Watch Repair Girl again

I’m submitting so soon because the worst and best thing happened on Friday the 13th.

To start, I haven’t broken a customer’s watch since December 2015. That’s pretty damn good compared to some. -side eyes my coworker, the unchallenged king of breaking shit-

But I went to take the trash up and hit the bathroom around 8:20, 40 minutes before we closed. We had been dead and I didn’t expect to find someone waiting for me. I rush in and ask what I could do for this guy. He politely asks for a battery. Standard procedure. I tell him 5 minutes, he says to take my time, I get to it.

It was a thin watch and I thought I was being careful. Nope! I snapped the stem when I pressed the back on. I start panicking. I’m trying to think of anything I can do to fix this. Ultimately, I come to the conclusion that I am well and thoroughly fucked and I have no choice but to send it out for repair. 9 times out of 10, the customer starts screaming and using words that I would never repeat, which is surprising. After stalling for a moment to collect myself, I took the watch to the guy. The conversation went like this:

Me: Um, okay. So. Unfortunately. I broke it.
Customer: What happened?
Me: Well, this little white ring? It slid out of place and I didn’t double check and it snapped the stem. I’m very sorry, sir. I genuinely apologize!
Customer: It’s Friday the 13th, right?
Me: Yes, sir
Customer: Let’s blame the date and not you!

I was shocked! He was so chill about it and insisted on paying for the battery even though I intended to cover it for him. I gave him a discount and promised to call him after I had the watch fixed. The situation had every intention of turning into a fuck customers, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Might I just point out that this is one of the only times in the movie when Peter is visibly angry. He cares so, so much about May. The slightest idea of anyone, even Ned, his best friend and the person he probably trusts the most, giving May more grief, and he immediately drew the line. And he still was able to be respectful about it afterward. He thanked Ned for holding his secret. He thanked him. He realized the burden. WHAT A KID. SERIOUSLY.