Every camren fanfic ever (Part 1)
  • Camila:29382976824 problems, adorable af, 'deep chocolate brown eyes', BOTTOM
  • Lauren:super devoted to camz, patient af(only with cam), comes off as heartless at first, actually a sweetheart, badass, planet green eyes, TOP
  • Austin:douchebag, scum, dirt, fboy, eww yucks whaddat
  • Dinah:Captain of the ship, HILARIOUS
  • Ally:sensible, happy with troye
  • Normani:pillar of support, exceptional dancer

Beyoncé had Normani so shook that she’s still wearing remnants of the tour days later, during her own tour

September 26

They’re on their way to Mexico!! 

You’re daily reminder to watch the TMG Music Video!!! Keep up those views! That’s My Girl now has more than 21 million views!! 

Who watched the debate?? Lauren sure did!!

She warned us! 

Normani was watching too! 

Dinah’s already missing her baby bro! 

How cute is Ally?! She loves her fans!

Camila is voting in November. Are you?