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Roman attacks Anxiety. It's a fight for the last cookie. ((Prompt))

Somehow this ended up as a slightly tickle fic… so heads up for that i guess? i kind of suck at writting tickle things


If he had to be fully honest, Virgil would probably admit that it was his fault.

Patton had baked cookies, chocolate chip cookies, absolutely wonderful cookies that melted in your mouth and forced you to eat one after the other because of how good they were. And he had left them in the table, right in front of the couch, right at arm’s reach when watching TV

And Virgil was utterly weak when it came to Patton’s cookies.

He was watching Over the Garden Wall, a masterpiece in his humble opinion, and munching on the cookies when he heard an offended gasp come from his right and suddenly the world was on its side. Virgil blinked confused when he noticed the weight on his side

“What the heck Roman!”

“You are the worst!”

“What are you even-?”

“There’s only one cookie left!”

Virgil blinked; he had been so concentrated watching TV that he failed to realize he had been eating the cookies all this time. They were so tasty he couldn’t stop eating one after another, and he was currently holding what was the last cookie in his hand

He let out an embarrassed chuckle and tried to push Roman to stand up, but the royal boy wouldn’t, still glaring at the darker trait

“Roman come on, get off”

“Hand over the cookie, you thief”

“Hell no! Patton cookies are the best!”

“Yes and you eat them all! It’s only fair that I eat the last one”

Virgil snorted and tried to buck the other boy off of him, but Roman refused to move once again. Anxiety frowned, slightly annoyed at their positions and Roman gave him a smirk

Without even thinking twice he slid his hands over Virgil’s tummy and started tickling him, making the boy give a high pitched squeal and try desperately to run away

Roman chuckled, he had never seen Virgil laugh so freely like he was doing currently

He stopped when Virgil screamed “I give up!” and tried to hand over the cookie. Both boys were chuckling and trying to calm down from their giggles when Patton walked into the common room, carrying a plate with even more cookies and looking at them confusedly. Even more when seeing the plate of cookies made them go into another laughing fit

Following the tradition of posting artsy stuff on important dates, have some dragon children for Atem’s birthday!!

For lovely @moophinz and birthday boy Atem.

Bonus darker version:

really not a fan of when people respond to other peoples issues with “there are people dying in the world” or whatever the kim kardasian quote is. like yeah! there is! what a ridiculous statement to make, unless you never complain about anything ever ur being a hypocrite. u feel bad about urself today? some ppl r DYING, get over urself… You broke ur leg? some people are dying!! like god shut up and let people talk about their problems. treat others as u want to be treated and all that


I finally updated my commissions stuff with my more recent works!

More Info:

  • I accept payment only through paypal
  • Please pay me first, I will send you an invoice after we discuss the commission
  • I will send you a draft/rough sketch of what I will be drawing so that you can tell me about any corrections I need to make.
  • I can and will decline your commission request if I cannot or feel uncomfortable doing it.
  • You are free to post the finished product on your own social media! Please credit me though!
  • Feel free to also check up on me for updates regarding your commission!!
  • My preferred method of commission contact is my email, or even Twitter DM’s because Tumblr’s messaging system is a hot mess.
  • If you want more examples of what you can expect, please look through my ART TAG, TWITTER, or INSTAGRAM

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