henry, but you couldn’t just wait around and do nothing. The only way you could ensure your dad would be alright was to go with them. After all, he had a knack for getting into trouble.

You hid in the captain’s quarters as everyone came aboard. The plan was to wait until you had arrived at the island to show yourself. Maybe by then you would figure out the right thing to say to Hook so he wouldn’t be upset. Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan.

The sound of the portal being opened was unmistakable. You held your breath just as the ship lurched through the portal. In a moment of panic you lost your footing and toppled into a nearby table. Holding your breath you edged toward a hiding spot. When no one came down you wondered if they hadn’t noticed until you heard Hook yelling.

“I’m going to ask you to come out once, and I don’t want to ask again!” You sighed and began making your way up the stairs. As you came into view you looked up.

Hooks eyes burned, “Was I not clear about you staying in Storybrooke?”

You flinched, “No, you were very clear.”

He stepped towards you, “I can’t believe you Y/N.” He shook his head, “Why would you come? You know what Pans like.”

“That’s exactly why I came,” You confessed, “I couldn’t just stay in Storybrooke doing nothing. I can help you all here. I can help get Henry back.” You glanced at Emma.

She shrugged, “I don’t know Killian. She might be able to help,”

“That’s not up to you to decide.” He spun on her.

“But it is up to you?” You snapped.

His eyes softened, “Yes. Because I am your father and I’m trying to protect you, it is up to me.”

“Well I’m sorry but I won’t accept that.” You said flatly. “I’m trying to protect Henry and I’m going to do just that.” He stared for a moment before Rumplestiltskin broke in.

“Not to be a damper dearie, but how do you expect to do that better than the rest of us?” He raised his eyebrow.

You scoffed, “I didn’t say I would be better, I said I could help. Not to mention Captain Hooks my dad, so I think I have a couple tricks up my sleeve.”

“You may have tricks up your sleeve, but you won’t be using them. You’re not coming.” Hook said.        

You looked back to him, “What do you mean? I’m already here, it’s not like I can go back now.”

“I mean, once we get to shore you’re staying on the ship.” He turned away.

“You can’t be serious,” You began, “I’m not just going to stay here-”

“That’s exactly what you’re going to do.” He cut you off. “I won’t put you in danger, and the only way to do that is for you to stay on my ship. You know the secrets of the Jolly Roger, your safe here.”

Taking in a breath you said, “I get what you’re saying, but I could really help get Henry back.”

“That’s not a risk I’m willing to take.” He declared, “When we dock you’re staying here. End of discussion.”

You thought for a moment before replying, “Okay. End of discussion.” Although you had agreed with him to stay on the ship, you had another idea in mind.


Imagine Peter coming to Storybrooke to try and get your forgiveness, after you find out he was evil and left with Henry

Peter: I’m sorry. Sometimes I look back and think about when we were happy together, and it feels like such a long time ago.

Y/N: I remember. We were really happy weren’t we?

Peter: Yeah…and I miss you a lot. Time just seemed so…long in Neverland after you left. It started snowing! That was new.

Y/N: Must’ve been pretty.

Peter: It was the exact opposite, it was lonely. I kept waking up and thinking ‘Y/N is probably outside already dancing in the snow’ but you weren’t. You weren’t outside, you weren’t inside, you weren’t in Neverland, you were gone! And that fucking hurt…and it happened every day.


‘I was still working on How I Met Your Mother when I was shooting the pilot, so I was going back and forth between the two shows. I was delirious the whole time, I feel like. I remember when we were shooting the scene where Emma pulls into Storybrooke with the yellow bug for the first time with Henry in the car, and he’s been talking non-stop the whole journey from Boston. She gets out of the car and slams the door. ‘All right! Enough!’ There was just something about that moment where I think that was the first time I really felt Emma in my bones. There was just something about that scene where it all clicked. It felt like a part of me.’ Jennifer Morrison 

aloha-4-ever  asked:

The idea of a reboot with new charatcers is boring & off-putting to me at this point. That's becasue I feel S6 has served the core charatcers very poorly. A half-assed wrap in the latter half of this season will be a poor send-off to the charatcers we have loved (and hated) over the years. This reboot seems to imply some tragedy happened to what could be an adult Henry and a CS baby-girl. I want a HE for Emma and Killian and the rest. Not more gloom & doom at the season finale.

I don’t really get where everyone is getting this “orphaned child of cs” thing, honestly? the casting call just says she’s from a broken home, not an orphan. 

i mean if it WERE adult henry and he’d lost all his hope and optimism, something bad probably did happen…but that could be a multitude of things. like maybe he got trapped outside storybrooke and couldn’t get back in? maybe everyone was pulled to the enchanted forest and he couldn’t go? etc. 

like i said, to time jump with a sudden “they’re dead now” doesn’t seem like it would fit thematically. 

i hear what you’re saying though—if it were done that way, i too will be very upset. 

there’s no place like home...

A/N: This started as an AU from a bed sharing prompt, but I changed course. What if Zelena’s portal never opened and Killian and Emma never went back in time? What if Emma really decided to leave Storybrooke for New York? (don’t worry, I kept the bed sharing)

He wonders if he will get even a wink of sleep tonight. With the filled to the brim yellow bug parked outside of the loft and it’s driver teetering on the far edge of the bed, he doubts it very much. From the moonlight streaming in from her open window he can just make out the knotted mass of her blonde curls piled atop her extra pillow, leaving her neck and shoulders bare and beckoning. But she’s leaving…so he can’t. The divide is too wide and if he reaches, he know he will fall.

Fall farther, that is.

Is there really any farther to go?

He loves her. He loves her so much that he has no other choice than to let her go. Tomorrow morning, he’ll watch her drive away with Henry, off to find whatever she thinks is waiting for her in New York City. The possibility of what they could be will always be just that, a possibility unfulfilled. Pushing her further will do no good and he’s already tried with no success. He has to let her go and hope that she “misses it”…misses him.

The fact that he’s sharing her bed on her last night, it just doesn’t mean as much as he wishes it could. With Henry passed out on the couch after the revelry of the farewell celebration went late into the night, he had been unexpectedly confronted with Mary Margaret’s unrelenting demand that he not walk back to Granny’s in the bitter cold. David’s incredulous expression had added much needed humor to the tension filled moment as the suggestion of Killian sharing Emma’s bed had fallen without second thought from his wife’s lips. Emma had shown the necessary reluctance, but eventually relented as there really was no other option left available.

But he needs to be more than an option. He needs to be her choice.

She shifts beside him and he closes his eyes, not wanting her to find him still awake watching over her. Stinging as it may be, he does have a sliver of pride still remaining that needs to be protected if he’s to find his way here without her once she’s gone. Slowing his breathing, he feigns slumber and fails miserably in his attempt to clamp down the buzzing beneath his skin growing stronger with each creak and dip of the bed beside him as she moves. His facade almost cracks as her breath warms the skin of his neck, signaling how close she has come, too purposeful an action to be unconsciously made. This proves to be true when the fingers of his hand resting atop his stomach are tentatively covered by hers, her blunt fingernails tickling his skin through his thin shirt as she curves her fingers between his knuckles.

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...And Crashing To The Ground (closed)

“End of the line, buddy.”
“Please, just a little further. Until we get to Portland? Please?”
“Kid, this bus only goes so far. This is it. Storybrooke. End of the line. Now, c’mon. Grab your stuff and get moving.”
“Yessir.” Jonathan mumbled, grabbing his backpack and moving out into the light of the station. He turned and tried to wave to the bus driver, but they were already gone, back into the mists. 

Possessions:, he wrote in his journal, starting a new list. 

1 glass eye
1 pair glasses, prescription
1 ammonite necklace
1 stuffed dragon (”Rossi”)
1 Carl’s Junior coupon, only usable in Indiana two days ago. 
2 pens (1 blue, 1 black, both found)
1 journal
1 prescription each for Zoloft, Tenex, Latuda, Abilify, shoes (found–forged?)
1 weekly medication dispenser (empty)
1 California ID 
1 Monterey County Library card
1 bus ticket stub
1 laptop
2 chargers
1 set of headphones (starting to tatter)
1 mp3 player 
1 change clothes 
1 hoodie
1 pair shoes (red Converse)
3 extra pairs socks & underwear 
5-7 books (lost track, will list later)

He trudged down the main street, clutching his bag straps tightly. Eventually, he found what he was looking for–a pawn shop, and in his mind, the most perfect pawn shop that had ever existed, because it was RIGHT THERE. 
“Sir? Ma’am? Anybody?” he called, moving inside. At the counter, he plunked the list down in front of the first person he saw. 
“Are you the proprietor?”

Regina had had enough of living in that world who has suffocating her. She buried her face in her hands and Emma looked at her, stroking softly her hair.

The Saviour heard Regina’s begging “Drive me away from Storybrooke and let me into your world”.

The Saviour just took Regina’s hand and grabbed the keys of her bug.

“Where are we going?” Regina asked, wiping her tears away.

“Far away, where no one can get us or judge us”

Both women were driving for hours and entered in New York City. Emma was nervous, she just wanted to touch Regina and kiss her tempting lips.

Emma stopped the car and looked at Regina and she felt how her glance went through her soul and went through her walls that the Mayor built around her.
The Saviour cupped her cheek and softly caressed her lips with her thumb.

Emma couldn’t stop looking at Regina’s perfect mouth. And she did it. She kissed her and devoured her lips, undressing Regina, touching every inch of her beautiful body.

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Talk about confusing spoilers for 6x10.

Is it possible that they’re doing a mish mash of the Enchanted Forest and Storybrooke, like they’d be bringing the two together in one place?

So we’d end up with Rumple and Gold, like we have the EQ and Regina. Maybe the Robin we have is not the one that died, but the one from the Enchanted Forest instead?

Maybe we’re getting a back to the future scenario? Maybe someone makes a wish and fucks up so badly that they brought characters from the Enchanted Forest of the past to Storybrooke of the present day?

Instead of having Emma and Killian fall through a portal into the past like they did in the season 3 finale, the opposite happens. 

I am super intrigued by a Emma and possibly Rumple from the EF scenes just because he’s a lot more helpful than his Storybrooke counterpart.

and if this happens, they’ll be needing a lot of memory potions when they send everyone back from where they came from.

@ripplestitchskein, because I know you had a time travel speculation going.

Oh man, it’s been like a year since I last wrote about my extensive study of Jmo’s facial expressions, I’m excited to put them out into the world again. This is based on years of observation, it’s like science but instead of test tubes and experiments and stuff, it’s looking at Jmo’s face which is better than science if you ask me (Lana simply has too many expressions to categorize, that’s why she doesn’t get analyzed but obviously her face is just as much fun to look at).

So anyway, Jmo’s facial expressions can be pretty easily characterized depending on the situation and who she’s interacting with.

So first there’s the Hook Look, which to be honest creeps me out a little. It’s a really wide smile that doesn’t really reach her eyes.

Then there’s the Neal looks, those vary a lot, they were much more sincere in flashbacks than when he came back to Storybrooke. BUT, the insincere Neal look only applies in situations where he was giving her unwanted romantic attention. In scenes where they’re just being friendly, she looks more relaxed and open.

Similar patterns apply to the August look. The S1 August look is actually very similar to the current Hook Look, but when August came back this season, that completely changed into the exact same thing as the Friendly Neal Look.

So judging from this, most of Emma’s romantic interactions with dudes seem forced and uncomfortable but when she’s engaging them in a friendly way, they seem more sincere. This feeds nicely into my “Emma is a giant lesbian” theory because she seems to be at her best when she’s treating these guys as friends instead of potential partners.

Then we have the Family Looks which are a series of really deep, intense expressions that she uses only around Henry, her parents and….Regina! Most of the looks Emma gives Regina are consistent with looks she gives her family members. So however you want to interpret that, Regina is Emma’s family.

There’s a new Regina look that’s popped up just his season though, it’s that kind of desperate “you are the only thing that matters” kind of look.

There’s also just her “proud of herself look” which is super adorable and comes out when she’s having fun or is pleased with herself for whatever reason.

Then we have the things that just don’t fit. The first of these is the 4X05 “puppy smile” she gives Regina, that was completely new and I can’t really trace that look to any other situation. I hope to see it again though because it was pretty much the cutest thing ever.

And finally, Graham. The Graham looks aren’t really consistent with any other looks we’ve seen. And I have zero opinion on Gremma so i don’t even know what to make of that.