• all of these are in english
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  • some fanfictions that i originally planned to include on this list were deleted by their authors :( 

CLASSICS (favorites)

The Art Of Being Extraordinary - if you haven’t read this already, wyd? The ending will destroy you - be prepared to cry. 

Letters From War - another extremely well known fic among swen. a heart-wrenching and beautifully written AU fic. even if AUs aren’t your thing, seriously, give this one a try.

Emma is a soldier on reserve in Fort Benning. Regina is the Mayor of Storybrooke. Through a pen pal program designed to ease the ache of homesick soldiers, Emma and Regina begin sending letters to one another as their relationship grows from cordial acquaintance to something neither woman would have expected - until the letters stop coming.

A Trail Of Destruction - DEFINITELY a classic imo. this is one of my favorite fanfictions of all time.

A hostage situation in City Hall leaves behind a battered, broken sheriff, and a mayor wracked with guilt. Trigger warnings for violence and gun threats and general angst. Slow-burn swan queen.

Miles To Go - AU; emma and regina meet at a party and the rest is history. this ones pretty long (80 chapters), but so worth the read! angsty & lots of ‘sexy times’ 

Everyone has their own story, this one is theirs and it paints the picture of a love story that spans over two decades, with all the ups and downs and everything else in between. SwanQueen AU

Of Love and Loathing - a lot of angry sex in the beginning, which eventually turns into lovey sex. another well known and well written fic - this author is one of my favorites. *reaaallyyy hot smut 

“I have been sleeping with someone,” Regina began tentatively, an acute awareness that once she said the words out loud that the madness behind her highly unorthodox situation became all the more real, “whom I absolutely loathe.” •Emma/Regina•

Meet me Halfway - one of the first swan queen fan fictions i ever read! still a classic to this day. AU

Emma Swan works hard every night as a bartender, struggling to raise her son and save up enough to own her own bar. Regina Mills is an upper class New York photographer who wouldn’t normally spare a second glance at people below her. When their paths cross, their lives adapt to each other, but how much are they willing to change?

Love Undefined - in the process of re-reading this one because of how much i love it. angsty as hell but such a beautiful story.

It’s been eight years since the last time Regina and Emma saw each other, eight years since Emma lost part of her happiness, her family, and everything fell apart. But she hasn’t forgotten those three years in New York, or any of what Regina had brought into her life. A late night phone call to Regina takes Emma back eleven years to when they met, saved each other from loneliness, and Emma started learning what it meant to live. She relives the moments that had changed her life for the better, and even the ones that had hurt.


Emma Swan is starting her senior year. Her friends tell her about the Creative Writing teacher that she has on her schedule and how no one had passed her class with an A, not even her bookworm friend, Belle. What will she do? And who exactly is this ‘bitchy Evil Queen’ as they claim her to be? SwanQueen. Student/Teacher. M for language and future chapters.

Lost in Translation - i wasn’t sure about this before reading it but i LOVED it. the description pretty much sums it up.

AU. Regina is deaf. Emma is the only one who refuses to give her pity. In response, Regina is thrilled by this new challenge and the stand-offs commence, but over time she finds out there is more to the blonde woman than just a target to throw a stinging quip and pointed glare at.

Send Up a Signal - emma and regina are actresses and their fans ship them with each other. ;)

Emma Swan is catapulted into stardom, the newest lead actress on a sanitized show featuring modern fairytales. Regina Mills is a long-undermined star with a chip on her shoulder and a thousand reasons why she’s invested. Naturally, they loathe each other on sight.Their characters’ fanbases, however, have other ideas.

Reset - SO. GOOD. 95 chapters. if you’re looking for long fanfics, this is for you. 

Following the breaking of the curse everyone in Storybrooke is finding their happy ending, with one exception. Resigning herself to having lost Henry’s love and respect forever, Regina decides there is only one path available to her.

Take Me Home Tonight - AU!! lots of smut :) this is a newer one that i’ve seen around twitter and tumblr and i really enjoyed it! this one’s pretty short (14 chapters)

AU: Nineteen year old Emma Swan is a senior at the exclusive all girls boarding school, Foxhaven Academy. When her friends find out she’s a virgin they send her to the city to find a guy to take her v-card. But Emma is more interested in a sexy older woman she meets in a bar. A SwanQueen story.

The Staircase - non-consensual sex in the first chapter, so please be aware of that; its not for eveyone. this story is very dark but has a happy ending i promise!

Regina could still smell her cologne and feel the cheap pleather pressing into her back. The brunette sucked in a breath. She was still lying on the floor at the staircase’s base and she stared back up at it. Everything was different now. Changed. She felt broken by what had just happened, appalled and enraged, dirty. WARNING: NC17 for non-consensual sex. Dark. (But gets lighter.)

the trouble with emma - very very well known within the swan queen community. i’ll be honest, i never really got into the story but i can acknowledge that it is the most well-written fanfiction i have read to date. the author is truly talented. (the first in a series of fanfics)

Post ep 4x23, Emma becomes the Dark One and learns nothing is quite as it seems or as simple as black versus white. When Regina removes the curse no one in Storybrooke is prepared for the far reaching fallout which leaves none of their lives unaltered or untouched, least of all Regina’s.


shadow haven  - the one smut fic everyone has read.

Emma Swan is a PR agent who is sent on a holiday by her boss. Regina Mills is the owner of a private island named Shadow Haven. There is more to Regina than initially meets the eye. This story dips heavily into the BDSM subculture. Swan Queen romance / BDSM story.

the wicked stepmother - the one kinky fic everyone has read- or attempted to. i couldn’t get through the whole thing but the first few chapters,,, holy hell.

When the Evil Queen catches baby Emma along with Snow White, she decides on a new revenge. In Storybrooke, Snow White will be allowed to raise her daughter… but on her eighteenth birthday, Regina will come for her. Emma might just enjoy that.

in control  - Regina had never been in the habit of relinquishing control, but when it came to Emma Swan, she was starting to find out that giving in had its benefits. - Established Swan Queen - One Shot. Rated M for language and content.

the collar - It will carry strong mature themes as well as a Mistress/Slave relationship but it is also a lot more than that. However, as a warning this story will celebrate the shades of grey of our favourite couple as they find their way to each other and will deal with darker elements of their characters. Emma’s history differs a little from canon but will be covered by the story but there is no Henry and she is an adult in this fiction.

a little taste  - author of A Fine Line and Letters from War. 

Emma has been desperate to know what it’s like to kiss the smirk off of Regina Mills, but when she finally gets the chance, it doesn’t seem to be enough.

tempest - A storm ushers in an expected opportunity for Regina to finally rid herself of Emma Swan. She will posses the sheriff’s heart and then crush it. But what happens when nothing goes as planned? Rated M for language and Swan Queen sexytimes.

come on be nice - Regina has decided that the quickest way to get rid of Emma Swan is to scare off the commitment phobic woman with a come-on. This, as with many of Regina’s plans, does not go as, well, planned. Rated M for Swan Queen sex.

black lace - Emma and Henry find a way around the 'no visiting’ rule involving binoculars and the walkie talkie. Emma’s attention is fully on her son, she truly doesn’t intend to watch Regina at all. At least until the mayor begins undressing in front of her window..

dirty words - Regina is plagued by thoughts of a certain blonde. Deciding she is in need of cathartic release, she writes a quick narrative in hopes of cleansing her system. However, by a happy accident, the story falls into the wrong hands. What will Emma do with this new and intriguing insight into the mayor’s mind?

damn you, miss swan  Emma visits the mayor one night with a bottle of wine to cheer her up. Anger issues and smeared lippy ensues. WARNING: Includes a non-explicit passing reference to rape. This is my first story. A/N Jan 2015: Way back when I wrote this, no one knew anyone’s back stories, so I just made up stuff. Don’t be upset for canon divergence if you read it now. It wasn’t canon then.

mirror tricks The Evil Queen has made her way to Storybrooke, but she only seems to be interested in one thing: Emma. When Regina realises this, her jealousy starts to get the better of her.

my enemy’s enemy After her mother’s death, Regina finds a terrible surprise hidden among the witch’s belongings. Unfortunately, the only one able to cure her from the ailment is Emma…if she agrees. Strong language and mature themes. First stab at SwanQueen :)


to remember her happy ending - “She doesn’t even remember her family! How am I going to explain this to her when she hates me!” She was falling apart now. The way the women in the other room had just looked at her, with such disdain. That wasn’t her wife. That was the Mayor, the Evil Queen maybe…but not her wife.

for endings are where we begin Regina Mills is your average working mom - she spends long hours at her bakery, loves her son Henry with all that she is, and can touch dead things and bring them back to life.Emma Swan is an orphan, an ex-convict, and a bail bondsperson residing in Massachusetts. She is also currently dead.This is the story of how they meet.

the loudest silence - New to Chicago Emma, a professional cellist, is shocked to find that a beautiful deaf woman is her new president of the board. As their friendship grows Emma begins to wonder, what does it look like when a world of sound and a world of silence meet somewhere in the middle? SwanQueen AU

broken 16 year Emma Swan is a preachers daughter on a tight leash, what happens when Regina Mills returns to town, dark, mysterious and dangerous? Will her father’s expectations take over or will Emma follow her heart? Is Regina legit or is Emma cute little pawn? Will Emma be able to love Regina for who she is or will her dark past ruin it ALL! SwanQueen G!P Some BDSM

bring her home Cora’s dead. Henry lives with the Charmings. Regina continues spiraling through grief and loss and hatred. Then Emma suddenly falls unconscious and Henry shows up at Regina’s door because he needs her help to bring Emma back. Reluctantly, Regina embarks on a wild swan chase through Emma’s mind, a whirlwind of ‘roads‐less‐traveled’ and ‘what‐ifs’ and ‘might‐have‐beens’, in order to bring her home.

if the blazer fits Emma decides to dress up like Regina for a Halloween party at The Rabbit Hole, a seemingly innocent decision that surprisingly leads to a relationship. The romance is openly feared by some and secretly despised by an unlikely source, who plots to end it.

a fine line Upon Regina’s banishment, the small town of Storybrooke becomes protected once again by an enchantment that prevents anyone from leaving or entering Storybrooke. Emma and Regina find themselves on the edge of the town, wishing for a way to the other side.

a pale imitation Regina is furious with Emma after she brings back Marian, but since she can’t take it out on her, Regina creates a mindless clone of Emma to hit instead. The clone doesn’t stay mindless for long though, developing an obsession with Regina. Written for summer 2014 Swan Queen Big Bang. (TW for sexual assault/rape and graphic depictions of violence)


one fine mess - Regina’s gut twisted with an agonizing pull and, for just a moment, she thought she might need to take up the same position as the woman crouched before her. “You’re pregnant?” she whispered grimly. Emma’s only response was to turn and retch into the toilet again. — Swan Queen, magic!pregnancy

coffee at midnight - (so good) Slow burn AU that starts with two women from different parts of the USA meeting on Twitter. Emma is an insomniac loner who is a Personal Trainer. Regina is a writer with a sleepless baby. Their lack of sleep and love for coffee soon brings them together and after that they find it hard to part. This is a fic where coffee is taking to mythical levels, despite it’s bad effect on people with insomnia and people with babies - showing that sometimes what you need and want isn’t always the thing that is wholesome and harmless. But also that denying yourself it will only lead to misery, something which Regina has to apply to other parts of her life.

all the single ladies With the library in desperate need of renovation, Storybrooke prepares for a fundraising dinner and bachelorette auction. What mischief and romance can be found as a result? SwanQueen with some RedBeauty Rating has been raised to M - now including adult content.


teacher’s pet - see above (classics)

take me home tonight - see above (classics)

step into my office, baby  - This is what you get for doing the nice thing, Emma thinks. You do that whole Pay It Forward bullshit - you buy a lady some coffee and you pretend like it isn’t totally motivated by how she looks in a pencil skirt - and she goes and insults your business card and turns out to be your company’s new Executive Director. Real fucking cute.From now on, she is drinking tea.or, the one where they’re in an office.

teaching miss mills  - Swan Queen Teacher AU: Emma is a gym teacher, who moves to Storybrooke Academy after becoming disenchanted with her job back in Boston. Regina Mills is the Head of English who Emma somehow seems to keep having run-ins with, despite the best of intentions. Along the way, Emma adjusts to small-town life, gets her teaching mojo back and grows closer to Regina. NOW COMPLETE

troubled teachers - COMPLETE! SwanQueen AU. Geography teacher Emma Swan starts a new life far from her troubled past and meets history teacher Regina Mills. But all is not as it seems when it comes to the composed, intelligent, and beautiful brunette. Family struggles and difficult relationships lead to a friendship and soon something more blossoms. Rated M for Ch 7, 18, 22, 24, 28, 29, 31, 35 and 38

not a virgin anymore When college student Emma Swan wakes up one morning with no memory of what happened the night before she’s very surprised she finds herself in professor Mills’s bed. 

is that so, miss swan? - College student, Emma Swan, is confronted by her favorite professor and secret heart-throb, Dr. Regina Mills. What happens when Emma is forced to reveal her secrets? We shall see. AU. Slightly OOC at times. No magic. SwanQueen. Rated M for serious language and eventual sexy times between our two favorite ladies.

butterfly effect - in her final year of college, Emma finds she has more to account for than the extra credits she needs in order to graduate. Only… she doesn’t expect it to come in the form of her newest instructor, Professor Regina Mills. Complete. AU Swan Queen

a sophisticated seduction Emma’s a college student, working as an intern at the Dazzle Magazine for a powerful woman she has never had the good fortune of meeting. But everything in her life is about to change when they finally meet. Especially when one falls so deeply in love with the other and the insecurities from a broken marriage comes to light. (Not Based on The Devil Wears Prada)

some other faves

down east decisions - Massachusetts State Police Capt. Emma Swan leaves her red-hot career to become the police chief of sleepy Storybrooke, Maine. She’s hoping for a less-complicated, less-dangerous life, a desire that is dashed on both counts. AU. No magic. Crime drama and romance. Swan Queen is endgame.

that drunken night - Emma’s wasted and accidentally calls Regina instead of her mom. And Regina isn’t as loathe to talk to the blonde as she usually pretends. Did things change between them so radically while they were in Neverland? (No copyright infringement intended.)

chasing henry - SQ. Tired of the tricks and lies of both of his mothers, Henry follows the dwarves, Red and Granny when they use Tiny’s magic beans to return themselves to their old land. Emma and Regina both chase after him, and they reluctantly travel together through the Enchanted Forest in order to find him and bring him back home safely.

so does this make us both the other woman? - Set after 3b in a peaceful Storybrooke where Regina is with Robin and Emma’s fallen into a relationship with Hook. Shame about all that subtext that’s rapidly threatening to become text.

just let the waves guide us...

Just some post wedding intimacy on the Jolly Roger, because I just couldn’t help myself and I woke up with a much needed desire to write… 

His dream is like a wave, cresting and crashing as it heads towards the shore, sand and shells churning in its wake but never quite hitting the beach before it recedes. When he wakes, frustration still bubbles at the edges of his consciousness as his fingers dig into the mattress beside him where his new bride should be. He blinks his eyes to adjust to the darkness, the candles he’d scattered around the room after their nuptials now all pools of hardened wax. Pushing back the coverlet, he crosses to an old trunk and pulls out a pair of old linen pants, not wanting to go in search of Emma in his current state of undress.

He finds her quite easily, but allows himself a moment to take her in. The complicated braid she’d worn earlier has fallen loose, allowing golden tendrils to dance in the breeze along with the worn fabric of his sheet she’s wrapped around her like a cloak. She could be mistaken for a spectral, or an angel, some benevolent spirit come to grant his every wish and guarantee a lifetime of happiness.

But something has drawn her from his bed on their wedding night and he aches to soothe whatever might be troubling her mind. So, he crosses to her quietly, making enough noise to be certain she hears his approach. She turns with a smile as he draws near enough to touch, easing a bit of his nerves as he draws his hand around her waist and presses a kiss to her temple.

“Hello, my wife.”

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After Hook cast the Dark curse, we were shown three waves of rainbow magic sweeping across town. It seemed like overkill at the time, but they were the perfect way to distract us from the fact Hook’s Dark Curse was never broken. Since the curse seems to follow the desires of the person who cast it, I thought it would be interesting to look at what that might mean.

“I want to hurt you, like you hurt me.”

Apart from Hook wanting what he always wanted when he cast the curse - revenge on the Dark One - he also revealed what he wanted to do to Emma when he found out he was the Dark One in Storybrooke. He wanted to hurt her like she hurt him… so how did she hurt him?

  • Turned him into a villain again, a person he didn’t want to be
  • Lied to him
  • Stood in the way of his revenge
  • Took away his agency
  • Controlled him
  • Chose to save Regina over being his happy ending
  • Stole his memories

Right away we saw him hurt Emma in retaliation by taking her memories after finding out he was the Dark One in Storybrooke. It was her last crime - in his eyes - that wasn’t accounted for under his curse. All the other ways in which she hurt him, he knew about when casting it. This means they already were part of the curse and his memory loss was the last thing that kept his curse from taking on its full effect in Storybrooke, but they were a slave to it as soon as they landed, maybe as soon as the smoke came. They were already compromised. Emma may have taken their memories without anticipating she would be under his spell once in Storybrooke. After she got there, she may not have been capable of cleaning up her own mess. It was only a matter of time before their entire world was bent to his wishes.

When Hook cast the curse, he was incredibly angry about Emma controlling him with Excalibur.

Emma: “I’m never going to try to control you again. I love you.”
Hook: “It’s just I’m usually the one who has to say that first.”
Emma: “Yeah, well…”

After that exchange - with Hook showing surprise about Emma expressing her love - they go to Camelot’s displaced Granny’s where Hook casts his curse almost right away. The anger driving him was all about creating a world where nobody controlled him - and one where he controlled Emma specifically.

Emma: “You were playing me the whole time.”
Hook: “Once you lied about Excalibur all bets were off. I knew it was just a matter of time before you tried controlling me. And now, no-one will ever control me again.”

She just promised him she wouldn’t try to control him again and she follows that up by telling him she loves him. Their kiss didn’t work to break the Dark One curse. Hook later goes to talk to Belle. He already suspected and now he knows for sure she was lying, especially if he feels certain of his love for her. If he wants to hurt her like she hurt him, it makes sense for the curse to take complete control of Emma. He would use emotional manipulation on top of the curse itself and take her lie about love and force her to live it.

In this light, the conversation where Emma tells Regina there is no Savior for the current curse takes on a new meaning. If Emma can’t really control what she does, she was working within the limitations of Hook’s curse already. She may not even be capable of being nice to Regina anymore - Hook was jealous she chose to save Regina - and she is incapable of telling her the truth. So she antagonizes her, trying to challenge her into being their Savior.

This conversation may mark real Emma’s final moments of resisting Hook’s curse, before she lost control over her life completely and became a slave to his desires. It was the only way to try and let Regina know she was powerless.

“Good you, still in there.”

The scene where Emma angrily tells Regina to step up and do what needs to be done reinforces this. Regina specifically describes seeing good Emma shining through. She’s right but the thing she doesn’t realize is that Emma isn’t limited by the Dark One curse, she isn’t compromised in the way Regina assumes. She’s limited by Hook’s curse. The good part of Emma is the one yelling at Regina, trying to give her a message. That’s why Regina doesn’t understand what Emma’s trying to say.

Gold warns her that ‘you always lose the ones you love the most’, after which Emma goes into the shed to cry over her memories in private. Just like the others Gold assumes she’s only under the influence of the Dark One curse. We are once again misled because we see Emma choosing Hook over and over again and the person who is most familiar with the Dark One curse tells us that she has a choice. Right reasoning, wrong curse. Emma can still cry in private, but she can’t tell anyone what’s really going on. She feels she’s already lost them at this point. It’s telling that the people she hurts the most as the Dark One are the people Hook has a vendetta against. Hook turns Emma into a villain like she did to him. Since then we’ve seen her become selfish and judgmental, acting like an addict when it comes to Hook.

When Hook regains his memories and takes her memories instead, it seems like Hook made it particularly easy for Emma to find the stolen memories, but can we be sure they weren’t edited? They were stolen and added to the curse with just one dreamcatcher™ while in Storybrooke there were several ones. Technically both Emma and Hook could have done their own editing. There may be memories the characters - and the audience - still don’t know about.

“Evil doesn’t always look evil. Sometimes it’s staring right at us, and we don’t even realize it.”

What we do know for sure is that this seems to mark the end of Emma fighting back. His Dark curse seems to be taking full effect. Hook gets forgiven for everything by everyone, Emma endangers her entire family and takes them to the Underworld for him after he tries to kill them all. Nobody questions it because the Dark One curse was lifted and Emma looks like herself again, but we were warned by Regina herself that evil doesn’t always look evil.

Emma seems to have identified Regina as the key to breaking this curse. Was it because there actually is a Savior for this curse - built in by Merlin who put it together? Darkness wants to snuff out the light, we know it came for Regina right away when it was free. The curse isn’t just Hook’s, it was described as the darkness using him to get what it wants. So his desires serve a greater purpose. If Regina is the one to bring back light together with Emma, then the darkness fighting the light and using Hook as a vessel - because it wants Emma and Regina apart… seems to have worked.

Or is it because Emma knows there really is no Savior, only leaving the most powerful magic of all as an option to break this curse? Knowing that it can only work if Regina loves her back. Was Emma giving Regina the dagger a way of telling her that she loved her and had the power to save her or destroy her depending on Regina’s feelings? After all True Love’s kiss up to that point was the only way we’d seen the Dark One curse almost being broken. Is Regina’s insecurity about being worthy of love the key to breaking this curse?

We’ve all noticed that Emma seems more like her old self as soon as she gets close to Regina. Regina is the only one who stands up to Hook and has expressed criticism since the curse took hold. It does seem like the curse has less of a hold on her. If all the heroes are compromised except for her, then at some point she will have to realize her power. She will have to rely on her inner compass instead of on mimicking what Emma and the Charmings do. Right now it could be she’s blinded because she still sees herself as a villain and them as heroes just because of their old labels.

“It’s like my whole life is darkness and when you’re around, things are brighter.”

When Lily told Emma she made her life more bright, Emma didn’t listen, now it seems like she is in the same position. She couldn’t understand how Lily could have everything she could only dream of and throw it all away. How she could still be unhappy. Now technically Emma too has everything she ever wanted and yet… it’s not what she needed.

Regina seems to be to Emma what Emma was to Lily in the past. We’ve seen it before. Regina doesn’t try to save Emma. In Neverland she taught Emma magic so she could turn on her own light while Hook and Neal were fighting over her. She has been loving and supporting Emma, going to the Underworld for her without expecting anything in return, saving her from the wish realm. Regina has been a light in that she tries to remind Emma of who she is, remind her of her own power. A light that brings clarity in its brightest moments.

The power of the Dark Hook curse seems tied to Storybrooke and Storybrooke’s magic. Emma acted more like herself when they left Storybrooke for New York and the magic was tied to the crystal. Proximity to the crystal seems to impact them. Regina and Emma were interacting like before and parenting Henry together. As soon as magic came back into the crystal, Hook came back and when they arrived back in Storybrooke, she went right back to him. In the wish realm Emma also acted more like her former self once she remembered who she was… until she returned to Storybrooke. Same with their time in the land behind the mirror where they were working together. Seems like there’s a bit of a pattern there.

“I should have known that Operation Cobra: Part Two wouldn’t have been as simple as I thought. Because it’s a sequel, and they’re always more involved than the original.”

What unifies the entire story is the Black fairy’s Dark curse. Everyone used and adjusted her basic recipe to cast it, but beyond that we can actually divide the story in two parts. Regina’s Dark curse was the original. Emma broke its hold and Regina herself destroyed it completely after sending Emma and Henry away taking them all back to the Enchanted Forest. The second part starts right after the missing year with Snow White’s curse. We know everyone’s memories were returned, but that part of the curse was Zelena’s addition, so since we never went back and Emma started giving in to Hook as soon as that curse was cast, we may also still be influenced by Snow’s desires. She even admitted she started planning Emma’s wedding after the first curse. Then Hook cast his curse and Emma marrying him while singing and dancing would definitely seem like something that would happen where Hook and Snow’s desires intersect.

The Black Fairy’s curse is now added to both of these curses, but they seem to form a whole. It seems like Regina possesses a particular power she is unaware of, so it makes sense that the Darkness used the desires of people like Snow and Hook to set the stage. Snow carries resentment towards the Evil Queen. She may want Regina to be happy, but that’s not all there is to it if you look at what happens as soon as Snow’s curse is cast. Regina falls for a man she previously wasn’t interested in, but she always keeps losing him… just like Snow kept losing Charming because of the Evil Queen. Marian showed up, putting Regina in the same position she was in when David was married to Kathryn. Snow also wishes very traditional things for her daughter, like a marriage and a man. Where Emma always kept a bit of a distance with Hook, after Snow’s curse, she started to let him in. Hook’s curse took all these things to the next level, with Emma torn by the desires of others and Regina far away from her. They barely interact.

Emma & Regina were always the power couple. Together they have defeated most of the threats to the town. So what did the darkness achieve, exactly? What did those two curses achieve? They weakened Emma and Regina’s bond and they kept them apart. We weren’t made to fear the Black fairy. She’s not the scariest villain we’ve ever had. What we are made to fear is that this is really how the story ends. What is everyone really going into the Final Battle for? What are we worried about? About the Black Fairy or about the fact that Emma Swan doesn’t seem like herself anymore and that Henry’s parents are talking even less now than back when they seemed to hate each other? What set this story in motion in the first place? We can sense that the Black Fairy and Gideon are a summary of all of Emma’s fears she needs to face in order to win. Emotionally, however, we all feel exactly what this battle is about.

The songs in Emma’s heart are all the elements that go into the final battle. In the past Hook says he doesn’t need Snow & Charming’s treasures, their gold or their title. In the present he married their golden-haired greatest treasure, which technically makes him a prince… but he’s shown right for the wedding he’s still driven by that same revenge from the past. Meanwhile Regina’s Evil Queen song is one about resisting love. She tears Emma’s baby blanket up, she gets upset when Granny sings about the princess and when Snow and Charming sing about their daughter, she sings about her happy ending at the same time. Emma carries this conflict in her heart. What’s different between Hook and Regina is that Regina isn’t the Evil Queen anymore. She has let love in. Self love. She loves Henry. She let Robin love her and cared about him. She has profoundly changed since singing that song.

As the Evil Queen mentioned earlier, there is a very thin line between love and hate…

…and they’ve both worked too hard to have their happiness destroyed.

So, this is it. The Final Battle indeed.

In Time

“As Emma falls back into the portal, she thinks of one thing: home.” Instead of returning to the barn with Hook, Emma gets sent even further into the future.

Author’s Note: Dedicated to @phiralovesloki as an early birthday present. She digs the time travel trope, so here it is! Special thanks to @starlessness for the beta.

Rating: PG

Read on AO3.

The portal swirls behind her, Hook and the other woman already gone to the other side. Emma isn’t sure how long it will last or if her magic will hold long enough for her to follow. Rumplestiltskin’s grip is an iron vice on her wrist. How she had never noticed his strength before now, she does not know.

“I loved him too! I wanted to save him!” she shouts, pleading with him to let her go home and not let Neal’s death be in vain.

Does it make her a terrible person to be pleading for Neal’s father to allow his son to die? She feels like she’s betraying Neal by begging for his death. But if she doesn’t convince Rumplestiltskin to release her, she believes she could be failing everyone. Neal wouldn’t want his own life saved at the expense of the timeline and everyone else.

She wants nothing more than to get back to everyone else, to home, to finally begin to build her life in Storybrooke with Henry and her family. She wants the chance to know what that will mean, to discover just what her future holds there, not trapped here in the past.

Somehow, the Dark One listens to her, wrenching her free. As Emma falls back into the portal, she thinks of one thing: home.

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i don’t have a name for this, it’s just a short, plotless ficlet set after they break the curse. based on set spoilers for the finale so read at your own risk.

Captain Swan, G/T maybe (no smut, sorry), less than 1k, fluff

It’s good, she thinks, being back where she belongs, knowing who she is and what she’s about and remembering the people who care about her. It was tough, and it was terrifying, and it was awful to be ripped away from her family again, but she did what she promised; she defeated the Black Fairy and everything is back to normal.

Well, as normal as things can be in Storybrooke. She has no doubt that another villain will come along and they’ll all rally together again to save the day. It’s just, now it isn’t something she dwells on. Because right now she’s happy.

Really, really happy.

She trudges up the porch steps with her fingers entwined in Killian’s, finally home after the latest curse being broken. She’s wearing her armor, the red leather jacket that she fully intends on stripping away as soon as they get inside where it’s warm. Killian is still in the black suit he wore to their wedding, all crisp and velvety and perfect.

A big part of her wishes she was still in her wedding dress. It’s unfair that the curse took over so soon after they married. She wanted to dance with him a little more. She wanted to bask. Thanks to the Black Fairy and Gold, their happy day was cut all too short. As good as she’s supposed to be, she doesn’t think she’ll ever forgive them for taking that away from her.

But that doesn’t matter now. What matters is she won, everyone is safe, and she is finally going to be getting her wedding night to celebrate this big step in their lives.

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Tell Him

Summary: Emma has only one regret from her Back to the Future adventure with Killian. And when she accidentally goes back in time–again–she has a chance to fix it, and damn the consequences. CS AU Week: Episode Rewrite.
Rating: G
Notes: *slides in under the wire for day 5 of CS AU week* eyyyyy, I’ve had this idea for a while and finally got around to writing it. Huge thanks to @justanotherwannabeclassic​ for beta-reading!

Also on AO3

“Swan, we’re going to be late,” Killian warned.

“I know, just—” Emma sighed. “Look, I have to pee, okay?”

He blushed, but it was his own fault for pressing the issue when she said she’d be right back. “Very well,” he replied. “I’ll wait here.”

“Uh huh.”

It wasn’t easy to make her way through the trees and brush. It hadn’t been easy before she’d been magicked into a giant red ball gown, and the massive skirts really did not help. By the time she felt far enough away from Killian, she was completely out of breath.

She didn’t really need to pee, and thank god because how the hell would she in this dress? She just needed a break before she completely fell apart.

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capitaine-odette  asked:

CS + mutual pining

This is my kryptonite! My brain immediately went to S3 so enjoy some canon divergence where they defeated Zelena but there was no time portal.  

T | 1.2k 

It had been a month and a half since Emma had left Storybrooke to return to her life in New York City with Henry, a month and a half of trying to get their life back to normal after the return of their memories and the defeat of the Wicked Witch of the West, a month and a half of no magic or fairytale characters–except for her parents who she called or texted regularly and two visits from the Evil Queen herself.

Regina’s third visit was scheduled for this weekend and though she usually swept Henry off to some fancy hotel for a few nights Emma wasn’t really in the mood for her sharp looks or pointed questions about life in the city. Emma wasn’t stupid and knew that the only reason Regina had agreed to let her take Henry back to New York was because she assumed they wouldn’t be staying there for long, an idea her parents had no doubt encouraged. They all seemed to think Emma was some unruly teenager and her return to New York was just a phase instead of a thought out and conscious decision made by a rational adult who didn’t want her son burned alive or captured by flying monkeys.

It was a little after five when the knock came and Emma took a fortifying breath before opening the door.


“Swan!” The pirate beamed, his entire face lighting up at the sight of her, and her heart dropped down to her stomach. It had been a month and a half since she had seen him, all black leather, eyeliner, and dancing eyes; she wasn’t prepared for how good it felt. He had come after her and she knew that she should be angry, because she had explicitly told him not to follow her, but seeing him at her door all she felt was the rush of her blood and an overwhelming urge to smile. She fought the urge and forced her mouth into a thin line. His smile lost most of its brightness and his eyes flicked past her.

“Is the lad ready?” He asked in an almost formal tone.

“Henry? Why would you–?

“Regina didn’t–?“

As if on cue Emma’s phone went off and a big red apple filled the screen. With a huff, she answered.

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1 - CS Modern Day AU

The Reason 

Rated M

The three of them share a laugh before they all look to Emma. She has yet to comment on the new addition because she isn’t sure what to say. She usually doesn’t like change, they have a good thing going there, just the four of them. Plus, they all know him and she doesn’t, but she trusts their judgement, and she’s sure any brother of Liam can’t be all that bad.

So, with a shrug and a smile she says, “Welcome to Storybrooke, Killian Jones.”

Here I go again! I hope you all enjoy it :) Double line breaks mean change of POV

Special thanks to @yeahiliketheredleatherjacket who helped me look less of an idiot. <3

Chapter One

Emma sits on her fire escape sipping on hot cocoa as she looks down at the street below. It’s just after ten in the morning and Storybrooke is awake while she’s still blinking the sleep from her eyes. It’s funny, she’s lived in Storybrooke for three years now and she’s still not use to how early the town wakes up, or maybe it’s just her.

When she was a young girl and moving from home to home, sleep was something that didn’t come easily; she always had to watch her back, so maybe she’s still making up for lost time.

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Wife: A Captain Swan Drabble

A/N: BLAME @smorgan4, @yeahiliketheredleatherjacket AND @herhookedhero FOR THIS!!!!

For as long as she could remember, she had always been “Swan.”

Ever since that first adventure on the beanstalk, they Emma sacrificed herself and Henry brought her back with True Love’s Kiss, that had been her nickname from Killian.

But now, as they make their way back to Storybrooke after their week-long (and well-deserved honeymoon, he had taken to calling her something different, but just as meaningful.

Emma parked the car in front of the white picket fence of their home, from ear to ear. Killian looked over at her, exchanging a similar smile. “So, do I get to carry you over threshold?” Killian asked excitedly.

Emma Swan actually giggled. “Well, I don’t see why not…?” He was out at her door before she could even finish her answer. He practically unbuckled her from her seat himself. Killian lifted her into his arms, Emma squealing with delight. “You don’t to carry me the whole way! We have luggage in the car!”

“Luggage can wait. This is tradition!” he said, sauntering up the walkway through the gate.


“You know I’m not struggling. I’ve carried rum barrels heavier than you!” She laughed, knowing that he had said that to her before, but he didn’t recall.

As they reached the porch, Emma fished the house keys out of her jacket. Improvising, he bent her slightly so that she could reach the keyhole easier. As soon as the door was slightly ajar, Killian kicked it all the way open with his boot.

He looked at Emma, with all the love in his eyes reflecting into hers, as he said, “Welcome home, Wife.”


From that day forward, that was all she heard.

“Care for a splash of rum, Wife?”

“Wife, do we have to go to your brother’s birthday party?”

“I love you, Wife.”

One day, over a year into their marriage, while she was cooking Sunday breakfast, she finally asked, “Why don’t you call me ‘Swan’ anymore?”

He looked at her curiously. “Does it bother you?”

“No…not really. It’s just…it was our thing. I kind of miss it.”

Killian walked up behind her, as she was flipping the pancakes off the skillet, wrapping his arms around her. “You want to know why I stopped calling you ‘Swan’”? She nodded her head, which he felt on his chin. “It’s because I never in my life thought I would have this, with you, so when I call you ‘wife,’ it’s so I never forget what I worked so hard for, and what I will fight with my last breath to keep.”

She turned in his arms, placing her forehead onto his, revelling in the contact. “I love you so much, Husband.”

“And I you, Swan.”

“Call me, ‘Wife.’”

“As you wish.”

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OUAT Season 7:

New curse. Everyone has new identities and names and memory loss (of course).

Henry has no memory of Storybrooke and his false memories are of a neglectful mother and as a child he always dreamed of a mother who loved him. He’s a writer who uses the pseudonym Henry Mills, which he thinks he made up.

Lucy comes to find him a la Henry and Emma season one, to convince him of the curse and claims he has not one, but TWO loving mothers that he just can’t remember.

Henry goes on this journey which eventually leads to his breaking the curse (where, of course, everyone hasn’t aged). When everyone gets their memories back, Henry and Regina are reunited but Emma is missing… the second half of the arc is searching for Emma.

Regina is her typical stop at nothing to save Emma self, and in the finale we learn why: when they find Emma, and wake her up, years of memories come back to Emma in a montage of SQ moments and we learn that in the time between the season 6 finale and the casting of this new curse, Emma and Regina had fallen in love.

The series ends with Emma and Regina’s happily ever after…

Done With You

summary: While fighting Hook for the magical compass at Lake Nostos, Emma catches a glimpse of his soft side, and she thinks back to their last encounter in Rumple’s cell…

rating: general, and SP for sword play

also on and ao3

She almost reaches her sword with her fingertips, almost, but then she feels a steely grip at her ankle, and her body is pulled away from the blade, her fingers clawing at the sand in vain.

“No,” she hears Hook growl in an almost mocking tone while he yanks her towards him across the dirt, and she nearly screams in bitter frustration. Determination and anger are obviously not enough to trump God knows how many years of sword fighting experience. She might have bested him easily when he was playing the part of a cowardly blacksmith and she had the element of surprise on her side, but his skills with the sword are in a league of their own, even someone as inexperienced as she can tell that.

Emma manages to turn around on her back, fury and adrenaline giving her the energy, and sees his face is twisted in exertion and anger.

Suddenly, while her ankle’s still in his merciless grasp, he surprises her by bending backwards out of the blue and without an apparent reason. He leans back right over the dangerously swirling vortex of the portal, his weight pulling heavily at her leg, and for a moment she fears he’ll pull her right with him to fall into that portal and they’d end up God knows where. His body seems to defy gravity – she has never seen any similar move, Keanu Reeves in Matrix doesn’t count – until the movement stops and he pulls himself up again with a groan and much effort. Briefly and surprisingly the thought flickers through her mind that he must possess enormous motoric control besides his obvious physical strength.

Then he straightens himself again and lets go of her foot, and Emma quickly throws herself around and scrambles away from him to grasp her sword and jump to her feet again. She whirls around to face him again just in time to see him almost casually toss a leather pouch through the air right into Mulan’s hand. The warrior catches it with an open-mouthed, incredulous look, obviously just as stunned as Emma is, when Hook comments nonchalantly, “I may be a pirate, but I bristle at the thought of a woman losing her heart,” he makes a little dramatic pause before he adds, “unless it’s over me.”

Aurora’s heart!

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i’ve been thinking about this for two weeks now and i know i will never have the time to actually get this au done unless i wait like… after i do two other multi-chapters (so like a year or two basically) but JUST HEAR ME OUT. long post. because do you really expect anything different from me at this point??? i’ve thought the whole thing out. this is basically a story outline rather than a prompt. lakjfhlkhj. guys.


(Do I have your attention?)

Emma and Henry move into this old house on the outskirts of this sleepy little town, Storybrooke, so that they can be closer to the woman who helped Emma get back on her feet a decade prior, Mary Margaret, Henry’s honorary aunt. The house is massive and could use some serious work but they got it dirt cheap because of some town myth that something terrible happened there to the original owners who lived there 200 years ago. Legend has it that there were strange, terrifying goings-on in the town for weeks, nothing anyone can prove though aside from some hokey old newspaper clippings hanging up in Granny’s Diner. Emma takes it all with a grain of salt. Henry thinks it’s awesome.

They slowly settle in, unpacking very gradually. Emma and Mary Margaret spend a lot of time trying to clean up the dusty, cobwebbed mess of the long-closed house while Henry escapes to explore. He startles when he hears something odd. The sound leads him to the attic, which is still stocked with countless items from those who lived there prior, stuff he can’t wait to dig into. But first he has to figure out what that noise is, and he’s excited when he comes across a fancy, but worn, leather box that has “Once Upon A Time” scrawled across the top. The noises stop. It’s a board game. Definitely something he can get behind after all the work they’ve been doing to the house.

He takes the game downstairs to his mom and MM and begs them to take a break and play a little, and they relent. The game comes with vague sort of instructions, that whichever player reaches the end first wins, yada yada, maybe a reference to happily ever afters being harder to seize than one would think. So they start.

And things get. Crazy.

I’m talking… beanstalks curling around the house and an ogre trying to break through and flying monkeys invading the town and fairies casting spells and magic beans opening portals and the Dark One coming after them.

And, of course, towards the beginning one of Emma’s rolls conjures a man from within the game. It’s Captain fucking Hook, or, as he explains to her, Killian Jones – the original owner of Emma’s home. The only reason Emma, Mary Margaret, and Henry survive as they do is because they have Killian to guide them through the chaos. He’s closed off, but opens up slowly as they go on, particularly to Emma.

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CS FF: The Most Powerful Magic

Summary:  After Killian finds his way back to Emma, he must help her regain her memories and remember the love they share.

Rating: G

Note: So it’s been an emotional rollercoaster of a week.  I have a lot of mixed feelings.  I don’t know what’s going to happen in a season 7 without Jen and with Colin.  I can only hope they find a way to sustain this beautiful romance we all love.  And I will enjoy whatever Captain Swan we have left.   I haven’t seen the sneak peek, so this is just based on the promo and what I would like to see happen tomorrow.  Hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph

…The Most Powerful Magic: Part 1/1…

Killian slammed his hook and fist down on the table in the dining room of the Evil Queen’s castle.

“Bloody hell!  I need to get back to my wife!”

David and Snow turned toward him.  

David sighed heavily.  “We’re all frustrated, Hook.”

“Getting upset is not going to help any of us get back to Emma and Henry.”

Killian’s eyes flared, as he held up his hand.  “Less than five minutes,” he said.  “We were married less than five minutes when she was taken away from me again.   It was supposed to be a happy beginning for us, but instead I am trapped in this bloody place and my wife is holed up in a mental hospital.  The Black Fairy is determined to destroy her.  She doesn’t remember me or any of us.  She doesn’t remember being the Savior and she doesn’t believe that this fairy tale life exists.  She doesn’t believe in anything.”

Snow placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.  “You have every right to be upset.  But Emma needs us now more than ever.  And we won’t do her any good if we let our emotions get the best of us.”

David nodded. “We need to remain calm.  We will find a portal and get back to her.  We have yet to fail.”

Killian dropped his head, his voice emerging softly.  “I miss my wife.”

Just then, Regina came charging in.  She held her hand up high and smiled triumphantly.  

“I found a magic bean to open a portal to Storybrooke!”

Killian’s eyes lit up, as smiles spread across David and Snow’s faces.

“That’s great, Regina!” Snow said.

Regina’s smiled slowly faded.  “There’s just one problem.”

“What’s that?” David asked, his brow furrowing with worry.

“It will only allow one person through and then the portal will disappear,” she said.

Killian shook his head sharply, as Snow and David blew out a frustrated breath.  After a few moments, Snow walked to Regina and took the bean from her.   She walked over to Killian and held it up to him.

“It should be you,” she said.  

Killian’s eyes widened in shock.  “What?”

“You’re Emma’s husband now.  You should be the one to go to her,” Snow said.

Killian shook his head slowly. “Although I would like nothing more, I can’t make this about me.  Emma is in danger.  She needs someone who can help her defeat the Black Fairy.  Regina is the only one with magic.  She’s her best chance.”

Regina nodded her head.  “Snow’s right, Hook.  This isn’t about magic. That’s not what Emma needs right now. You saw the same images of Emma in that mirror that we did.  She is broken and alone, just like when Henry first found her.  She doesn’t believe in anything or anyone.”

David bobbed his head.  “And magic isn’t what made her believe back then.  Love did.  True love broke the dark curse.”

“True love is the most powerful magic of all,” Snow said.

She took Killian’s hand and placed the bean in it.

“Get to Emma. Make her believe again,” she said.

Killian stared at his in-laws and then slowly nodded.  “Thank you.  I will do everything in my power.”

Regina nodded.  “And we will do everything in ours to find another portal to get us all home.”

Killian took a deep breath and then threw the magic bean up.   A portal appeared before them.  With one last look at his new family, he stepped through the portal.

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of pirates and/or princes

I had to do something for CCF, in anticipation of Sunday’s finale. I’m on mobile so no formatting, and I apologize for no cut. But thanks to @shipsxahoy for looking this over!!


Another night, another tavern. In the days since their unexpected and undesired arrival in the Enchanted Forest, David and Killian had sought out any means to get back home to Storybrooke—and, most importantly, Emma and Henry. It was a position they’d been in all too many times, and Killian especially was near-frantic in his need to get back to his wife.

(Wife. David’s daughter was a wife. His best friend was now a husband. There were times that he had to pinch himself because he was just so damn happy for them—and all the more determined to see them reunited.)

After exhausting the normal routes—fairies, generous witches, Regina’s vault—Hook was quick to suggest that perhaps they turn their attention to the less-than-legal ways of acquiring magical items, with which he was all too familiar. Which was how David found himself accompanying the pirate to all manner of disreputable dive in their quest for something—anything—to let them travel realms. He generally let Killian take the lead, as he was the one who actually had any skill in dealing in this apparently convoluted black market that David didn’t even know existed. But all leads thus far had ended up dead ends.

Tonight, they found themselves near the docks of one of the coastal villages. David was having an odd sense of deja vu that he actually had been to this bar before, but that train of thought was interrupted by Killian’s cursing.

“Bloody hell…he made it back.” He was staring across the pirate-filled tavern at a dark corner, where a rowdy group of men looked to be playing dice.

“Who did?”

“Blackbeard.” The disdain with which Hook uttered the name was only rivaled in level of disgust when he was addressing the Dark One. David’s hand instinctively went to his sword; this man couldn’t be good news. Before he could say anything, though, Killian plowed on. “Come on; let’s talk to him.”

“Are you crazy? You just sounded like you wanted to murder him.”

“Aye, I do. But he has unusually sticky fingers when it comes to magic beans, and the last I saw him, I’d left him in Neverland. He has to have something.”

David let Killian take the lead, following closely behind, as had become their plan of attack. The name Hook still rang fear into the hearts of many of those they encountered, and even if it hadn’t, his profound skills of charm and intimidation did the trick. If anyone noticed that a fearsome pirate captain was now accompanied by a prince, they didn’t dare comment on it.

“Jones, is that you? Manage to fight off the little boys, I take it?”

“At least I fought, instead of running off like a coward. What cockamamie scheme got you out of Neverland?”

“Seems unfair to mock my methods when they work. Especially when something tells me you’re after one again.”

Though David stood behind where Killian had taken a seat, he could see the tense set of his shoulders and the clench of his jaw. And he was really starting to hate this Blackbeard bastard, too. He cautiously stepped closer, not because he didn’t trust Killian to keep his cool, but because he was concerned what the other pirate might do.

“Tell me how you did it,” Killian demanded through gritted teeth.

“Why? So you can get back to that woman again?” David’s hand gripped the hilt of his sword and Killian sat up straighter. “And what do you even have to offer? The ship that you already owe me?”

“I can get it to you now.”

“Save it,” Blackbeard snarled, standing. David came a step closer, but Killian motioned for him to stop. Why wasn’t he standing his ground? “You come in here, acting all high and mighty and expecting me to help you out again. All that got me last time was chased through the woods by some adolescents and forced me to use my last bean to get back.”

Killian’s fist was clenched and David swore he could see the wheels turning in his friend’s head. He was the cleverest man David knew, but Blackbeard was clearly dangerous, so the prince quickly had to form a plan of his own.

“My advice to you, Hook?” Blackbeard sneered. “Get over the girl, and get out of my sight.”

“Or what?” Killian spat back.

“Or I make you,” Blackbeard answered, drawing his sword and leveling it at his foe. “You soft-bellied, heartsick, simpering—”

“HEY!” David finally roared, charging in. “That’s His Royal Highness, Prince Killian of Misthaven to you!”

The pirates—both of them—stared at him, slack-jawed.

“Mate…” Killian started, shocked and soft-spoken, but he was cut off by guffaws from the other man.

“Prince Killian? Ha!” Blackbeard was laughing so hard, he dropped his sword. “A pirate turned a prince! That’s the most ridic—”

His speech was halted by the sudden presence of a blade at his throat—David’s, and he wasn’t letting up.

“I’m guessing you’ve already probably got several strikes against you, being a pirate. I can’t imagine murdering a royal would look good, should you happen to be arrested by the local law enforcement—who I happen to be in charge of.”

Blackbeard gulped.

“So: can you help us or not?”

“N-no, Your Majesty,” the pirate stammered. “Like I said, used my last bean.” David pressed his blade harder; the man was withholding information. “B-but, there’s a beanstalk not far from here. That’s where I get them.”

Without a word, David turned to leave; he heard Killian’s steps fall in behind him a moment later. They had another mission and knew without speaking that they needed to get to it as soon as possible. But that annoying voice just had to shout out one more time.

“Love made you soft, Hook. Don’t think that you’ll ever be welcome ‘round these parts again.”

They stopped in their tracks, and David turned to look at Killian, who was studying the floor in brief thought. He then faced Blackbeard and pointed. “Why would I want to hang around a group of lonely, pathetic men? Don’t let me see your ugly face again or I will unleash the full wrath of the Royal Family upon you.”

Killian turned on his heel and plowed past David out of the tavern. David glared at Blackbeard one last time before following.

Outside, they mounted their horses and headed back to the castle, settling into a comfortable silence as they rode into the night.

Finally, Killian spoke up. “I appreciate your help, mate; Blackbeard is a terrible son of a bitch and brings out the worst in me. I was ready to slay him on the spot.”

“Hey, what are fathers-in-law for?” David replied, shrugging it off.

“I especially appreciate you making up that bit about me being royalty. I’d no clue that bastard feared the crown so.”

David was taken aback—Killian didn’t know? “You think I made that up?”

“Wait—what?” He was clearly surprised.

“I wasn’t lying about that. You’re married to a princess; that’s your title to use. How do you think I got mine?”

Killian was in silent thought for a moment before finally observing, “I always thought Captain would be my only title; my crew the closest thing to a family. I'm…” he trailed off. “I’m happy to see that’s changed.”

David couldn’t see his face clearly in the dark, but he could hear a shy smile. He clapped him on the shoulder, commenting, “I’m glad, too.”

“So. Off to a beanstalk?”

“Yup. And remind me to find you a crown from the royal stores before we head home,” he teased.

He expected Killian to jab back, but only thoughtfully added, “Can you grab one for Emma, too?”

“Of course. But first, Your Highness, let’s get that bean.”

“Aye, Your Majesty.”


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Part 2 (kind of.)  Can be read on its own or as a part 2 to  @icecubelotr44​’s:  Withdrawal

Captain Charming, the Brothers Jones, and Captain Swan.  Whump and Angst and a baby bit of fluff.  Really it’s all my favorite things all in one place! 

Read on FF

He was going to be a father.  Not a one handed pirate with a drinking problem.  A father.  

He hadn’t touched his flask since he’d heard the news,  and when his hand began to shake he knew that this child deserved better than a father who couldn’t be parted from his flask for more than half a day before he turned into a trembling mess.  He took out his flask again though, because Henry was in danger and he couldn’t afford to not have a steady hand.  Not today.  But that day he knew he’d have to find a way to sever his tie with the flask.  

The day they followed Henry’s summons via bottle was no more than a few days after the first beans began to ripen on the most precious anniversary present they’d received.  A tiny magic bean plant that Killian and Emma still weren’t entirely certain how Regina had managed to find.  Given on condition,  Regina had told them,  that she be permitted to visit Henry too once the beans began to ripen.

Once they did it was all Emma could do to not visit Henry at the end of every day. But the beans were still a precious commodity and so she planned a trip instead.  A week with Henry in the Enchanted Forest (an Enchanted Forest anyway)  as soon as the nausea stopped waking her up at three in the morning.  That day finally arrived and not a moment too soon.  Emma packed gleefully and gave Killian a suspicious look when he did not do the same.  

“Someone has to keep an eye on the town while you’re away.”  

Emma crossed her arms and she didn’t even have to remind him about her superpower before he changed course.  “Sorry, love,  it’s just,  there’s something I want to do before the babe arrives.  And you could use the time with your boy, aye?” She nodded reluctantly.  “I’ll make the trip with you,” he offered, kissing her lightly,  “if all is well I’ll leave you to your boy.”  

And so they went, Killian stopping only just long enough to assure himself that Henry was well and to check in with Regina before returning home to his task, his hand already trembling in half-remembered anticipation.  Perhaps not just anticipation.  He’d put the flask away the day before Emma’s departure and it was all he could do to get back to Storybrooke before Emma noticed something was off.  

When he returned to Storybrooke his first stop was Granny’s.  She gave him little more than the lift of an eyebrow when he offered her every cask and bottle of rum from his ship,  the only condition being that they be gone within the hour.  He thought perhaps there was approval in her eyes for more than just the free booze she’d acquired.

It seemed to take an age for the dwarves to get there.  Killian paced the length of the ship waiting, wondering if they were coming, needing them to hurry up.  He paced and he worried, nearly bouncing on the balls of his feet when the first bald head peeked over the gunwale.  

His head was already pounding and the last dwarf to make it off the ship was damn lucky that Killian was feeling too shaky to actually toss him overboard for dawdling.  The last thing to go was his own flask,  emptied over the side of the ship with a trembling hand.  He barely managed to hold off until the dwarves were out of sight before his meagre lunch was coming up, following the last of his rum to the depths.  

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It’s Tuesday (I Like You)

A/N: Happy Valentine’s Day, my darlings! Just a little flangsty thing inspired by Chameron from House. Canon Divergent from when the gang gets back to Storybrooke from Neverland. :) Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think, I’ve been dying to write this for awhile!

P.S. HUGE thanks to @drnucleus for letting me borrow her eyes for this fic <3

Summary: He figures Tuesdays were as good a day as any to remind her that he’s here and he’s not going anywhere. (And that he likes her.)

Word Count: 2,260 | Rating: VDF for Valentine’s Day Flangst | ao3 | ffn



It’s Tuesday when they share their first kiss. At least, Killian thinks it is. It’s been difficult to keep track of time in a realm where time stands still, where night seemed to stretch on forever before bleeding into hazy sunrises and afternoons with daylight that barely filters in through the dense jungle.

It’s even more difficult after, because now his everyday thoughts hardly hold a candle to the ones of Emma that crowd his mind and steal his attention. His hand tingles constantly, remembering the silken gold of her hair twisted between his fingers and craving to feel it again. Everything that touches his lips – water, rum, food – tastes bland when he can still taste her on his tongue. Even the vibrant greens of the jungle appear dull with her jade gaze there to remind him of the challenge in her eyes before she’d tilted his world on end.

He supposes it shouldn’t have surprised him then, that after giving up three lifetimes worth of revenge and soul-bearing confessions and declarations of winning hearts all within the week, upon arriving back to Storybrooke, all of his endeavors turned towards making good on those words he’d given her.

And what better place to start than where it all began – on Tuesdays.

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vividconcettos  asked:

Hi! Please please continue the mutual pining canon divergence fic! Seriously, s3 angst and pining gives me life!! I'll promise to read all of your amazing ideas for this fic omg i can't wait!! It's sooooo amazing and I want more HAHAHAHAHA THE LONGING LOOKS, OMG THAT STUFF IS MY WEAKNESS I NEED IT IN MY LIFE!! (I'm secretly super thankful we want the same "tropes", now I get to read amazing fics from you) Stay inspired!!! Xx, diane

You have always been such a sweet and supportive reader! Thank you! As promised (though much delayed) here is a continuation! This is going on the archives soonish but to catch-up: Emma moved to NYC and Hook is ferrying Henry back and forth on weekends. Angst ensues. 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3   Rated T | 1.2k 

Emma checked the old clock hanging above the desk and tapped her foot.

“You got somewhere to be, Emma?” Hank, the desk sergeant, asked as he looked up from the booking paperwork.  

“Just want to get home and out of this.” She gave him a half smile and gestured to her short red dress and matching heels. The outfit was good for capturing men’s attention long enough for her to slap a pair of cuffs on them but not the most comfortable when processing the skip. She didn’t add that Henry would be getting back from his trip to Storybrooke that evening and she wanted to be home when he arrived. She had missed her son this weekend and wanted some time with him before he rushed off to school Monday morning. There was, of course, the added complication of a certain devilishly handsome pirate who would be dropping him off but Emma was doing her best to ignore that particular detail.

“Well we are almost done,” Hank said.

Emma nodded knowing that was code for at least another twenty minutes. She pulled out her phone and texted Henry.

hung up at the station. be home in forty minutes if traffic is good. tell Hook thanks.

She paused wondering if she should have Hook watch him. But Henry would be fine on his own, there was no reason for Hook to stick around and Emma didn’t want it to seem like she was desperate to see him. Because she wasn’t. In fact, it would be better to avoid him and another encounter that made her ask questions that she shouldn’t. She hit send. The little dots appeared immediately

ok we just docked can I order pizza?

sure kid. and some cheesy bread while you’re at it.

He sent back a smiley and she put the phone away. As Hank continued to shuffle, stamp, and sign papers her mind turned to Hook and if she was being honest with herself she would have admitted that she was disappointed that she would miss him. Of course, Emma was rarely honest with herself.

In the end, it took twenty-five minutes before she left the station. All the way home she fought the flutter of hope that told her Hook would still be there, that he would have insisted on waiting. She wanted to be wrong and right at the same time and her stomach churned as a result. When she got to her door she paused and listened. She heard the faint sounds of the TV next door but nothing from her apartment. She pushed away her disappointment as she opened the door. Once inside she paused to slip out of her heels and pull off her jacket.

“Henry. I’m home.”  There was no reply. She frowned and went toward his room. “Henry?”

She reached his door just as Hook came out of it. They stopped just short of colliding and Emma caught her breath. A million emotions flooded through her but she settled on the one she was comfortable with–frustration.

“Hook? What the h–“

His finger pressed against her lips and she stopped.

“He’s asleep.” Hook whispered stirring the hair near her face with his hot breath. For a moment all Emma could think of was him tapping his lips in Neverland and the overwhelming urge she had to kiss him. She stepped back and his finger fell from her lips and shot behind his ear as he glanced down. He breathed in sharply and then his eyes were traveling back up her body as he took in her dress.

“Swan.” His voice was uneven. He glanced at her lips and she licked them involuntarily.

A loud knock came from the door. Emma jumped like a guilty teenager. She spun away and for a moment she forgot how to walk. Then she was moving and pulling it open to the grinning pizza delivery guy. She didn’t know if she wanted to punch him or thank him for stopping whatever had almost happened.

As they sorted out the payment the guy smiled at her his eyes taking the same path as Hook’s but leaving her feeling completely different. He was looking at her with admiration and a hunger that made her feel like less than a person. Hook had looked at her with a reverence and awe that had made her feel more like a princess. Maybe that’s why she had been five seconds from…whatever it was.

With pizza boxes in hand, Emma closed the door and took a few seconds to center herself before turning and facing Hook.

“Emma, I–“

“It wasn’t–“

They both started and then stopped. When she didn’t start again Hook did.

“I wanted to make sure the lad was safe. He fell asleep waiting for the pizza. I deposited him in his bed.” He gestured to the door.

She nodded. “Thanks.”

She heard the TV next door, the fridge humming, and the thrum of her own heart. She refused to meet his eyes but saw the clenching of his jaw. This was ridiculous they were both adults. They should just… But Emma didn’t know how to finish the sentence, didn’t know what they should or shouldn’t do.

Hook made a sound that might have been a cough or a huff. “I guess I will leave you to your dinner.” But he didn’t make a move to leave and she realized she was blocking his exit. That he didn’t trust himself to come that close to her again, she wasn’t sure she trusted herself either. All she had to do was step aside and let him leave and then she could be alone and could push the feelings he had let loose back into the box where they belonged.  She walked into the kitchen and placed the pizza on the counter. She heard his steps heading for the door.

“Well, there is plenty of food.” She found herself saying in a far too neutral voice given the way she felt. She turned to face him “If you are hungry.” She shrugged.

His eyes studied her with a lightning speed that took her breath away. And in the silence she suddenly knew that she wanted him to stay and the intensity of the feeling scared her. His shoulders drooped slightly.

“Thank you for the offer but I should be going.” His voice gave nothing away.

“Okay.” She turned hoping he hadn’t seen her disappointment.

After a pause, he spoke. “Goodnight, Swan.”

“Night.” She replied without turning, pretending to be searching for a plate. When the door clicked shut she closed her eyes, breathed deep, and reminded herself that this is what she had wanted when she moved to New York.

This is part of my “fanfic as timed writing exercise” prompts. And I have a lot asking for this to continue so expect more of various lengths (and quality). All of these will be tagged “mutual pining canon divergence”

An Eye For An Eye.

Request from @emma-hook-ouat:Can I get a Hook imagine? One where one of hooks enemies comes after the reader (hooks love), as like a revenge or something idk, and hurts them and hook saved the reader?? I’m all about action and fluff so yeah. Thanks!! 😘❤

Note: I know there isn’t a whole lot of action in this but I hope the serious amount of fluff makes up for it <3

Killian Jones x Reader

Words: 2,280

Warnings: Violence, intimidating behaviour, threat to life, blood, angst aaaaaand……fluff!

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

Yet again you found yourself drowning inside the blue pools of his eyes as his hand traced light patterns along your lower back – the movement was soothing despite the hardened skin he had from all his years at sea and already you could feel sleep beginning to hit you as you both lay in bed.


“What is it love?”

His voice was hoarse, showing that he probably hadn’t slept all that well during the night, as a mischievous little smirk started to tug at his lips. He knew exactly what he was doing.

“You know I need to get up. I need to go for my run before work.”

“Well….I suppose I do rather enjoy seeing you covered in sweat when you get back from your runs…”


A look of shock etched its way onto your face as you playfully slapped him against his shoulder causing a laugh to erupt form him as both his arms pulled you into him even tighter.

“Come on can you really blame me? The thought of joining you in the shower to wash it all off is what gets me up on a morning.”

“You….Captain Jones….are despicable.”

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