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Imagine Eggsy finding out Harry is alive and Hartwin occurs. Eggsy and Harry gets married and live to ripe old age. Harry goes first and Eggsy follows a few weeks later (despite being like 60s). Eggsy all like "wait for me, I'm coming" So he close his eyes and take his last breath. When he open his eyes again, he's in the infirmary and why does my body feel so heavy? He sees Merlin relieved face and ask why's he here and all plus where's Harry? Merlin give him confused look and like (cont'd)

“son, Harry is dead. You just woke up from a coma of 1 year, we thought we were gonna lose you” Eggsy realized that the Happy life he had was all a dream. He breaks down crying.

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Just…. what the fuck 

I really have no explanation or understanding of how I morph into such grotesque things. #disneyland #disney #screamin #california #californiaadventure #californiascreamin #rollercoaster #themepark #rides #fugly #grotesque #jabbathehut #nope #why #nmj #nicolemariejean #briannanicole

  • <p><b>10 year old niece:</b> *sees picture of Dan and Phil on my phone*<p/><b>Niece:</b> is one of them your boyfriend?<p/><b>Me:</b> yes *smirky smirk*<p/><b>Niece:</b> really?! Because both of them are wayy out of your league!<p/><b></b> .... a month later....<p/><b>8 year old sister:</b> *sees picture of Dan and Phil on my phone*<p/><b>Sister:</b> I think Kate (niece) was wrong. Dan and Phil aren't out of your league. You're the same cuteness as them.<p/></p>

People are like, “oh, LDW/given mod at LDW is so arrogant, they think they know everything,” but every time this Lilith argument comes up Mod D is like, “if you’re right, then show us the sources! It’s happened before! I’ve been wrong before!” But no one ever replies with any sources??

Do you know how much easier life would be if Lilith really were what neopagans think she is? Like, do you know how much easier answering these questions would be if someone would just show us the sources?

But here’s the thing: Y’all won’t find any because it’s not fucking true.


So, at first I thought this was a programming bug. I mean, David Spade, right? William Tell (or, hell, even William Wright), right?

On further investigation (a.k.a. asking Google to “define spade”), I find out that sometime, somewhere, some white person decided that “spade” is a nice generic name for black people.

Here I am, just trying to make a Sim, and white people happen.

i dont think you understand how much sam heughans announcement for ringcon has fucked me up i am CONSTANTLY thinking about it even when im doing something else it is ALWAYS on my mind and i feel so bad for people who will have to put up with me until november but im sorry i am 100% focussed on the fact that i am going to breathe the same air as aND PROBABLY EVEN TALK TO SAM HEUGHAN