The thing is Julie used the ship name that the fandom had already made up for Evak. What Ludo can’t expect is for us to choose a ship name (call it Nicotino, call it Rames), and now after 10 weeks give us another and the fandom be like “mArTiNicO fOrEvEr” because darling… Cute of you to think that fandom is going to be on board 

Hoseok: Yooooongi! When are we gonna do our next hwagae market?!?

Yoongi: I’m sorry, we’re closed right now. Please call back again during our business hours, from 9-5 pm.

Hoseok: The fuck?

Yoongi: Maybe if you didn’t call our relationship “just business” i’d be able to answer your question. 

Hoseok: Babe, you know I didn’t mean that.

Yoongi: [puts a ‘closed’ sign around his neck] I open back up tomorrow at 9 am, talk to me then.

This is what happpens when I imagine Murdoc listening to The Now Now for the first time. Don’t judge me